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Word from the Lord – 23rd February 2011

I just read this word and it witnessed to me very strongly.

I truly believe this word to be true. Both in the spiritual sense and the physical sense.

I believe that the world has about three years before it falls into a new world war. It is not hard to see the instability occurring in nations around the globe. China, Islam, America and even far right movements in Europe are gaining a voice. This war will occur because the fruit of this world’s wickedness is ripening and can no longer be tolerated. It is not the church that will judge the world, the world will be released by God and will be used as God’s tool of judgement on itself.

Though a global war is something that can bring fear to many. This is not what we need to fear. It is time to cleanse ourselves of Adultery, Fornication, unnatural relationships, Gossip, Idol worship (these take many forms. Worshiping leaders, musicians how we do church and many more) slander and lack of mercy and love. If we do not cleanse ourselves we are no better than the world and deserve the same punishment.

If you think you can ignore the spiritual war, think again. In war those who do not stand and watch are more often the victims of the enemies attacks than the soldiers fighting the war. Many who try to avoid fighting this spiritual war will fall, Many who fight it will be wounded. But all who fight it will find the praise of God. Read the bible and learn of the weapons that God has given you. Be righteous in God’s eyes. Do not seek the praise of men or they will own you. Walk in love always and show compassion to those who appear to be your enemy for they are only captives of the true enemy which is satan and his fallen angels. Islam is not your enemy, nor is the wicked people who promote unnatural relationships. Do not lose focus. Keep your eyes on God and pray without ceasing. Cleanse yourself of unrighteousness because the enemy will use this to pull you down. Show love to all, including to the fallen. Obey God for it is only Him who will save you.

Stop being children. Learn to be an adult and take responsibility for you own lives. You will stand by yourself when God calls you to give an account and there will be no one to blame. Learn the word of God and use it wisely. Wisdom is from God and no one else.

Above all learn the path of love for this is God’s path. Do not learn about love from this world but use God’s word to gain understanding of what love is. Be ready and keep focused because if you do not learn to do this now, how will you be able to do this when the storm comes.

Be ready. God bless




The Lord awakened me on at 12.oo Mid – night on the 2nd of July  (12 Tammuz) – not sure of the significance of date if any?- to pray for the nation. I began with personal repentance and moved into repenting for the Body. At his point a great coldness came over me – almost as thought the spirit of the Lord had left –but I still had a sense of his presence. I began to shake uncontrollably  this went on for some minutes and became so violent that I went back to bed. I was not in fear but snuggled down and of course woke Heather  up as I was still shaking. Together we rebuked the devil and all his minions but this made no difference no matter how hard we tried and I began to realise that this was the Lord at work. I began to pray in tongues and as I did so I  became aware of the a terrible deep darkness covering the land. This darkness was so tangible it could be cut almost and he showed me this was full of despair and despondency. He said,” My body is to blame for this state of affairs as they pray not for My kingdom and live unrighteously in disobedience to my word and the call of the Spirit.”  He then gave me this word.

My son this is the shaking beginning, that I have promised in My word. Everything that is not of My kingdom and My plan for this dispensation will be shaken out of My Ecclesia.  He used this word rather than church. No life will be unaffected by this. No person, no institution, no ministry, no entity operating in My Name will be exempt. It will begin in My body with individuals and move to the corporate as they become infected with My Spirits thrust. It is preparation for that which I deem to bring forth. Even as the Daystar arises each day so will the regularity of my shaking proceed till all unrighteousness is removed from my People. (Ecclesia.) Everything associated therewith will go and I will have a purified body, walking in MY WAYS. This shaking will not only remove obvious sin but will align My People with My will by removing distractions. All those things that prevent My people from flowing in the fullness of My Plans, that will prepare them for the next season. I AM determined to have a more effective body in  this nation, focussed on My Kingdom and building It rather than on building the church and related works which may seem to be of Me but have proved to be fleshly and devilish in the outworking as the hearts of men have become corrupt  and self centred.

Rise up, Rise  up My people – put off all that would hinder and obey the voice of My Spirit as you are spoken to. Rise up and align yourself with My word and My Spirit in this season.

As this shaking continued I began to flow into a vision of the lost with an accompanying burden for them.

The Lord has instructed me to share the rest of this at a later date.

Trust this blesses you and encourages you to seek His face more often and more sincerely than ever before.

Please send this on to all you deem would benefit from its instruction This is a word for the nation.  Bro Rob’t



After the shaking which was I believe a manifestation of the fear of the Lord which is the instruction of wisdom; Prov. 15; 33, I was overcome with a vision and burden of the lord for the lost. I saw them shuffling down a dark road toward a dark hole that I knew to be the  entrance to Hell. There were Muslims, of all colours, black folk, Europeans, and swarthy  folk all going down this road. All lost in this cold and uninviting landscape of bleakness, despair and despondency. A sense of real hopelessness was over this scene, as though it was inevitable they finish the journey at this dark cavern. I began to weep and cry out for the lost in this experience and began to see them receive revelation of the truth as they came under conviction of their lost state before the Lord. As I saw them begin to turn another experience then took hold of me.  To be continued.

