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Rise Up Australia Party Media Release on 17th September 2012

Calling on beheading people who speak against Islam is un-Australian and should be stamped out from its roots

Calling on beheading those who speak against Islam is un-Australian and should be stamped out from its roots, stated the National President, Daniel Nalliah of Rise Up Australia Party this morning from his office in Melbourne.

Rise Up Australia Party is committed to keeping Australia Australian and protecting one of our fundamental rights of freedom of speech. To this that we cannot express our feelings for or against another religion, and to think that by doing so you face the possibility of getting beheaded is absolute nonsense.

Daniel stated this morning, “We fought a 5 year court battle from 2002- 2007 to protect freedom of speech, when the Islamic Council of Victoria took us to court for quoting verses from the Quran. We successfully defended our case, and won the court case in supreme court, which was successful in restoring freedom of speech.”

Rise Up Australia Party is totally opposed to Multiculturalism as it causes immigrants to build ethnic enclaves and beats the very purpose it was created to protect. Instead of uniting communities, Multiculturalism divides a nation into ethnic grouping. This is counterproductive in a democratic society.

Multiculturalism has failed in France, UK, Germany, Holland, etc. The leaders of these nations have publicly declared so. Are we seeing the beginnings of our down fall for embracing Multiculturalism?

Rise Up Australia Party is calling on the government to arrest most of the protesters and charge them for promoting violence against peace loving democratic people who live in Australia.

We are also calling the Police to arrest and charge the parents of the 5 year old boy, for letting him carry the terrible poster which stated, “Behead those who speak against the prophet”.

We are also calling on all peace loving democratic Aussies to rise up and take a stand against the religion of hate, which encourages its followers to destroy and kill the infidels (non-Muslims). Also to love and embrace those Muslims who do not practice the parts of the Quran which promotes hate and are willing to assimilate into our Australian way of life.

The worst thing we could do as a nation is to fear these Islamists who try to promote their way of life through fear and intimidation. Those who did not speak up against Hitler were equally blamed for promoting the Holocaust.

Sir Edmund Burke stated, “It only takes good men to keep quiet for evil to triumph”.

Mr Nalliah is available for interview by calling (03) 9708 6691

14 Responses to “RUAP Media Release: Sydney Riots – Parents of child with poster “Behead those who speaks against the prophet” should be arrested and charged”

  1. 1 Michelle

    Well done Daniel Nalliah I completely agree with you on this matter.

    I am waiting to see whether our government who were voted into parliament by the Australian people will make a stand against this outrageous violence and bring these thugs to our courts. If we stamp this behavior out now hopefully the radical Islamic thugs will take notice.

    The more Australians who stand up against this the better.

    In Christ

  2. 2 Jan

    Bless you so much, for your fighting for us.


  3. 3 Gerry

    Well done Danny! A quick and powerful, Godly response. Rare in the Australian Christian and secular political arena.

    As to embracing ‘nice’ moslems. No thanks! They still spread the foul satanic lie that JESUS was NOT crucified.

    I’d be just as inclined to embrace a satanist or a voodoo worshipper or a freemason. No thank you!

    The best way to Love them, is to tell them the truth about their deranged false prophet and book of lies a.k.a.the koran.

    God Bless and protect you and the R.U.A. and– confuse the plans of your enemies.! Maranatha.

    p.s. Thugs in response 1 , equals Devout moslems , seen through Islamic eyes.!

  4. 4 Roya

    I personally think God should judge all of us in this land specially believers who are worse than non believers for their selfishness, greed, passivity and own agenda, who just know how to pray but not lift a finger. we deserve it.. time is up for this land full of laziness, comfort & greed. Roya

  5. 5 Teresa

    We are praying for you… Daniel and your family and you party to rise up!!!! Teresa
    Cincinnati Ohio!!!

  6. 6 Sandra

    Dear Pastor Danny, Thank you for your email and I completely agree with you. I would like to see the views of your (and mine) party RUA on the front page of every newspaper in Australia. We need to have our views heard, but we are not allowed to speak up in case we offend someone. Bless you Ps Danny and I know that God will bless you and your ministry as well as RUA.
    In His service. Sandra. Coolum Beach. QLD

  7. 7 Cameron

    Well said !! you have my support!! Cameron

  8. 8 Anne

    I love the way you Ps Danny make a stand no matter what and Im right behind you and so are others and I think its pathetic that our Pastors especially fr the Pentecostal churches who wont make a stand for our nations pretty pathetic that is its time for our Leaders to stop hiding but to advance forward and speak out so go for it Ps Danny I honour you for all you have done so far and we are praying for you & yr family bless u all………..Anne fr Canberra

  9. 9 Ian

    We shouldnt be discussing this issue because we should have a Government who is bright enough to say no to Muslim immigration because of cultural clashes and we dont have to be rude but say it would not work out between us and them. Maybe if they were told this then they might behave themselves alot better. Australia should only offer asylum to persecuted Christians as there are plenty of Muslim countries for people to go to to get away from ratbags of their own kind


  10. 10 Ruth

    Ps Danny I praise God for men like you who have the boldness to step out and remind the church who God is and the great price he paid for our sins may our dear Lord Jesus bless you continually, bless you Ruth.

  11. 11 Pauline

    Yes I agree wholeheartedly with this article. I have written to the Herald Sun and through channel 9 on these very issues – we will see if it is printed or not!

    Thank you and Bless you!


  12. 12 Graeme


    Everyday in Australia and other countries peop[le take the Name of the Lord in vain. Everyday people use the name of our God as a swear word. Parliamentarians pass laws protecting those who who want to indulge in non-christian practices from discrimination and vilification.

    But the christian church doesn’t resort to public protests and violence. Our Lord told us to pray for those who despitefully use us. This is one major difference between the folloers of our Lord Jesus Christ and the followers of Islam and our political leaders need to be made aware of this.

    God bless

  13. 13 Robyn

    Dear Jason,

    I wonder if RUA party are less likely to be labelled racist if they put “multiethnic” BEFORE they say no multiculturalism in their platform/publicity/literature. Most people associate opposition to multiculturalism as racism & I think this concept needs more defition to say what it is & what it is not.


  14. 14 Ruth

    Further to that we need to be partitoning Chris Bowen and our Immigration department on why Geert Wilders has not been issued a visa to visit Australia. He is an elected Dutch Parliamentarian who has had the courage to call Radical Islam for what it is as has Pastor Danny. We should be supporting his visit.

    Regards Ruth

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