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DECEMBER 22 2016- Bevan Shields and Latika Bourke

A van reportedly carrying gas cylinders has exploded after being driven into the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters in Canberra on Wednesday night, setting the building alight.

There were no injuries suffered from people inside the building but the alleged driver was receiving medical treatment for his injuries, according to reports.

The vehicle was allegedly carrying gas bottles when it exploded at about 10.45 pm. It was destroyed and the two-storey office building, named Eternity House, was badly damaged by fire.

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1 Response to “Van drove into Australian Christian Lobby’s Canberra headquarters and ‘exploded’”

  1. 1 stronka oneill

    Jesus said that before he comes back, it will be like the days of Lot.

    Lot was a righteous man and the homosexual pervert pedophile sodomites tried to force their way into his righteous house.

    The Australian Christian Lobby has stood up against the sodomites and now the sodomite have tried to get into their righteous house and destroy it.

    This is a sure sign to us that Jesus is coming back soon.

    The sodomites do not want equal rights, they want extra rights and have now shown that they are violent as well just like the violence of the sodomites of Lots day.

    The Lord will soon bring judgement on these bone smokers.


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