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Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following link to listen a very interesting debate on ABC Radio with John Cleary as Ps Daniel takes on prominent Muslim leader and another Interfaith campaigner Professor Gary Bouma.

Please pass this on to everyone you know as it is very insightful.

The topic was limits to religious tolerance in Australia and the 18c Freedom of Speech.

Do people really have a right to bigotry in a multi-faith, multi-religious society?

5 Responses to “You must listen to this ABC radio interview as Ps Daniel debates prominent Muslim leader and Interfaith campaigner”

  1. 1 Peter

    Wow Bouma’s still at it?
    Keep up the good work guys.


  2. 2 Paula

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,

    I just listened to the ABC interview. Great job Danny! Well done!

    God bless you and your family,


  3. 3 John

    Dear Danny,

    I listened to it and note its purpose for you to be able to bring the truth to the media, whether they listen or not. The prophet’s calling.

    Islam made itself clear that they alone are right and the West (deemed Christian) is the enemy of the people.

    The professor really showed that he is full of secular ideology, whith no grasp on what is really happening. He lives in a glass house stating that things are better when they are not. He is being used by Islam and thinks he is winning, but is actually falling into their trap.

    The media is following suit, falling into the same trap.

    It all goes in circular arguments that lead nowhere, leading the people to think all is well, when each day more and more suicides are taking place, because people have lost all hope.


  4. 4 AK

    That was a fantastic debate, Pastor Danny spoke the Truth really well, thank you for speaking up to keep
    Australia Australian.


  5. 5 Peter

    Love is the bottom line, not civility or respect.


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