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National Australia Day United Prayer
$15 DVD

This Australia Day, Pastor Daniel introduces a packed church to Leaders from many of our key denominations, as we gathered together to thank God for our many Blessings here in Australia. Pastor Daniel also introduced Pastor Petrus Aguing Pumoomo from Indonesia as our main speaker. This outstanding man of God, the pastor of one of Indonesia’s largest churches with over 20,000 members in regular attendance is leading the change as millions of people are joining the church. Jesus who is recognised in the Koran as a prophet is increasingly being seen by the Indonesian people as their source of love and forgiveness, in a wold obsessed by doctrines of hatred and revenge, they see Jesus as a shining light. Pastor Petrus who is a dynamic but humble man seems to be comfortable ministering to all congregations large or small. He says it is Jesus who does the talking. Jesus’s message was inspiring.

The uplifting message in the church was matched by a sunny day outside that reflected the brightness of the inspired worship within. A solo by Nigel and Shannon Nalliah electrified the congregation. These two young singers get better every year and their harmonies were outstanding.

Having thanked God for their many Blessings, the congregation left the church to enjoy the pleasures of a sunny Melbourne afternoon.

Do you have a Seat in the Boat?
$15 DVD
If you only buy one DVD from “Catch The Fire”, this New Year’s message is the one you want. Ps Daniel’s sermon starts innocuously by Commenting on the surge of new members coming to Christ in Africa and the Middle East. He says friends who used to attend church five times a week in Sri Lanka, now find it difficult to attend one service a week in Australia. He goes on to say that in Western nations, Christians are drifting away from the church in droves.

Comparing our world with the world of Noah, Daniel makes some strikingly similar comparisons. In Genesis 6:5 the Bible says: The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. In our time, Idolization of self, selfishness and greed are a foundation for evil, wars, rumors of wars and crime. People dying by the hundreds of thousands but Western Nations generally don’t care what happens to others so long as their needs are met. God gave Noah a vision to build the Arc. It took 100 years to build. Can you imagine the derision he had to endure, living in a land that had never experienced rain let alone God’s promised flood. God may give your pastor a long term vision, but worldly people are impatient and want people became impatient and demanded a Golden Calf to meet their current need. They had no patience to support a leader and waif for God’s plan to mature. When people lose the vision and start satisfying their needs, they abort God’s plan. The animals who entered the arc two by two had more sense than the people. We should humble ourselves and Pray for a right attitude. We need to as, am I God oriented or self-focused. If you see someone fallen in sin, do we gossip about it? Or are we like Noah’s two sons who covered up their father’s sin when he had fallen. A sinner experiencing that reaction knows how we feel, but we may have won a friend who then wants to change their behaviour. The service ended powerfully with prayer, while church members symbolically burnt papers containing lists of personal shortcomings.

