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imagesABC presenter Noel Debien interviewed Ps Daniel Nalliah and others on ABC Radio last night. This was a panel discussion on the attitude towards Muslims in Australia. Recent surveys showed that a significant portion of the Australian population is concerned about Islam and the presence of Muslims in our country.

Ps Daniel, took on four Muslim sympathizers during the discussion. Four Muslim sympathizers against one who is not afraid to speak out the truth about Islam.

Please listen to this interesting discussion from last evenings ABC radio broadcast featuring our very own bold and courageous Rise Up Australia Party National President Daniel Nalliah.

You can listen to the panel discussion on the following link:

5 Responses to “ABC Radio Broadcast with Ps Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 Keith

    I started to listen into the radio about 15 minutes after the start. I thought there were 3 Muslims and 1 Christian Pastor Danny, I didn’t realise that there were 4 until I read your email. I knew it would be the typical ABC bias which it was.

    There was an annoying Muslum woman who held most of the air time and the presenter did not reign her in. She was so ‘nice’ that ‘butter would not melt in her mouth’ as the saying goes but her aim was to prevent Danny from having any say and promote a ‘peaceful Islam’.

    I was praying for Pastor Danny during the time, how he stays so calm is beyond me, all praise to Jesus! He is so couragious!

    Please pass on to Pastor Danny my appreciation that he is prepared to fight while the other church leaders are basically asleep to what is happening, or their too scared to act.

    What is the name of the Muslum who spoke the most? If I am correct she was an Aussie who converted to Islam and has appeared on TV recently. Maybe the ABC should invite a notable ex-Muslum who has converted to Christianity so we can get the real inside story on Islam but I won’t hold my breath knowing the ABC.

    It would be wonderful if she was born again, what inside information on Islam she would have, she could ‘blow the whistle’ on them, imagine another Paul!



  2. 2 Glenda

    Hi Danny and all,

    I listened very carefully to the ABC Radio programme at 10 pm last night and note that the airspace was given mainly to the woman Muslim. I would have liked to hear more of you, Danny, but unfortunately you were shut down (so to speak) by a very talkative, excited and untruthful Muslim deflecting any blame from Islam time and time again.

    When you would mention something that was written in the Qoran she would say no it’s not written there. She obviously has never read it herself, or lied. (but then I suppose it’s best for her to lie than to admit to thousands of viewers what is the truth.
    Someone needs to stand up and say that the old testament was done away with at the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as Muslims are still comparing the old testament with the quoran – meaning of course the horrible deaths that occurred in both those books. However, it was good that you said Jesus was an example of love, joy and peace etc.(paraphrased here).

    It is quite well-known that the ABC is very “Left” in its administration of programmes as we witnessed when Pauline Hanson was strategically seated next to a Muslim on the Q and A panel, which was really good viewing for the public but I felt really sorry for Pauline. She handled the situation brilliantly tho I thought.

    Enjoyed the debate tho.

    Keep up the good work, Danny. Not many are willing to make a stand like you do.
    Yours in Christ Jesus

  3. 3 Virginia

    I am very interested to hear Pastor Daniel and this debate on radio.

    More and more people are beginning to speak out of the fear of corruption of our Aussie culture .

    All Australians have a right to voice their concerns and I am interested to hear them.


  4. 4 David

    Thankyou. I have just played the podcast successfully. I appreciate Ps. Daniel’s stand for the truth, to the best of his ability within the time constraint, and with a courteous interaction with the other panellists.

  5. 5 Susan

    Dear Pst Daniel ABC RADIO INTERVIEW RE ISLAM Sund. 2 Oct 2016

    Thank the dear Lord of the Harvest for the dreams to you, and His coming in “full force”, and the night, deep intercessions from the Holy Spirit upon you these past weeks.

    On Tuesday, having listened Monday p.m. to the ABC radio interview link above, I woke at 5 a.m., with the biased and unbalanced ABC radio interview on my heart, with 3 Muslims against yourself, and I wrote out the following: Please bear with me. You were very, very patient Pst Daniel, and being blocked a number of times.

    If you are “chatting” again privately with those 2 Muslim ladies as they offered to you, please I do ask you to quote references from the Koran on the instructions of Mohammed of severe persecution, torture and murdering of “infidels”, which at the beginning you had said you would not take the time to do. I have asked Pauline Hanson in her speeches to do this also and to give facts and statistics, as one sees/hears those who oppose deride and deny saying it is the incorrect, prejudiced,”uninformed” thinking of the speaker. Without the quotes from the Koran it is the speakers word against theirs. I thank God and pray for Pauline Hanson daily.
    This year I have post mailed copies of an article by a former Muslim gentleman, which quotes many of those Koran verses, with an accompanying letter, to P.M. Turnbull, Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop; and previously to Tony Abbott.

