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Dear family and friends in Christ,

The Australia Day National Prayer Gathering at the Scots Church in Melbourne, organised by Catch The Fire Ministries and supported by many churches, and ministries, was a great success for the unity of the Body of Christ and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

 Around 700 Aussie Christians, along with 35 pastors and many other Christian ministers, filled the church in the city of Melbourne. Many carrying their Australian flags were so excited to see so many people of God lift up their hands to worship Jesus as King of kings and LORD of lords! There were people from every single state from across Australia present at the united prayer meeting for our nation’s transformation.

The interdenominational multi-ethnic prayer service started with the the minister from the Scots Church welcoming the people, and a great time of worship led by the CTFM worship team. Then the Uniting Church Minister prayed for Government & Leaders, followed by the AOG Pastor who prayed for protection from bush fires and thanked God for the rain.

As passionate Aussie Christians kept pouring into the auditorium, the place was full of excitement and the mighty presence of God filled the house. More worship was lifted up to heaven as people started interceding and praying for Australia’s revival, awakening, reformation and transformation.

Then the Baptist Minister led prayer for the nation and for revival in Australia. We also had prayer for the business and marketplace led by Brother Peter. Then Pas Daniel spoke on forgiveness and read a message from Pas Mark Conner of City Life Church.  At this point people gathered together and spent time searching their hearts and repented before the Lord from any anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, offence, etc.

Click the following link for Pas Mark’s message

Then the Indigenous elder Aunty Margorie from Darwin led in prayer and a song of worship about welcoming the Holy Spirit from the highest mountains to the lowest valleys throughout our nation and hearts. Following this the Catholic priest led the congregation in the Lord’s prayer.

The crowd continued to worship the Lord as the CTFM worship team continued to lift up high praise and worship as they led everyone in the beautiful song ‘Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’! There were shouts of joy as people lifted the Australian flags and continued praising God for our nation!

Then Evangelist Jason from CTFM prayed for a Holy Spirit revolution of salvation, deliverance, healing, restoration and radical transformation amongst the youth, young adults and children of our nation.

Also at the meeting was a beautiful team of prophetic dancers from an Indonesian church in Sydney. They all came all the way from Sydney to minister in dance with banners, tambourines etc. They were just so amazing.

Then the guest speaker Rev Dr Robert Carner, the Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church, challenged the people with the Word of God as many were greatly impacted to Rise Up Australia for Jesus!

Then Pr Daniel called out for all Pastors present and their spouses to come to the front of the auditorium. Everyone in the congregation started clapping and rejoicing as 35 Pastors and many of their spouses came forward.

Then Pr Daniel and his wife Maryse prayed for all the Pastors and their families at the meeting and all throughout Australia.

Following this a Pastor from the CRC churches closed the service in prayer and then the congregation were up on their feet with their Australian flags flying high and singing ‘Advance Australia Fair’ our national anthem.

Pr Daniel stated, “What an amazing morning it was. I was so thrilled to see the body of Christ unite as one to worship and pray for our nation. We desperately need to unite as one body and cry out to God for a revolution of God’s love for a national reformation in Jesus name. I want to thank everyone who took the time to come on this wonderful Australia Day to pray for our nation.”

You may order the DVD ($15 plus $5 postage) of the entire service by calling our office at (03) 9794 8211 or by emailing

May God Bless our nation Australia and the nations of the world!

Love in Christ,

Elizabeth Ryan

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc



6 Responses to “700 Aussie Christians, including 35 Pastors, Unite as Body of Christ to Prayerfully Storm Heaven for Australia’s Transformation”

  1. 1 Marlene

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    Thank you for your heart for the Body of Christ, irrespective of denomination. It was such a delight to be with everyone there, and I am sure it delighted the Lord’s heart even more. God bless all the other churches represented there who have the same heart, and God help those who don’t.

    “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, that your love one another” (John 13:35).

    Thank you, Elizabeth for all that you do.

    God bless you


  2. 2 Julie


  3. 3 David and Cheri

    How absolutely wonderful..!!!!!!!!
    Pastor Daniel ,you are a true blessing to our nation and we will uphold you
    in our prayers.

    David and Cheri

  4. 4 Jan

    That was terrific. Praise God. Something has been accomplished in the heavenlies. Jan

  5. 5 Pastor Barry

    Hi guys

    Sometime ago I was at a breakfast meeting with some other pastors and I was staring around the room not thinking anything in particular and I had a vision of parliament house in Canberra and the huge flagpole that stands above parliament house and the flag flying in the wind, and above the flag on the flagpole was the cross of Christ. There would have to be tumultuous events to take place for this to happen in reality so I have been praying that God would do whatever is required to fulfil that vision.

    Just thought I might share it with you, I found it exciting.

    Many blessings

    Pastor Barry

  6. 6 Val

    Hi Jason,
    Australia Day Service in the city was just fantastic, esp the forgiveness between the 2 Pastors-was the best news . -esp for us few who are members of City Life , but also attend CTFwhen able .
    May God continue to Bless you & your team abundantly

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