Who Want’s to be a Great Champion?
$15 DVD
This message from Pastor Daniel challenges us, to re-examine our relationship to Jesus and the Christian way of life. Just feeling good about our worship and our relationship to Jesus and the church is not enough. Ps Daniel explains how we need to be committed disciples, actively proclaiming His message and witnessing daily in our lives. We need to set an example to others in how we live. As Christians we need to be trophies of Grace and witnesses of the Christian lifestyle. People should look at us and want to follow us as the charismatic leaders and champions Jesus wants us to be.
Attending church and being entertained does not make us champions or disciples. Just as a champion constantly practises and hones his or her skills to improve their performance, as Christian we need to daily work hard at training ourselves to stand out as champions for Jesus. We need o daily shine in our lives, witnessing to all and sundry what we stand for and how we live our lives. Muslims generally put us to shame in their daily commitment to their religion. Every facet of their daily lives shouts to the wold their commitment to the faith that they have. If we do not demonstrate at least an equal level of commitment to Jesus and the Christian way of life then we sell Him and ourselves short.
Ps Daniel explains how being champions for Jesus, means nothing less than a daily commitment to and proclamation of the Christian way of life. Anything less will stop us being the champions we need to be.
Worship under the sword
$15 Book
A true life story of Pastor Danny who was called to serve God in Saudi Arabia a land where Christian worship is totally prohibited If caught in the act of worship even in their home worshippers undergo seventy lashes and six months of twenty year jail terms. But this book reveals the glorious church which operates underground where souls are added to the Kingdom of God by the day. It also speaks of Pastor Danny’s personal testimony and events in Sri Lanka which lead him to make his decision to serve God in Saudi Arabia.
Ps Daniels Personal Testimony
$15 DVD
Pastor Daniel shares his true Life story on DVD. Ps Daniel has a call to join the Christian communities together and to unite them in joint prayer for the nation. He moved from an environment where danger and miracles had been a daily occurrence to Australia where he has had to open the minds of some believers to what the power of God can really do. The Lords work is not for the faint-hearted. Pastor Daniel has now formed the Rise up Australia Political Party to reach into the Australian Parliament itself. The story goes on.
Is the Spirit of Alcohol the cause of Bareness in the Church?
$15 DVD
Meaningful outreach is on the wane and many people are leaving the church. Pastor Daniel shared that for a long time the land has been barren because there has been little rain to the church where outreach has been barren because there has been a shortage of acceptable anointed prayer. Only the Lord can cure this bareness. Ps Daniel explained that it appears to be the custom in the early church that the leadership drank wine. Today most leaders and people in the church consume some alcohol. Ps Daniel in this DVD refers to Ephesians 5:18.
What Attitude do you have?
$15 DVD
A major concern for Christians is not our daily problems; rather it is our attitudes in life which condition the way we react to these problems. Ps Daniel refers to Ephesians 4:27. He suggests we should try to deal with problems as Jesus would have us deal with them.. Our old attitudes the ones we grew up with often binds us up into patterns of behavior that pre-determines how we would react in any situation.
$15 DVD
We had three independent medical doctors standing on the platform confirming miraculous healings that had taken place in their patients. One doctor was so keen to testify that he flew 3000 miles from WA to testify in the meeting about how he tended to a patient who was pronounced dead. He confirms tests that he performed to determine that the woman had died. He and other people in the meeting were present when Ps Daniel with God’s help called the woman back to life on the bus tour of the Holy lands. Another doctor told us how he prayed for someone who was not his patient who had been pronounced dead by 2 very unhappy physicians. When he prayed the patient recovered sat up and began conversing with a nurse. As Ps Daniel keeps telling us anyone can do it. You just need to make yourself available to God and He will use you.
Revival in Melbourne
$20 DVD
The Spirit of God is truly making His presence felt at Hallam in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne dwelling with those who gather with hungry hearts to meet with their Maker. This is a must see DVD of teaching and encouragement seeing the Kingdom of God as He planned for His Bride to be – teaching with miracles signs and wonders followed by amazing times of worshipping the Lord as His Presence lingers. Hear testimonies from those attending of the outworking of this in fruitful end-time harvest Kingdom activity.
Mt Ainslie – Taking the High places for Jesus 2009
$15 DVD
