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US Defense Watch ^ | June 21, 2016 | Ray Starmann

Last week, in the wake of the Orlando shooting, Fox News analyst and former US Army Intelligence officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters stated that “Not all Muslims are Terrorists, but Virtually All Terrorists are Muslims.” Exacto-mundo compadre.

Meanwhile…on Fantasy Island…

The Obama Administration and its cowardly and delusional acolytes of diversity and political correctness in the DOJ, the FBI, the DHS and the military are living in a holographic Land of Oz.

By direction of the White House and its minions, you can’t say radical Islam, jihad or Sharia, the FBI better not do surveillance on mosques, two bombs a day keeps ISIS away and we wouldn’t want to insult the people trying to kill us.

Obama’s motto is: “Don’t Tread on ISIS.”

Yesterday, a firestorm swept through the media when Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered all references to Allah, ISIS, Islam, Radical Islam and Islamic Terrorism scrubbed from the Orlando 911 tapes. We wouldn’t want to give anyone the impression that Omar Mateen was a Muslim maniac pledging his allegiance to ISIS and the dark side would we? The ridiculous excuse given was that the DOJ didn’t want to give ISIS any PR.

You gotta be kidding me…

Why was Allah redacted to God? Why erase all references to Islam and ISIS? Why is the government trying to de-Islamify a crazed Radical Islamic terrorist? Why is the government trying to paint Orlando as everything but a terrorist incident conducted by a radical Islamist who swore allegiance to ISIS? Don’t these left wing fools realize that by failing to identify the bad guys they are putting this country in grave danger?

Whose side are these people on?

Who does Obama think did the shooting, the Army of Northern Virginia? He’d like that wouldn’t he? Blame it on the right wing white guys with the Reb flags, you know those evil gun clingers listening to country music; damned fly over country people, racists in pickups…

It’s time for a 3AM wakeup call and a Big Gulp of reality for the closet Muslim in the Oval Office. If you were trying to pitch a screenplay in Hollywood about the Obama Presidency, a good log line might be, “The Manchurian Candidate meets Homeland.”

Are you starting to get the feeling that Obama has a secret prayer mat in the White House garage? I am.

It’s amazing how many people are riding on the PC bandwagon these days. Obama has managed to drag a parade of government bureaucrats, White House groupies and Pentagon jellyfish to follow him on his quest of weakening the country and sabotaging the military.

It’s time for a big reality check for the White House and the government.

Information on Muslim violence across the world is plentiful and frightening. The so-called “religion of peace” is anything but that. No matter how many Imams appear on mainstream media touting the kindly benevolence of Islam and painting the religion as no more violent than your mother’s Rotary Club, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding reeks.

What Barrack Hussein Obama will not tell you is that at least 226 terror attacks have been conducted over the last 30 days by Islamic Jihadists, in 32 different countries, including the U.S. after the Orlando massacre, where at least 2,230 people have been brutally slaughtered and over 2,224 people have been injured, by the so-called “religion of the peace.” (Source and full list of attacks over the last 30 days)

Even more thorough is this list of ALL terrorist attacks caused by Muslims from 1980 to 2016.

Jeh Johnson, head of the DHS, would like you to believe that the real threat are right wing domestic extremists who listen to Charlie Daniels and chew tobacco. On the contrary, the facts speak for themselves. As of 2011, Muslims were responsible for more than 70% of all terrorist attacks across the world. That number has grown.

The list of crimes and acts of violence committed by Muslims in Europe is absolutely astounding. Clearly, there is something seriously wrong with Islam in 2016.

Obviously, Obama and his leftist minions will never wake up no matter how many facts are presented to them and no matter how many innocent Americans are murdered by the followers of Allah. The next seven months of the Obama Presidency may very well be a virtual frenzy of ISIS murder and mayhem in the US and Europe.

Presently, the US is caught in a perfect Category Five storm of diversity, political correctness, moral cowardice and general cognitive dissonance. We lack a commander in chief, we lack cabinet members with fortitude; we lack military leaders with common sense and courage. We lack just about everything that a nation needs to wage war and win. We are, in a nutshell, totally screwed.

ISIS means to kill us all. At the end of the day, the only thing to know about ISIS is how to kill them.

When asked how he was going to deal with the arrival of the US Army in North Africa in 1942, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, responded, “I’m going to attack and destroy them before they do the same to us.”

It’s time to acknowledge reality, declare war, take off the gloves and give ISIS the bayonet.

But, that will never happen as long as Barack Obama is President and that is the most frightening fact of all. We are basically defenseless as a nation on Obama’s watch.

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