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Dear family & friends in Christ,

We at CTFM are so thankful to everyone who signed the petition against the building of a large Mosque right next to our newly planned CTFM church in Doveton, Victoria. We received more than 1000 signatures and very successfully submitted them to the City of Casey Council yesterday at the Council meeting.

The Casey Council was packed out with more than 100 people, including some holding placards calling on the Mosque project to be rejected by the Council and not to give the building permit. This included CTFM church members, local residents & factory owners.

In total there were more than 1600 signatures against the Mosque submitted by 4-5 different petitions by local residents, factory owners and CTFM supporters, of which many made their voice known at question and answer time.

The Councillors seemed quite shocked at the community outrage against the Mosque, as many people shouted out from the gallery at the different Council members, asking them to vote against the Mosque application in February 2013, when it comes up for voting.

The Deputy Mayor Sam Aziz, originally from Egypt, who is a Coptic Christian, took a very bold stand with the support of another Councillor Rosalie Costani and challenged the Mayor and the other Councillors to take a good look at Islam and the Koran’s teachings, before voting for or against the Mosque.

Councillor Aziz wanted to do a presentation on Islam and the Koran’s teachings, with a power point and video presentation, but unfortunately the Mayor blocked it.  Nevertheless, he still was able to present his case very well, while speaking about the submitted petitions.

Councillor Costani also took a very bold stand and spoke out against the dangers of Islam. The people from the gallery clapped and cheered them on.  On numerous occasions, the Mayor aggressively called the gallery to silence, but then backed down and let them continue.

One thing was clear yesterday at the Council meeting, that political correctness got a real beating. Glory to God. With up to six Councillors out of eleven voting in favour of all the motions put forward by Councillor Aziz and Councillor Costani.  Two Councillors voted against, two abstained and one was absent.

The Mayor and Councillors have never possibly experienced such a level of community outcry as this one in the Council chambers, which was great. The Word of God in Matthew 11:12 states, “the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing and forceful we lay hold of it. “

Islam’s threat to the West was exposed in great length. We thank God for His amazing favour. Islam is the spirit of anti-Christ. I believe this might have been the first Council meeting in Australia, or maybe even in the world, where Islam was so exposed.

Please continue to pray that this will be the beginning of the death of political correctness in Australia. Please also keep praying against the Mosque’s application, so that the permit will not be granted, that the Council will vote against it in February.

Councillor Costani also recognised Pr Daniel for his stand to protect Freedom of Speech in Australia, and spoke in length in support of him, about his 5 year court battle, threats to his life, huge amount of money spent, and finally the victory at Supreme Court of Appeal.

This received a very loud applause from the crowd gathered, including even the non-church going residents and factory owners who have been really supporting CTFM stand alongside them against the Mosque application.  Consequently, even some of them now want to come to church. Pr Daniel also led one of them to Jesus.

Thank you once again for your prayer and support.

Have a great Christmas and a glorious New Year as we Rise Up Australia for King Jesus to transform this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

28 Responses to “Council erupts over proposed Mosque next to Catch The Fire”

  1. 1 Judith

    Thanks God for a great report.
    Love you all

    If ye love me, keep my commandments John 14:15

  2. 2 Barbara

    Having an adopted Somali Muslim son who God has clearly told me to love with the Love of Jesus..I some times feel sad at the Christians attitude to the Muslim people. God clearly says we are to love them..and it is then they will know a little of Jesus love for them. There religion does not let let them know a God of Love. He is meeting them in dreams and visions so His love must be great for them. I have much contact with beautiful Muslim people who accept our religion and do not want to change us…but long for our friendship send acceptance. Blessings your sister in Christ, Barbara

  3. 3 Ian

    God bless you good warriors of the Truth! God will win when His people rise up in His name.
    Love in Jesus

  4. 4 Cora

    Amen hallelujah! God be glorified…. we’ll keep upholding this in our prayers.

    Thanks for sharing…. God bless you brothers and sisters in the battle front.


  5. 5 Peter

    Praise the Lord and may the people begin to see what Islam is all about.


  6. 6 Janette

    This is such great news, thank the Lord for the strength of witness that prevailed at the Council meeting.

    All blessings in Christ for Christmas and the New Year.


  7. 7 Ps June

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!! I did send a petition, maybe never got there in time, but God knows and He will have His way.Amen – so grateful for all of you, my family in Christ in Victoria. “Let God be true and every man liar” Victory we have in Jesus name!
    Love and blessings always,
    Ps. June

  8. 8 James

    We are very proud of you.

    Cheers, James

  9. 9 Lil

    Great happenings, Lord save Australia from all evil we pray! Have a Happy & Holy Christmas! Blessings, Lil

  10. 10 Gary & Lyn

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for outlining the events of last night. I am absolutely thrilled that the Spirit of Islam was exposed.