October 17th was a strategic day of history making as hundreds of Christians from each state and territory and representing many denominations gathered on high places across Australia. Their purpose to take back what the devil has stolen from the church and the nation! This assignment on Mount Ainslie was carried out very successfully when around 200 determined Christians stormed the mountain.
National Prayer Assault on Mt Ainslie 2010
$15 DVD
This was our second Canberra trip to Mt Ainslie.
Do not let your vision die
$15 DVD
Pastor Daniel brought to us a message which has enduring qualities and was related to his own recent experiences with the media. Pastor Daniel illustrated how if you hold firm to the vision that God has given you He will use every day events to achieve his purposes not only in your life but he will use the worst efforts of others to promote His message. God will use all circumstances to advance the message of the Kingdom. We frequently cannot see where God is leading us. We have a vision and a calling in our lives but we cannot see where that calling will lead us. We are required to hold on to our vision in the face of much opposition and there are many distractions in front of us to take us off course. But we are not the first to face opposition and as Pastor Daniel shows us from the Bible if we persevere and hold true to God’s commandments we can achieve outcomes beyond our wildest dreams. Great things are done by everyday people who hold true to God’s vision. Great outcomes are based on the small decisions that we make daily. We do not see the end of the journey but as Pastor Daniel shows us from the Bible holding true in the small every day decisions are the seeds that will not only transform our lives but will also transform the lives of the people around us. Buy this DVD and lend it to a non Christian friend. The message is for everyone.
Australia for Jesus Stickers
$1 Stationary
Walking in the Supernatural
$15 DVD
In this DVD Ps Daniel provided insight into his walk with the Lord and many supernatural miracles that he has witnessed those particularly in Sri Lanka Saudi Arabia and USA. Ps Daniel stated that The greatest gift that God could give would be the reformation of a Nation. Ps Daniel further began a cross-denominational Prayer Ministry, Rise Up Australia. Today there are over 100 prayer locations and also a new political party Rise Up Australia.
The Power of praying in tongues
$15 DVD
We are the ones who can give hope to our nation through Prayer. In this DVD Ps Daniel poses the question “what is so special about Spiritual Prayer that makes the difference”? He refers to 1 Corinthians 2:10 – These are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things even the deep things of God. In other words we cannot know the inner thoughts of the person next to us even so only God knows His thoughts. When we became born again we gave up the ways of the world and became filled with the Holy-Spirit (Acts 2:4). Ps Daniel goes on to share testimonies that he has experienced through the power of praying in tongues.
Australia’s Prophetic Destiny
$15 DVD
Pastor Daniel shares his prophetic vision for Australia. If we believe that God wants to change Australia into a Bible believing Christian Nation for Jesus by the year 2020 we have to step out and do the things that God tells us to do.
For such a time as this
$15 DVD
In this inspiring teaching Ps Daniel relates the book of Esther to the condition of the church. The church is in the presence of the King of Kings but the church need to intercede and intervene and speak out about that which needs to be spoken (Esther 4:13-14). Esther and Mordecai were faithful to the call were uncompromising and willing to lay their lives down to protect the people of God. Will you be faithful to the call?
Fear of the Lord
$15 DVD
In this teaching Pastor Daniel Nalliah speaks about the importance of fearing God and how fearing God will supernaturally open up the doorway in your life to get great wisdom from the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and discipline (Proverbs 1:7).This inspiring teaching when practiced in your own life will take you on a further amazing journey in the Lord ensuring that your ship is not swayed by the winds and disruptions around you but instead sails all the way to destination.
Overcoming fear and intimidation
$15 DVD
A major issue facing our community today is that our civilization is being pushed backwards by a spirit of Intimidation which is sweeping through the world like a plague. Until we break the spirit of fear in our midst we will all live a life of intimidation and bondage.
How to be free of envy and jealousy
$15 DVD
In this DVD Ps Daniel gives us an entertaining and enlightened expose of one of the more subtle schemes that the devil uses to ensnare us. Hatred is the fruit of envy. The Bible tells us in James 3:13 that “Envy and Selfish ambition bring disorder and every evil practice. We must rejoice in the successes of other and move forward.
Politics and religion do mix
$15 DVD
This is a fiery message by Ps Jenny Jack which affirms what we should stand for! For church members it sets out why we need to take a strong position in our daily lives. For unchurched people it clearly states our churches position setting out plainly in worldly terms why we should take a strong stand on contentious issues. Keeping silent about Christian values and the value of proclaiming right from wrong means that if we say nothing we are as guilty as the offenders. Furthermore the Greek word Politics means citizens. Christians are citizens so why aren’t we active in Politics?
