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by Pastor  Margaret Court, Victory Life Centre, Perth, WA

“This man stood up for the Body of Christ against the vilification law; he was persecuted by many in the Body of Christ for his stand, but he pushed through for you and me so that we still have that freedom to openly share Jesus Christ.

From the Prophetic office he gave direction to the Church for our Nation, but the church did not take heed to what he had said – that the Body of Christ unite in prayer and action.  (2 Chronicles 7:14)

I believe we are at a very pivotal time for our nation and for the church. 

We had righteous leaders in Mr Howard and Mr Costello and how much easier it is for the church to fulfil the destiny spiritually when you have God fearing men at the top leading a Nation.  Now you have a Prime Minister who says, “that public servants will advise me, not God” to lead our Nation.  (Release:  Southern Cross Broadcasting in Melbourne, Nov 30 2007)
I was praying and God showed me we have allowed a religious spirit to come back over our Nation.  God always gives me Numbers 14 for this Nation where Moses repented on behalf of the people; we need to repent on behalf of the church.  The government of this nation is on our shoulders (Isaiah 9:6) – we govern in the spirit; but a lot of the church is looking at man instead of God (Matthew 6:24-33)

I love the body of Christ; what a powerful army when we stand united together in prayer and Word. Let’s stand together for God to manifest Himself; believing and proclaiming that we are a righteous Nation, a God-fearing Nation and that His hand is on our Nation.”

5 Responses to “Response From Pastor Margaret Court Regarding Danny Nalliah And The Outcome Of Federal Election”

  1. 1 Mel

    The antidote to a religious spirit over our nation is a revival spirit led by the Holy Spirit. Perhaps that’s what we should be praying for. Pastor Court is correct to say we’re at a crossroads, and it is time for the church to take the government upon our shoulders as the body of Christ. I hear of horrific injustices committed against people in this land in the name of ‘saving the environment’. A widow blocked from developing her land except to merely live on; another couple terrorized by government officers for the ‘crime’ of having electric wires over their lychee orchard; another widow having her herd of some 90 cattle (many in calf) shot by the RSPCA for allegedly being starved; a family being sent bankrupt after being ordered to replant their property and others committing suicide; and so on. These things happened under state government laws supported by federal laws. Christians need to stand up for restoration of common law justice in this land and the justice of the Lord.

  2. 2 Tony

    It seems that a lot of Christians are much more content in blaming Pastor Danny for “getting it wrong” then to accept the resposibilty of their disobedience.

  3. 3 Sue

    Dear Pastor Danny
    I would like to thank you and your ministry for the commitement and obedience that you have to God and the Body of Christ. I would like to tell you that although i read and committed my vote the way you confirmed, i did not pray enough. I would like to encourage you and your ministry and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we need you.

    God Bless

    Sister in Christ Sue

  4. 4 Daniel

    That is an excellent comment from Pastor Margaret Court. And I believe she is very correct on the points she made. Unfortunately Australia will continue to reap its rewards on mismanagement, bureaucracy, evil laws, and basically anything to further the goals of the extreme left which will compromise Australia’s Christian heritage. We already allow homosexuals to torment us with the sadistic parades. We are allowing it to get worse. That is why I got out of ‘Church’, because too many people are not interested.
    I am so glad when I first became a Christian because I had a Pastor who was saved out of a dangerous criminal drug lifestyle. I am so thankful that I was involved in the Church he was Pastoring. He was fasting and praying and the sincerity of that Pastor ushered in the Holy Spirit so much, it upset a lot of people because the softies were being ‘judged’ or actually their faults were showing up. Such a presence of God is awesome and this is a sign that Australia and humanity itself is going to be in the same situation. If the Holy Spirit shows up and ‘confronts’ people with God’s love, it will upset them, because a lot of people are selfish.

    We are going to have to enter into a new realm where we actually start living as God wants us to, or we will continue to be just like the world thinks of us. Sinners in Church and hypocrites. What else can I say, when I talk to many people about God they share this with me, and I have seen it myself. I crave a greater presence of God yet many (and so called Church attending Christians do not-they actually oppose it) people don’t, even though it is full of love and goodness. It is so good. Yet people are so evil they hate it. I cannot understand this. I cannot understand why heaven is such a great place yet so few people want to go there (apart from the reasons mentioned above), yet when you allow God to do work, it is opposed.

    What I hate about the Church in this country is that they run programs and they want to announce them in their Church. Fine, but as long as you interrupt the presence of God and the Holy Spirit, I won’t be there. Any church in this land must realize they are not ‘a church’ but a fellowship where they can meet, worship and praise and most important that they are in the Church (of Jesus). Not the Latter Day Saints!

    Pastors must seek God for what their real position is to be in a Church. I would rather have a Church meeting where God is allowed to run the service, especially with Praise and Worship. We should aim to share more (like testimonies, revelations, prophecies) at Church of what God is doing in our lives. We should not go to Church to ‘listen to a Pastor with a message and become ‘passive’. We must be active, each and every one of us. We must be willing to live by the Bible, imparting knowledge and truth, especially that in the epistles, where we are encouraged to do these things. Its in the Bible!

    Pastor Danny is strategically placed in Victoria to counter the attacks in this massive war by satan. He is doing a superb job. Unfortunately many people who call themselves Christians do not have any idea, or are evil agents subverting the cause and are carrying out counter espionage missions on behalf of satan and his army.

    I hope wall to wall Labor makes the Church rise up in Australia and enter the promised land. Revival is a start.

  5. 5 Tahir.Y.Halil.

    I don’t know why you christians are so blind.God is not going to bring revival to an opostate church. Read your bibles sometime and not a corrupted one.Read 1 Peter 4:17 in the King James version.Fast and pray for your own selves first, Philippians 2:12. Tahir.Yiicel.Halil minister of the Gospel.

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