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Lord Monckton speaking to many RUA Party supporters at CTFM in MelbourneLord Monckton, Pr Daniel, Wife Maryse and some of the RUA Party Executive

Dear family & friends in Christ,

Lord Monckton, one of the world’s leading climate change sceptics, addressed a gathering of around 200 people at a public meeting hosted by Rise Up Australia Party – ‘Keep Australia Australian’ at Catch The Fire Apostolic Centre in Hallam, Victoria yesterday Monday the 25th of July at 7pm

Many travelled a long way to get to the meeting, as many people are desperate to know the truth about Global Warming, and in particular how the carbon tax will affect Australians. Following is the link to a very good newspaper article from the Greater Dandenong Weekly about his visit.

Climate change sceptic heads to Hallam

Pr Daniel also did an interview with ABC national radio on the religious program on Sunday night around 10.30pm. Although the interviewer wanted him to speak on the Carbon Tax from a Christian point of view, the interviewer constantly cut off Pr Daniel from sharing God’s view on climate change according to the bible.

Click Here to listen to the 10 minute part with Pr Daniel

Lord Monckton in his 1 ½ hour speech exposed the number of false data the government officials have used to hype the climate change debate in order to bring in the carbon tax. He also stressed on the point that Prime Minister Julia Gillard lied to the people. Before the last federal election she promised that there will be no Carbon Tax, but after she won the election she went back on her word.

His speech was very challenging and extremely informative. People were just absolutely shocked to know as to how the government has used false data in order to promote the Carbon Tax. He repeatedly stated  “CO2 has helped the planet to become greener rather than destroy it.”

He asked the question, “Why should Australia make her people pay so much $ and be out of pocket when Australia’s pollution rate is very minimum? Meanwhile the main polluters such as China, India, USA, and others are not doing anything about it.”

In his speech he mentioned that the United Nations is suddenly trying to save mankind, when a carpenter’s son named Jesus saved mankind 2000 years ago and restored the nations back to God. He also very clearly and boldly stated that he was a Christian and used quotes from the bible on several occasions.

When in question time someone asked him, “Sir, are you a Christian?” He responded, “Yes, I am a Christian and was born again when I was very young. So don’t waste your time, you must get born again soon. I am sure Pr Danny can help you.” He also stated, “

We must speak the truth and not be worried about fighting the lie with the truth, as the truth will always prevail.”

He asked the people, “Do you know the meaning of the scripture, ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail’. He then said, “the gates don’t come to fight you, this means you must go to the gates to fight and get back what you have lost.”

Pr Daniel stated, “At times Lord Monckton sounded like a Pastor on fire for Jesus. Certainly this man is a gift from God for an hour such as this to expose the enemy’s lie and bring to account those who are trying to sign away our sovereign rights as a country into the hands of the UN and a One World government agenda.”

The DVD of the night titled “Global warming Myth / Say No to Carbon Tax is a must watch DVD. Do not miss out on this one as it will greatly challenge and give you much needed insight in to this very important debate. You can order it by calling our office on 9794 8211 at $20 (inclusive postage) or emailing

Pr Daniel stated, “The Word of God says, ‘For a lack of knowledge my people perish and that the truth will set you free.’ This is so very important that we stand up now and fight for our nation, so that we can protect Australia and keep it Australian for our children and grandchildren!”

Your best alternative in the next federal election is Rise Up Australia Party to Keep Australia Australian.

If you have not yet sent in your membership form, please do send it in ASAP. You can print out from the Party website

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Ryan

6 Responses to “Say No to Carbon Tax – Lord Monckton reveals the truth on global warming myth”

  1. 1 Philip Bruce Heywood

    I tried sending a fuller version of this to the Federal Parliament today but somehow they all ended up in deleted items and I can’t find any in sent items. Might be just as well, given my penchant for being hot-headed! Lord Monckton keeps his cool where I would turn around and walk out. What a man. The quantum physics mentioned below refers to a brand new, revolutionizing development which is absolutely mind — boggling and can get people like me in trouble, anywhere, everywhere. That’s science — always intensely controversial when new developments having to do with God’s Word are afoot.

    Dear SENATOR,
    Lysenko was the Stalin sycophant agriculture minister indirectly responsible for the death of millions, courtesy of being fanatically convinced he was infallible.

    In my varied wanderings on the internet I encountered one of Lysenko’s victims – a man who somehow escaped, and took up biological science in the West. He was an abused and bitter man, totally atheistic, with a hatred of all religion. Here is the counter-intuitive part. He claimed he hated religion partly because his family suffered under it – Stalinism! And a prime example of a fanatic, in his mind, was this Lysenko. He loathed the man, and would happily have killed him. Counter-intuitive and confusing?

