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The Call NashvilleThe Call Crowdby News Staff/AH : Jul 9, 2007 :

“Seven is the number of ‘covenant,’ and what God is wanting to do is to bring us back to covenant with Him….”
FOUNDING EDITOR’S NOTE: As you watch this video, please know that NO AMOUNT of videotape or streaming internet can do justice to this The Call NashvilleCALL for repentance and justice in Nashville on 07-07-07. Eight peopleThe Call Nashville from the Elijah List flew out and attended TheCall–Nashville. The heat was almost unbearable, but the thirst for a massive move of God was even more unquenchable. We drank water and Gatorade all day and it did some good to keep our bodies dealing with the heat, but the bottom line is this…. Something happened—something very, VERY BIG—in Nashville. As there were up to three times as many marriages as any day in history, around the world, Lou Engle led the “charge” (along with people such as Dutch Sheets, Bishop Bill Hamon, Cindy Jacobs, Bishop Harry Jackson; Jewish leaders such as Michael Brown and James Goll, as well as many Native American and Latino leaders) in one of the greatest and most intense CALLS in the history of the United States, for the Church in America and around the world to become REMARRIED to Jesus. The prophetic ACTS of several weddings were simply signs of what the crowd was doing—becoming once again committed to God, for all eternity. There was a female abortion doctor who repented on behalf of all those doctors who do abortions.
I have never repented for more things and in more ways in my life, and to do it in a Stadium nearly full (TITAN STADIUM in Nashville, often called, the “Buckle of the Bible Belt”) held high and Holy meaning for all of us. This was one of the most meaningful events of my life. Only “future history” not yet written on earth, but “prerecorded in Heaven” will show what we accomplished for this nation in Nashville, on Saturday, July 7, 2007. The event was carried live by GOD TV in more than 200 nations simultaneously, although due to full servers, some viewers were unable to log on. In the future, it may be available on GOD.TV as Video On Demand. My thanks to CBN for covering this event. –Steve Shultz, BCN.
(Nashville, Tennessee)—Reporting on the massive gathering this past Saturday, at LP Field in Nashville, CBN News says officials counted over 60,000 registrants for TheCall Nashville prayer and fasting event, while attendance estimates ranged from 70 to 100 thousand.
According to the report, the day focused on repentance and prayer for the nation, and for a youth revival to be sparked that would counter the destructive effects of drugs and sexual promiscuity that was the trademark of the “60’s generation” 40 years ago.
One attendee noted the date (7-7-07) in relation to the gathering, saying, “Seven is the number of ‘covenant,’ and what God is wanting to do is to bring us back to covenant with Him….”
TheCall Nashville began with thousands walking together in a solemn march down Church St. out to the stadium where the Tennessee Titans play. Amid prayer from the platform and individual intercession, there was worship and communion, as well as 3 weddings during the event.


Thousands Converge on Nashville to Pray    July 9, 2007      NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A massive crowd gathered in Nashville, Saturday, to fire up a youth revival in America.

More than 100,000 people packed the stadium where the Tennessee Titans play, to pray for repentance and the sins of the nation, organizers say.
The event was held on 7-7-07, as a symbol of seven being a covenant number in the Bible. Participants were challenged to repent and renew their covenant with God, while fasting and praying on the field.
The Call Nashville spokeswoman Julia Richardson said there was also music and prayer. The free event was designed to be more participatory worship than entertainment, she said.
The Call events began in 2000 with more than 400,000 people gathering on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to fast, pray and worship God, according to event organizers.
The next event will be held Sept. 1 in Las Vegas.

Source: CBN News, Associated Press



4 Responses to “Special Report from The Call Nashville (USA) 7-7-07”

  1. 1 April

    I was there. It was breathtaking. You can’t put it into words the feeling of total unity w/ God and the things that happened prior to TheCall and what is still happening. It is truly amazing. To God be the Glory!

  2. 2 Roland Young

    I read of all the other things that were going on around the country on that date but never once did I run across any thing up here in Boston that told of this gathering. My wife and I visited Nashville three years ago in the summer and I believe you when you say it was hot but Praise God, it is great to hear about the move of God because here in Boston we only hear about homosexual movments. We have been Christians for almost thirty years and up here the news is some times very depressing.

  3. 3 Cherie Shepherd

    Dear Friends,
    Let’s keep the revival going. I pray alone,but i would love to join with other intercessors in praying . What about the all nigh prayer vigils? i certainly woul take a turn.
    Blessings in Christ
    Cherie Shepherd

  4. 4 Serena L. A.

    Hey to all my brothers & sisters in Christ 😀 Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus ;D
    We are not alone, if we choose not to be. God is with us alwayz thru eternity if we let Him be with us. It is our choices, no excuses, deep down inside we know if we are truly living for Jesus or ourselves. We can try to fool the world but can not fool God. Who are we kidding? Love hearing of The Calling, We All Do Need Revival All Around Our World. We need to make a Stand for Jesus, His Love, God’s Word. If we do not lead our Youth today, tomorrow, everyday, sure the advesary would love to, no problem. Are we going to do something about it??? Or just say, oh not my problem, let someone else deal with it. It is our problem, each & everyone of us. Lots of us keep making excuses, procrastinating, ignoring….what, until it is too late??? Then when stuff happens, not of God, oh why me, woe is me, feel sorry for ourselves, when it is us who let all not of God happen instead of taking action. Putting a stop to all that is not of God right now. We talk the talk but are we truly walking the walk??? It Is Our Choices that we make today, yesterday & tomorrow that truly do matter, which effects everyone around us, Everyone. What choices are we making? Are we truly putting God First in All Ways??? Or still making excuses, ignoring, putting off till tomorrow, which may never come? ;O Pray for All Things, like God’s Word says in the bible. We need to repent everyday no matter what, we are not perfect, we are all still human, this is why we need Jesus in our lives everyday in everyway. FOCUS ON GOD FIRST ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT !!! Blessings or curses, our choices!

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