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Daniel Nalliah the RUAP President stated from his office this morning: “I have and always will be an advocate for free speech and nothing will stop me from doing so.

Neither will anything stop me from loving people, including Muslims. The good book, the Bible, states in Mathew 5:44,”But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.

We cannot and must not respond to HATRED with HATE, as we cannot lower ourselves to the place of some teachings in the Koran.

I strongly condemn the teachings of Islam as it is nothing but a death cult. Parts of the Koran are the cause of Islamic violence. Our leaders need to stop being politically correct and covering up. They need to state the facts.

The attacks that have been taking place are not lone wolf attacks or people gone crazy. No, rather this is Islam 101.

I lived in Saudi Arabia and witnessed it first hand when I was made to watch saw 3 people beheaded in cold blood right in front of the main mosque.

This was not ISIS nor Al-Qaeda, but simply Sharia law in action by the Saudi government.

The worst enemy of Muslims is Islam itself and not the West.

As the President of Rise Up Australia Party, I call on all people to promote love and free speech, not violence of any sort.

This is true democracy built on Judeo-Christian Values.”

Above is a classic photo of love: Daniel hugs the former Islamic Council of Victoria President outside the court room around 10 years ago.

Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Australian!

11 Responses to ““As the President of Rise Up Australia Party, I call on all people to promote love and free speech, not violence of any sort.””

  1. 1 Glenda

    Amen and amen!


  2. 2 Shirley

    Thank you so much for continuing to send me news of Australia. I pray and think of you all often. I really appreciate Daniel’s stand and exhortations to stand strong and be very courageous. He is a wonderful example for us all. Give all the brothers and sisters there my sincere love and appreciation for their diligence in keeping Australia Australian.
    blessings, Shirley

  3. 3 Walter

    Hi Danny,

    You wrote, “I strongly condemn the teachings of Islam as it is nothing but a death cult.”

    We are really 100% behind you and this is not a time for us to be politically correct.

    Yes Islamism is an oppressive religion and a supremacist ideology geared for conquest, but calling Islam wholesale a death cult is seen as offensive and excessive by many we try to reach and it curtails the support base for your case.

    Bless you, Walter

  4. 4 Ann-Maree

    Well said Pastor Danny! God bless ya!


  5. 5 Lee

    I totally agree.


  6. 6 Mal

    Thank you for what you stand for. True Australian values. (+/-)
    Tony Abbott was a thoroughly decent person. “OUR?” ABC has been a disgrace in persecuting him. I will never vote Liberal again without serious reform. I have not listened to the ABC for many years. It is entirely predictable in what it reports.
    Nothing to gain, and they breach their charter. The ABC is beyond repair.
    At the next election I will either vote for RUP or ALA. I detest gay “marriage” and the thought that poor innocent babies will be adopted by such people who in fact have an unfortunate genetic disorder. This is a vast breach of human rights.

    We have a media pack that persecutes Christianity, especially Catholicism, but some how is mute about Islam. Islam is a cancer to any other culture. Unfortunately and by default, anybody that follows Islam (Moslems) are also a cancer that cannot be adopted into this country.
    I lived in south Africa during the 80’s. I did not like much of what aparthied offered. However, what exists in South Africa today is far worse, yet we ingonre that.
    Islam to the west is what the ANC is to South Africa. The ruthless fanatics of Islam are the same as the ANC fanatics. They were a minority and now they control South Africa. And we helped it happen. South Africa is a basket case and we ignore it .

    What are we???


  7. 7 Emma

    God bless you Ps Daniel. Love is our greatest warfare! The enemy despises it and flees! Keep speaking the truth of His word. May the Lord grant you favour at the right hour. Keep building the wall around Australia! I am praying for revival and unity amongst all Christians. Emma

  8. 8 Mary

    Well said!!! Thank you!!!


  9. 9 Julian

    Good article, well written once again Danny.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. 10 Pete

    Good on you Danny!

  11. 11 Moto

    Your a good man Danny! Your words are true and you know better than most. We must not resort to violence. There are many Muslims who have a right heart attitude and in these last days many will turn to serve and give themselves to the lord. May the Lord’s strong hand be with you, your team, your church and our wonderful land we call home, Australia. Amen! Moto

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