National Australia Day Prayer Gathering 2014
$15 DVD
“This was an exciting Australia Day weekend to remember with the grand opening and dedication of the new Catch the Fire Ministries Centre in Hallam. The prophetic worship was amazing with many thanks to a special Indonesian dance and worship team from Sydney. Ps Daniel Pandji from Indonesia greatly challenged the people to rise up in prayer and push forward to take Australia for Jesus.
$15 DVD
“Ps Daniel begins this message with Matthew 24:10 – And then many shall be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another just before the coming of the Lord. The sad thing is that those who are carrying offenses are the ones who end up hurting the most. We need to rid ourselves of the spirit of offense. In this DVD Ps Daniel shares scriptures on how to deal with offenses.
In your darkest hour who will stand with you?
$15 DVD
Ps Daniel showed us a DVD of an Egyptian Christian Church where 2200 people worship regularly in a cave reputed to have been one of the storehouses used by Joseph for the storage of grain. Ps Daniel then followed up by showing a video of Jesus showing the suffering he endured leading up to his crucifixion. Christian worship and trials of life are personal to each of us. Ps Daniel encourages us not to be put off by their doubts. He said at times we all have doubts especially if we are moving under our own strength. The solution is to wait on the Lord and he will replace doubt with certainty.
Never Ever give up
$15 DVD
When God gives you a dream and you share it ninety per cent of people will tell you it’s a nice dream but there are too many problems that come with it. Ps Daniel gives an insightful exposition of the mechanics of his own decision making process. He gives us an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the face of opposition. He explains God will not put a promise in your heart if it cannot come to pass.
Anointed by God or Appointed by Man
$15 DVD
This DVD includes the third credentialing service held at Catch the Fire Ministries. Ps Daniel preached about the prophet Samuel and how King Saul was replaced when he failed to maintain a Godly standard of conduct. God is not impressed by outward show of position and power but by those who with a contrite heart make themselves available to Him. Ps Daniel cautioned those being ordained to be careful of the people who they select to help them in their ministry. There are some people who are motivated by a spirit of Absalom. They often use your ministry in order to promote their own interests and agendas. After speaking this caution with reference to the story of King David and son Absalom Ps Daniel prayed a blessing over each of the credentialed candidates.
May your tomorrow be greater than your yesterday
$15 DVD
In this DVD Ps Daniel made the point that many people do not believe that they can change their future because they have experienced failure in the past. If you meet people you have not seen for many years they often seem not to realize that you have moved on from your past. This means they often have a wrong expectation of us today. “The Lord is looking for a generation of people who are willing to leave their past behind them and face their future with him”. You have to believe that your best days are ahead of you. The Lord never consults your past to determine your future. Ps Daniel makes reference to the scripture Isaiah 43:18 “Forget the former things do not dwell in the past. I am making a way in the desert”. This is an Inspirational message.
Kingdom of God
$15 DVD
Today the church is asleep and we all live under judgement. Our resource Boom has gone bust. We are neglecting the things of God and Sunday only worship is futile apart from the fact that it makes us feel good. We need to make God our first priority and seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.
Gods Courtroom
$15 DVD

This DVD takes a look at how we may come under judgement when standing in Gods courtroom. Will Satan be able to stand in the witness box and condemn us for our thoughts, words and deeds?
The True Shepherd
$15 DVD
The title shepherd carries great responsibility. Ps Daniel explains the responsibilities and opportunities faced by shepherds, including some of the problems that can come up. This message makes a good checklist for anyone wanting to understand their calling and the importance of following the true shepherd.
The Promised Land
$15 DVD

What is this land that we have been promised? It is so important that we don’t see the word of God being compromised in the church and that the church does not pre-occupy itself with being politically correct. How can we as the church reach the Promised Land?
$15 DVD

Ps Daniel has spoken out about a word he had from the Lord several years ago in regards to the USA and shares his deep concern for America.
Walk of Faith of a true Disciple
$15 DVD

Walk of Faith of a true Disciple

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