It’s amazing that three or so week ago I was prophesied over that the Lord would give me wisdom in this season to see unity come in the body. The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom the scripture tells us. The Apostle Paul exhorts the believers in 1 Cor 4:5 Amp and this is why it is imperative that the Spirit of Fear comes upon the Ecclesia. God is sounding the alarm Awake Oh sleeper. Eph 5:14. Because it is only the light of Christ that can dispel the forces of darkness and deception and reveal the truth. Prov 14:27 the fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to turn one away from the snares of death. The fear of the lord will keep your motives pure.

Trust  this blesses you and encourages you in all that he is doing. Bro Rob’t



Dream of Rapture (given in UK, 1980’s) & Earth’s Destruction (given in Australia, 5/2010)

I had my last dream of the rapture in the UK, in the 1980’s. It showed a female family member being raptured in the clouds with me. Back then, I thought it was my younger sister at the time,because from a distance she had long curly hair. When I had the dream, back then in late 1980’s,I was still unmarried and had no children. I am now married (over 20 years) and have 2 children,one of whom is a daughter.On the 3rd May, 2010, my daughter (then aged 12) had her first prophetic dream of the last days.It was very vivid. The dream related to the destruction of the earth, seeing Jesus return and going up to heaven with fellow Christians and her school friend, called Courtney (who’s not a Christian yet). My daughter explained how she was in a home in the centre of the city, with her high school friend, Courtenay. Suddenly they saw out of the window, fires coming from the mountains and large waves coming from the sea. They packed some supplies and headed for the local church in the Mall (Wesley Uniting Church). All the Christians gathered as destruction was happening all around them. As the fires and waves got closer, they tried to escape from the church for higher ground, but someone had locked the Christians in.Suddenly out of nowhere, Jesus came and heavenly stairs appeared that could take the people from earth to heaven. My daughter said that Jesus stretched out his hand and said to the people on earth, COME. So the Christians began walking up the stairs towards heaven. My daughter asked Jesus, Who locked the Christians up in the church? He said The Devil (NB. I believe this is a symbol of the established churches i.e. Churchianity which locks people into religion,whereas there is freedom in Christianity. Jesus frees us from religion and into a relationship with Him through forgiveness of sin and being filled with God’s Holy Spirit). As my daughter made her way up the stairs, she looked back to see many people still on earth, who were left behind. She beckoned the people to come, but they just shook their heads. My daughter was so surprised by this reaction – that people facing destruction, would still not want to turn to Jesus in the last days. They rejected Him and His free gift of eternal life. My daughter then saw a glass seal cover the earth and she could see the destruction of the earth below. As she went past Jesus up the steps, my daughter asked Him, what would happen to those people below. He did not answer her directly, but she said the look on His face was like you know where they are going.Sadly we know the Bible tells us, this place is called Hell. After my daughter and her friend reached the top of the stairs, the Christians gathered around a fountain, where there were shop and streets leading off into heaven. My daughter said heaven was very big and she even saw our Pastor’s wife, Annette there and a TV celebrity (Grant Denyer, who is not a Christian yet). I asked my daughter, how old she was in the dream. She told me she looked at her friend in the dream and remembered Courtenay being about 16 or 17. Her friend, Courtney was just 13, back in 2010. Please note this is important. I now realise that it was NOT my sister being raptured with me in the clouds, but my daughter. Therefore there is hope for all families and friends, to be saved in the last days. It’s simple as ABC. A. Acknowledge you are a sinner. B. Believe in the Lord Jesus and C. Confess your sins (daily) and be purified from all unrighteousness. Then read the Bible, pray, find a good church and be ready for the Lord Jesus to appear again. To all who read or hear this, please pray for your loved ones. Pray they will not be lost before Jesus’ return.Pray for your other family members. Pray for your friends, neighbours and work colleagues.Christians need to be burdened to pray for the lost to be saved. Tell the good news – the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be ready. Revelation 22 vs. 17 The Spirit and the bride say Come And let him who hears say, Come! Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life. Verse 20 also says Yes, I am coming soon.

Sharon Cousins, Lighthouse Church, Wollongong, NSW July, 2011


Coming of Christ Dream – given in UK, in 1987/1988.