    Science is only true to its motto if it is practised under a science-friendly world view. Too much of the wrong world view, and it becomes degenerate and fanatical. Lysenko was one case. This victim of Lysenko’s was in danger of becoming another. ———————————————————————

    The science is in. But quantum physics, in a phrase, appears to be quack magic. It takes time to adjust to it. Today, SCIENCEDAILY published, in effect; how plants ‘think’. No, they don’t think! Well, take your pick of wording. A plant’s experience of the environment doesn’t fundamentally alter its DNA to make it a new species, but plant’s ‘memories’ of environmental conditions certainly kick in somewhere and it doesn’t require an academic qualification to know it. Strangely, Lamarck, target of Darwin’s derision, may have had a glimmer. But it’s tied up more-or-less with quantum physics. So we get more ‘magic’ every day. And every bit of ‘magic’ (unfortunate word) confirms the biblical account, which I have published and which is running somewhere about ten years in front of the pack. So my peer review gets colourful. [I leave my latest peer review aside. People such as Pr. Danny and Lord Monckton will already be familiar with it!]


    It is apparent to anyone with the Post Hole Digging qualification, that this planet is not encased in a test tube (not a closed system); and the weather is both random and non-random at the same time –predictable yet non-predictable. We therefore have to do with something that goes close to being a chaotic process, the most difficult of all processes to describe mathematically. This is manifest and apparent to all who live in the real world, and have gone outdoors. Holders of a Persistent Harangue Dissertation qualification (within a closed or non-observational mental framework) – separate from the observable real world – dissertate and harangue persistently in an attempt to get those who dig post holes to believe what their eyes and their senses tell them cannot be true – namely, that a near-chaotic process with variable and as yet unknown input from outside itself has been mathematically captured and caged, like a canary. In time, we shall all graduate, with Permanent Head – er, ache(s).

    By definition, there is no such discipline as climate science—in the sense of mathematics, enabling reliable predictive conclusions. It would be almost as true to say that there is ghost science, as to say there is climate science. It is legitimate to study ghost sightings and it is legitimate to study climate observations. They are both phantom disciplines, one much more so than the other. There is no such thing as climate science, in the sense of bridge building science, or genetics, or quantum physics. Science is built upon mathematics. Bridge engineering relies upon mathematics. Genetics (strangely enough) relies upon mathematical coding. Quantum physics is the mathematical description of the basis of matter. ‘Climate science’ to date is a collation of observations, nothing more. Those observations can be expressed mathematically and have some predictive value. Meteorologists get it right, some of the time, no more than a week ahead as a rule. No-one would drive on a bridge built upon the mathematics of meteorology. The simple, undeniable fact is that modelling the atmosphere requires the mathematics of turbulent flow, married with heat transfer, under constantly changing conditions, not ignoring quantum (subatomic) particle interaction etc, etc., —all these disciplines being currently in their infancy! In short: we don’t even fully know what makes it rain. And, since, as Genesis informs us; God caused it to rain, is that surprising? Post hole digging has educational value, especially in a rain shower.

    The assertion that climate science is reliably predictive has no more basis in fact than the claim that carbon dioxide, essential, harmless atmospheric compound, is a pollutant. Carbon dioxide is a pollutant to those who desire to overthrow our economy and our society. A century or more ago, electricity was the vis nervosa – the ‘essence of life’ – to those who desired to overthrow established society in those times. Electricity explained life: now, carbon dioxide explains the sun and the rain. It’s called, worshipping the creature. Islam or some aspect of it is rumoured to worship a probable meteorite(?): the Australian Greens or some aspects thereof worship the primordial soup. No wonder the Greens welcome Islam. But, leaving fanaticism aside; nowhere in the Bible does wantonly destroying the landscape get the thumbs up.

    The total long term predictive value of climate science is zero. It is true that greenhouse gases can give a warming effect in a test tube. The earth is not in a test tube, and is far more complex than any test tube mix so far designed. It is true that carbon dioxide slightly acidifies water and could theoretically slow coral growth. It is also true that lack of carbon dioxide can slow coral growth through alkalinity. It is also true that at any moment, events outside Man’s control, such as volcanism, and changes in the sun, could make a joke out of any climate proposal.

    ‘Climate Science’ is by definition religion, not science. (The real climate science, such as it is, is basically geology, which tells us exactly what we would expect – don’t try to predict anything, but, somehow, this world got here safely through many trials, toils and snares. There is information lately come to hand, giving clear indication as to how such a miracle could be! The circulating oceans and atmosphere generate their own magnetic sub -field, which ‘overprints’ the main magnetic field, and thus feeds back climate-related information in such a way as to enable climate moderation. The sun, far from being an impassive ongoing explosion, is a sophisticated heat-metering device. That’s where physics is pointing – and the geologic record concurs!)

