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Sometime before 0810 we boarded the bus at the hotel in Tiberius.
At 0810 I take a photograph of an electrical pole warning of a ‘Danger of Death’, no doubt to those who climb electrical poles…or dare to complete missions for God.
Minutes later and still on a main street of Tiberius a lady in front moves from her seat saying ‘[Pastor Danny] something is not right with her friend’ in front of me. I stand up and lean over the lady immediately in front of me. She is unresponsive, cyanosed, not making any respiratory effort and has absent radial and carotid pulses. A preliminary diagnosis of pulseless cardiopulmonary arrest is made.

I repeat the examination and position her airway and then provide a single blow to the chest.As the seat did not recline (I could not reach the lever), I began to formulate a plan to move her to the aisle to commence cardiac compression. I repeat the examination, she remains pulseless.  Geraldine R from the CTFM ministry is now sitting next to her and praying. Someone has called for Pastor Danny.

Pastor Danny is standing next to Geraldine and next to him is John Shanasy. Geraldine says ‘this is spiritual and have seen this before’, Pastor Danny instructs the bus to ‘pray in tongues’, Pastor Danny gestures to the lady and says [Spirit of Death leave [lady] in the name of jesus Christ of Nazareth], Satan you are the Loser, Jesus is the winner], [lady] look at me’, she opens her eyes and looks at him.
He speaks to her and she responds. Smiling. She proceeds to vomit .

We are on the outskirts of Tiberius, I explain that clinically she requires a hospital.  She could have had a heart attack, asystole or otherarrythmia, hypoglycaemia or a stroke or seizure.  Danny says this is spiritual and has generational links to Freemasonry. John receives a word that this is an attack from Satan to end her life in Israel and that if she can get to Jordan the Lord will heal her.
I have 2 choices, professionally to pull rank and as the only qualified medical practitioner ‘order’ the bus to a hospital in Tiberius. Having witnessed the miraculous recovery of the lady from death to life in that she responded to a verbal command. I explained that this lady is very sick, she ought to go to hospital but ‘I place myself under the authority of the pastor and the Lord Jesus Christ.’ 

The lady continued to vomit and become incontinent. She was not allergic to anything, had a mild hypothyroid condition had no heart problems, but had had mild diarrhoea in the morning. My concern was that continued vomiting and diarrhoea might lead to hypokalaemia (low potassium in the blood) and that this would precipitate a further cardiac event. I asked her what she wanted as far as medical care – she chose to stay on the bus, I could have influenced this decision but chose not to. People continued to pray.

At the Israel ‘exit’ border Geraldine, john and myself cleaned the lady. We transferred her to a wheel chair, another bus and then to the Jordan ‘entry border’. The guard on duty asked me if i thought she had had a heart attack, or diabetes, I said I thought she had ‘food poisoning’.  He listed off all the things I really did think she may have had, I answered this way so as not to impede her transferring across to Jordan, a word had been given that she needed to get out of Israel. I had to trust and obey. The ambulance was called. 
Geraldine and myself were transferred with the lady to the clinic beyond the Jordan ‘entry’ border. At the clinic the Jordanian doctor set up a drip of 1l of Normal Saline, gave her MAXOLON and BUSCOPAN and gave us a lecture about not eating hummus in summer. Geraldine and I left the lady to present to the passport control office. We returned to the clinic, a second bag of normal saline was running. Leaving Geraldine with the lady I returned to the bus, to choose which bus was most suitable for transporting the lady to Amman. One with the toilet was chosen.  The bus drove to the clinic and the lady walked from the clinic with the help of Geraldine and John Shanasy.  The timing to complete the Jordanian doctor’s assessment and management was equivalent to the time it took the team to clear the customs. There was no cost for the medical treatment and they refused a tip ($100USD was left under the ashtray).
I was able to pray with and for the doctor who was Islamic and obtain his address so I can send him medical equipment.
The remainder of the IV fluids were run through and the lady was provided with oral rehydration solution. It was most notable that she walked everywhere and improved.  On the flight to Sri Lanka, I checked on her but she slept most of the way. I understand she flew to Melbourne after another connection and has been seen by her GP who said her ECG was normal and she is doing well.
I am a procedural GP, that is, I am a senior medical practitioner, who has procedural rights in obstetrics and anaesthesia at both the local public and private hospitals, I also provide airways management support in the emergency departments. I co own a private medical practice of about 15 doctors. I completed my updated Advanced Cardiac Life Support skills accreditation at the end of 2009. I have attended many ‘codes’ at various hospitals and in the community over my 15 years in acute medicine. This lady suffered a catastrophic cardiorespiratory event, failed to respond to cardiac thump, was clinically diagnosed as dead approximately 3minutes, requiring resuscitation.  The intention being able to extract her from her chair to place her on a flat surface suitable to commence basic lifesupport. Before these arrangements could be made she only responded immediately and dramatically to the verbal commands to look at the pastor, and when a spirit of death was commanded to leave her. Her prognosis, in my opinion, in the context of severe vomiting and diarrhoea was for a repeat cardiac event.
I can only conclude that this lady and those around her serve an awesome God who hears prayers, bestows gifts of healing and knowledge, and who cares about individuals and states. I stand in awe.
Dr Murray James-Wallace

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