    Pst Daniel if “chatting” to those ABC radio interview ladies would you please ask them if they are willing to learn more about Christianity: Their having asked you at the end if you were willing to learn more about Islam. Also what it is about Islam religion they like, and why they chose to be or remain Muslims in preference to other religions. Also, referring to the man’s polled statistics, if a close family member of theirs being a Muslim married a Christian or other non Muslim, how concerned would they be.
    One way of communicating to these ladies would be of course by email.

    One of the ladies having told you that though you read the Koran you are not a “scholar”, and therefore were not qualified, in her estimation, to be able to “interpret” the Koran and issue a “faquar” (edict), that was just like the religious spirit statements of, in years gone by, the Catholic priests and still today Rabbis who have kept so many of their people in bondage to them, telling them they are not able to understand the Bible.

    And what another lie by one of the ladies saying that as we do not have the original manuscript so “we cannot know exactly what Jesus said” – intellectual argument – when we know the Jewish scribes for hundreds and hundreds of years were scrupulous in copying Old Testament scripture, and manuscripts were copied and from Antioch distributed to other lands. (The Egyptian copy however altered in Cairo by “Origin” an unbeliever and religious philosopher, from which the R. Catholic Vulgate Bible was copied.) Then she stated that we do have the original Koran. Yet they do not want to speak of and admit the violent, murderous verses, with which they and others need to be faced, and when others are they deny their existence. And our politicians don’t speak of them.
    Larry Pickering has on his website 4 pages of a partial list of Islamic organisations to which our Federal Government pays funds.

    Constantly in discussions, the quoting of the Koran passages commanding severe persecution, violence and murder of “infidels” is not done. And the Koran/Islamic defenders carry on with their “white washing”, Taqiya, and speak of “educating” the west re Islam, which means attempted brain washing of westerners furthering Islam’s cause; and which these 3 used the interview as an opportunity to “educate” the public for Islam, avoiding the hate/violent doctrines of the Koran.

    One of the ladies having claimed that Muslims were always in Australia and mentioned Afghan camel drivers, of course we know does not bear comparison to the vast numbers of indigenous Australians whose forbears journeyed to Australia by sea, hundreds and hundreds of years before. But she used it in her argument; we know that Islam teaches that wherever Muslims dwelt in any country, Islam has the right and duty to repossess and rule that country.

    They need to be asked to state their views on Islamic/Koran amputation, divorce procedure you voiced, female genital mutilation, expectation and practice of 4 wives and children the which being a burden on the man and economy of any country. The argument given to your challenge re Court hearings with a woman needing 2 witnesses to be heard, was side stepped by the lady saying women need to be home caring for children, elderly or disabled. We know of course that applies in any religion or “culture”, and of course can apply to a man who is carer.

    I pray for these ladies’ salvation, and that you or someone will tell them that Christianity is based on the sacrificial Blood of Christ for mankind’s sin, whoever is willing to repent, and His resurrection, His instructions, ascension and soon Return to Judge the earth in righteousness.
    Also that the Old Testament wars were because of idolatry and other evil practices, disobedience to God’s laws, which God judged both heathen’s and Israel’s.

    Personally over the past three years thankfully I have been blessed to be able to befriend and spend quality time with three Muslim young married couples, University graduates and professionals, gentle and talented, whom I’ve met in my suburb each from Iran, two couples residents, and have been able to share the Good News of the Gospel with them, praise God.
    The modern immodest dress of so many Australian women especially young and these days Asian women here, is one of the hindrances to Muslims we know.

    God willing for you to have opportunity or if “chatting” privately with these ladies, would you challenge them with the fact that Jesus/Yeshua was and acknowledged before Pilate that He was/is God manifest in the flesh. Thank the Lord for the Sword of the Spirit quick and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword piercing to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit ,joints and marrow discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart.

    Phil Stock phoned this morning and spoke of your intended visit to Perth Nov. 24,25.

    God bless you Pst/Pr. Daniel, prayers: the power of the endless Life in the Melchesidec Priesthood from Yeshua strengthening you, refreshing you.
    Blessed Shana Tova, traditional agricultural New Year, Feast of Trumpets, and Tabernacles ahead.


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