    So in one short paragraph we have summarized everything we currently know of real climate science. But, given that the false ‘climate science’ is essentially mental and spiritual delusion, and the God who made the heaven and the earth shines light to dispel delusion –what is the truth?

    Without delaying for lengthy scripture quotation, other than to mention that the final few chapters of Job are totally relevant: scattered throughout the Bible are references to meteorological factors. There are noteworthy aspects of this biblical meteorology. Highs speed turbulence in fluids (waters, floods, etc.); quantum physics (the parting of light, a way for the lightning, etc.) and surprisingly, a seeming association or equation between the coalescing of rain/hail/snow, and the formation of planets. The latter is an incidental aside: interestingly, a Melburnian, Dr. Andrew Prentice, formulated mathematics of high-speed (multi-supersonic) particle interaction which he proposed explained the coalescing of the planets. (The Earth was gathered together, from unstructured waters/floods.) He didn’t rely on the Bible, so missed out the complementary and necessary effects of shock waves or something such, generated by synchronous singing, in Earth’s case, of the morning stars.
    Australians have made technical advances, world-class.

    As for the future, and our responsibility thereto? – we are given permission to mine things: out of whose hills thou mayest dig brass. Either the Creator made a blunder, here, or Bob Brown & co. got it slightly wrong. Personally, I would like to see Australia doing more manufacture and value adding, rather than being a quarry: but isn’t it just like the Enemy of Mankind to motivate people to go around holier than thou, condemning other people engaged in lawful business? They rely on the coal exports to get the money to badger honest citizens.

    The weather, and our future, is all in the Bible. It sure isn’t with P.ersistent H.arangue D.issertation’s. – unless it’s the post hole type.
    Regards, Philip Heywood.

  2. 2 Ian

    Dear Rev. Danny & team,

    Thank you for your courage to speak out on unpopular issues &
    for the encouraging news of worship & healings I read of each week!

    Thanks you for following up the abortion “waste” issue. As part of Health Care in Christ, we try to pray & write to our politicians and anyone else who will listen.

    Re the carbon tax I think the important point is we need to change our economy to one that is not so dependency on fossil fuels. Whether or not global warming is occurring these fuels are too precious & polluting to burn.
    This pollution is real.
    Does anyone remember the pea-soup fogs in London before coal fires were banned in the 1960s- I think?
    Also a Christian brother working in a large regional Chinese city said the pollution from the coal-fired power stations made it difficult even to breath on the streets.

    True coal exports are very important to our economy – especially coaking coal for steel, but we need to be researching promising energy alternatives now. Hot rocks for one
    I may be wrong, but in my opinion a coal tax ( think pollution tax), is a short term step towards a price on coal that reflects its true cost to the community.

    Blesssings in Jesus,


  3. 3 Graeme

    Hi Elizabeth

    When I went to school I was taught that trees and vegetation need to breathe C02 like we humans need to breath oxygen. Therefore rather than tax the production of CO2 we should encourage the so-called polluters to pump the carbon the produce into cylinders and sell it to Senator Brown and the tasmanian Wilderness Society for release into the Tasmanian Wilderness. What better thing could Senator do to encourage vegetation growth an this wilderness which he is so hell bent on protecting.

    Hope you got a laugh out of this.

    God bless

  4. 4 Ewan

    Hi Ps Danny,

    I listened to the audio clip of your interview on the ABC radio Sunday Night program. You were wrong to allow for the possibility that the earth could be billions of years old.

    I wrote the following short article a while ago:

    An hypothesis of the history of Earth’s atmosphere with regard to man-made global warming, CO2 and the effect of Noah’s Flood.

    In the climate change debate, as with many other examples, worldviews make a profound difference to the conclusions people draw from the available observable evidence. A person who holds false presuppositions will more often than not arrive at false conclusions.

    Most of the apocalyptic scenarios of global climate change due to an alleged anthropogenic contribution to global warming are predicated upon a false understanding of the history of the earth. Evolutionists have the mistaken belief that the earth is 4.5 billion years old and that it has therefore taken vast ages for the planet to have arrived at the present state of climate equilibrium. The corollary of this belief is the belief that human action in mining and burning fossil fuels will upset this fragile long established balance and lead to potential catastrophic climate change.

    However, the biblical history of the planet is much different and therefore leads to different conclusions about the fragility or otherwise of the earth’s climate system. Unlike the philosophical naturalists, a biblical creationist would reasonably assume that God created a robust life-sustaining climate with built-in self regulating mechanisms (a homeostatic system), and that there is good reason to believe that the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere was much higher in the relatively recent past. According to biblical history, the vast majority of the fossils from which fossil fuels are derived were formed only about 4300 years ago during Noah’s Flood when vast volumes of biomatter were buried. Consequently, post-Flood the volume of carbon available to freely circulate within the biosphere would have been greatly reduced which would lead to the assumption that since that time the atmosphere has contained a lower proportion of CO2 than existed in the originally created pre-Flood atmosphere.