    Our Mighty God has a BIG PLAN and works in many mysterious ways including the formation of the Rise Up Australia Party.

    I and we will continue to always pray for the protection of our beautiful country.

    God’s Abundant Blessings to Pastor Daniel and The Team,

    Gary & Lyn in Jesus’ Mighty Name!

  11. 11 Anne

    Wonderful news! Praise our glorious Lord!! Anne

  12. 12 Adrian and Lena

    Dear Ps Danny,

    We are so pleased to hear the good news about the outcome of the petitions lodged with your local council objecting to the building of a mosque next to your church.

    May we take this opportunity to wish you and all your family and all at CTFM a Holy, safe and Blessed Christmas.

    Love from Adrian and Lena
    Wembley Downs, Western Australia.

  13. 13 Trevor

    Well done – congratulations on a great achievement – however deception has no end so we all need to keep praying that these matters are fully exposed and deal to – please pass on my support to Danny.



  14. 14 Scott

    Great news I displayed your email on our facebook page. Please encourage your members to visit this page and click like. We have over 720 people on there now each sharing a fierce concern about the threat Islam poses to the West. The link to the page is here.

    Thank you, Scott

  15. 15 Darilyn

    Hi C.T.F

    “Islam’s threat to the West was exposed in great length. We thank God for His amazing favour. Islam is the spirit of anti-Christ. I believe this might have been the first Council meeting in Australia, or maybe even in the world, where Islam was so exposed.”

    Hooray!!!! Put my name down as AGAINST a mosque being built – anywhere!!!! I’m sorry I missed this eventful council meeting.

    Is there a petition still going around AGAINST a mosque being built?? If so, I’ll try & get to a meeting next year & put my name on it!!

    Sorry, I haven’t been able to come to any meetings for a while; but God Bless & keep up the good work!!!
    from Darilyn

  16. 16 Dorothy

    How wonderful you have such strong support within the Council. It’s exciting to hear of political correctness taking such a beating. Dorothy

  17. 17 Betty

    Wonderful news that deserves celebration! But gotta continue to be vigilant nonetheless. Betty

  18. 18 Kelvin

    And God bless you and your family, Pastor Danny!

    I hope to see you again in the New Year and get back with Fire once more!

    God bless everyone at Catch the Fire,


  19. 19 Sandy

    Praise God. That is fabulous news Jason.

    Because the council have to vote against the planning permit in February should we keep collecting petition signatures against it?

    May you all at CTFM have a very blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year.

    Sincerely, Sandy

  20. 20 Michael and Ruby

    Dear Jason, thank you so much for the relaying of such important news and encouragement, it might be noted that ISLAM CANNOT BUILD A MOSQUE ON UNHOLY GROUND OR THAT WHICH IS DEFILED BY PIG’S BLOOD. Looking forward to your correspondence, and relationship building. Lots of love, Michael and Ruby

  21. 21 Linda

    Congratulations on your efforts to expose Islam for what it truly is and making people question it’s motives. I pray any other applications for Mosques receive the same scrutiny and objections that you good people have expressed.
    Blessings for a joyful Christmas

  22. 22 Caroline at Eclipse Prayer Warriors

    All points prayer has been asked for have been prayed on praying victory is given in areas declared in Jesus name, Caroline at Eclipse Prayer Warriors

  23. 23 Hank & Tricia

    Hi Jason & team,

    Great news re Council meeting – Pray favour continues & they eventually see they have been saved a lot of
    Issues, as they see other councils going thru ‘stuff.’

    All Gods Blessings for a Safe & Joyful Christmas/New Year Holiday season for CTF Ministries & RUA team.

    From all @ ALCF Bendigo,

    Hank & Tricia

  24. 24 Estelle

    Dear Catch the fire Ministries,

    Thanks for your update on this issue. So glad that the people of God is standing up while there is still time.

    Well done and we are praying for complete victory for Australia.

    Kind regards,


  25. 25 Gus

    Jesus loved banning Mosques!

    Praise the Lord!

  26. 26 Yasar Krakafatt

    The Koran is the deranged ravings of a pedophile lunatic posessed by many satanic demons. The sooner people rewalise that islam is of the devil the better. we love people but hate false religion and evil doctrines of devils. Mah Dik!

  27. 27 Daniel

    ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR as yourself.’ ALL the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments. (Matthew 23:37-40)

  28. 28 Neil

    Go on the net and google ‘what islam is not’. It is a ten minute video on youtube that is very eye-opening.

    Christ IS the Lord. There can never be any other. Have a safe and happy Christmas.

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