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Dear family and friends in Christ,

This last weekend was truly history making in Canberra, our nation’s capital.

There were several events happening at the same time in and around parliament on the weekend.

A group of Christians were reading the bible non-stop for 72 hours outside parliament starting Friday.

CTFM prayer warriors arrived on Friday and carried out a special prayer and warfare operation, preparing the way for the Reclaim Australia Rally on Saturday on the lawn in front of the parliament.

They were binding evil spirits of violence and calling on the Prince of peace to rule and reign in that place.  Well, that prayer was definitely answered as there was no violence at all at the rally.

On Saturday, the Reclaim Australia rally was absolutely amazing as hundreds gathered and marched to parliament with police escorts, waving their Aussie flags and shouting – ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie Ooi Ooi Ooi.’

Surprisingly, when one speakers asked as to how many in the rally were Christians, more than 60% put their hands up.

One pastor at the rally stated, “This looks like a great outreach. I was quite surprised to hear so many speakers speaking of their Christian faith openly in public. I have not even heard pastors speak like this.”

This is so true. Daniel Nalliah was introduced to the crowd by the MC Rosalie Crestani, the Vice President of RUAP) as the crowd started cheering and received him very well.

Please watch and share his following speech.  Part 1  Part 2

In the natural you would think that many in the crowd would have been hostile to a Christian Pastor taking the stage, but NO, they absolutely celebrated him.

Ps Daniel stated, “It is good to be in a place where you are celebrated and not tolerated. No wonder Jesus hung out with fisherman, tax collectors and at times even with prostitutes.”

One of the speakers used a few swear words in his speech (he who has no sin cast the first stone) but then challenged the Christians and stated something like,  “Christians you must convert the Muslims, as you are the only hope for them. Go into every mosque and get them.”

As Ps Daniel started his speech, the noisy socialists who were protesting against the rally, just simply packed up and all left in a big hurry. The same happened in Bendigo.

We believe that this is really the mighty hand of God at work, as the servant of God got up to speak, the violent mob was made powerless and left. What a mighty God we serve.

There was also a very special RUA warrior dance performed at the rally by some of our members. The whole crowd started shouted. “RUA, RUA , RUA (Rise Up Australia), but RUA in Hebrew is “God has given us victory over our enemies’.

Then at 7pm on Sat night RUAP had a meeting in Canberra and it went off very well with no incidence at all once again. If God is for us who can be against us.

We must Reclaim our Judeo-Christian heritage in order to protect Australia and keep her Australian for generations to come.

You may click the following links for some media reports.

On Sunday many gathered in parliament to pray for Australia. Several members from CTFM attended the meeting and were very blessed.

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