    This last assumption fits with real observational science which has determined that human and animal life can tolerate without any deleterious effects much higher concentrations of CO2 than presently exist, and that plant life responds positively to increased CO2. Indeed it is a common practice for commercial greenhouse operators to artificially increase the percentage of CO2 by as much as three times the natural level to maximise crop productivity. CO2 is an efficient and cheap natural plant fertiliser. This would strongly suggest that life was designed for an atmosphere containing higher concentrations of CO2.

    Many scientists question the significance of the role CO2 plays in global warming. It is argued that increasing atmospheric CO2 can have only a minimal contribution towards the greenhouse effect due to its narrow infrared absorption spectrum and the fact that at present levels CO2 is already capturing the bulk of this available radiation. This means the relationship between CO2 concentration and any greenhouse effect is not linear but logarithmic. In other words, the increasing greenhouse effect of increasing CO2 diminishes as the CO2 concentration increases.

    In-any-case, the only way computer climate models can conclude a run-away global warming effect from increasing CO2 is by exaggerating the positive feedback (or forcing) factors and by discounting the negative feedback factors. Such an assumption is counter-intuitive from a biblical perspective which believes climate processes to be designed rather than randomly derived. So if we discount the alarmist assumption that more CO2 equals a potentially catastrophic warming, then burning fossil fuels should be a win-win scenario especially when we add in the fact that life thrives in the warmer climates and globally the extreme cold accounts for more human deaths than does extreme heat.

    Since it is a sad fact that much of the church has abandoned belief in the biblical history of our world and has instead adopted secular myths such as evolution and a great age of the earth, it comes as little surprise to find church leaders blindly following the climate change alarmists. Many church leaders have echoed the statements of certain misguided politicians who claim that global-warming is the “greatest moral challenge of our age”. That a non-problem can be claimed to be the “great moral challenge” when a real great moral challenge of our age (abortion, which claims something in the order of 50 million innocent lives each year worldwide) is given scant attention, only highlights the moral confusion of our age.

    As Romans 1:25 says, “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie [evolution], and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.” As a general rule we now observe the more liberal sections of the church, having abandoned the Bible’s history in Genesis and replaced it with theistic evolution and other compromise theories, adopting a pantheistic attitude toward environmental concerns.


  5. 5 Alan

    Why so down on the carbon tax?

    It seems to me that there is an intrinsic value to communities of ensuring that externalities are included in our economic systems. Our current consumerist economic model of constant growth is undermining our communities and social structures as people become more and more focused on their own situation, their own ability to purchase new things etcetera, and less on their ability to play a role in the community and with their neighbours. Even if you don’t agree that climate change is something to be concerned about, it interests me why people don’t see the connection between caring about the environment and community enough to try and make changes, and our development as a society in general.

    If the carbon tax won’t bancrupt us as a country (and it won’t, as shown by many economic modelings and the experience of other nations) then isn’t it good that industry and our economy is transformed into something that is more environmentally conscious?

    The next step then on the sustainability model will be to bring the same focus on sustainability of communities and society.

    Sounds positive to me.


  6. 6 Peter

    So good to hear you are still on fire, of course why wouldnt you be :-).

    Gail and I, being at college we call this the war college. Having to fight so many religious devils. However there are, like any denomination, onfire spirit filled christians in here which we pray with and regularly encourage.

    Jason did you know the strategy against the church in Australia to bring in homosexuality? I know you are aware but do you
    understand the methods? Have you heard of the post modern church or the term emerging church? It has nothing to do with the gospel its an antichrist move in disguise as a new move of God, and of course the Australian government is promoting it and any denomination that has strings attached to the government has to get behind this.

    Its the same test that many christians fail. which is matthew 4:9 if you bow down and worship me all of this I will give you.
    One thing I love about rise up Australia, is this, you guys have guts, you are prepared to stand in the midst of all the lying devils that have tried to occupy God’s land. Ps Daniel is like a bulldog that never gives up, when God says go, Danny goes. So do you Jason, never give that up, never back down.

    If Australia does not take a stand now, than I wonder how lost this nation will be, before God brings this nation to repentance, in my years never have I seen such wickedness that is happening now, and sadly the church is joing this wickedness, calling evil, good and good, evil.

    You guys are standing when it seems no one else has the guts to stand.

    Finally a political party that will stand for truth I am so wrapped. you guys are definetly in my prayers, theres an enemy out there but I know who’s on the winning side. We are.

    with love and blessings, Peter

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