When I was a single female Christian in my mid 20’s I dreamed that I was just getting up from bed in the morning and then opened the curtains of my bedroom window to see Jesus in the clouds. I was quite surprised to see Him, because I remember in the dream, I was still sort of young but not really old. I thought to myself, Should I be going? I began to doubt. So in the dream I reassured myself by saying I’m a born again, Bible believing, blood washed child of the living God of course I’m going!I was then waiting with some other Christians at an area, like a bus stop. As we were waiting,other people tried to join us. I remember saying to them, I’m sorry you can’t come with us, you were given the chance to accept Jesus, but you rejected Him. These people turned very angry and went away, realising their mistake. Then suddenly out of the sky, came a heavenly tram and the Christian all got on together. I remember standing, holding onto a pole and looking around at my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We were all very excited because this was it we were going to heaven! As we were taken up, I remember looking out and seeing grey earthly buildings of a city. Later we entered into a city of modern buildings, made of gold. We were in heaven a modern city and we began to go higher and higher. I looked up; we were being taken to the highest building in heaven, which had brilliant light shining from the top. I remember thinking That’s where God is we are going to meet Him! I suddenly awoke from the prophetic dream and as I looked at my bedside clock (exactly 5am), the following words came out of my mouth “It’s so soon! It’s so soon! It’s so soon! NB. On the 4th April, 2007, I shared this prophetic dream of Jesus’ 2nd Coming over the phone,to a spirit filled Australian Christian woman (Kim), who is a bit older than me and married with grown up children. As I was talking on the phone, Kim said to me I am shaking in the Spirit as you were telling me this dream. At the end of me sharing the prophetic dream, God placed a deep burden within her to pray for people.

Sharon Cousins, Lighthouse Church, Wollongong, NSW July, 2011


Coming of Christ Dream – given in USA (in 1980’s)

This prophetic dream about Jesus’ return, was given to an American Christian woman, who is married with children, and they live on a farmhouse in the USA. I met this woman, in the late1980’s, when she came to my old church (Sutton Christian Centre, Surrey, UK). She was with a group of ministering Christians (mainly young people) from the USA. This was her prophetic dream of the second coming of Christ. She was in their farmhouse in the USA, when she heard a trumpet call and a loud voice – an angel – who said Children of God, it’s time to go! She then saw her husband’s body begin to fade away and come back in his resurrected body. She looked at her kitchen, which was the same old kitchen she had planned to renovate, but hadn’t got around to doing. She remembered saying to herself in the dream, that she hadn’t even shared the gospel with her closest friends or family, let alone the rest of the people she knew.There was no time. It was time to go.

Sharon Cousins, Lighthouse Church, Wollongong, NSW July, 2011


Word from the Lord – 23rd February 2011

I saw the Army coming into formation, and as they did all the weights dropped off them.

The Lord said It’s not time for parties. It’s not time for entertainment or fun gatherings.

It’s time to beat your plowshares into swords Joel 3:10-16

It’s time to move into formation, into your platoons. It’s time to put off all the things of the world, the things that hinder and stop you, let them drop off you, you need to make yourselves ready.

This is not a demilitarized zone!

It’s time for radical obedience to the Lord!

It’s a time for WAR!

We need to put on our armor, we need to take up our swords!

The Captain of the Hosts is Jesus.

We need to be in perfect formation with Him as the HEAD and we need to salute Him and say:

Lord, I’ll go where You send me, do whatever You want me to do, be whoever You want me to be in Jesus Name!

It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be hard, be ready, be ready, be ready. It’s a time of WAR! Jesus is coming soon. BE READY!

I see hard times ahead, much darkness, that’s why we need to make sure we are ready and in the Lord’s Army totally focused on Jesus!


For the Lord is marching on.
And His Army is ever strong.
His glory shall be seen upon our land.
Raise the anthem
Sing the Victor’s song
Praise the Lord for the battle won,
No weapon formed against us shall stand!
The Captain of the Host is Jesus.
We’re following in His footsteps.
No foe can stand against us in the fray.
We are marching in Messiah’s band.
The keys of victory is His mighty hand.
Let us march on to take our promised land.

Requirements of Soldiers in the King’s Army

2 Tim 2: Amplified Bible

3 Take [with me] your share of the hardships and suffering [which you are called to endure] as a good (first-class) soldier of Christ Jesus.

4 No soldier when in service gets entangled in the enterprises of [civilian] life; his aim is to satisfy and please the one who enlisted him.
The Lord showed me that as a soldier in the King’s Army we are placing ourselves in the position of being the stench of death to the unsaved persecution will come!

2 Cor 2:16

To the one we are the smell of death to death; and to the other the smell of life to life. And who is sufficient for these things?

The soldier often has to crawl through insect-infested places and sleep in dirty places, but he doesn’t care – he doesn’t look for comfort, he only looks to obey his Master, the Captain (of Hosts Jesus!)

He doesn’t look to his own needs, he looks to the needs of the whole platoon. We need to do the same for the Church.

We have to not be so worried about our circumstances, even in the church, or about who did or didn’t do what I wanted, as long as the Lord’s work is getting done, it doesn’t matter!


My Dear Son Come Back Vision from Lalu

Luke 15:14 “…and when he had spent everything, there came a severe famine in that land; and he began to want.”

After I read this word from the gospel of Luke, I was thinking of what the lesson is for us from this word. I understood that Jesus was speaking a prophecy about the New Testament Christian Church in the future. I was contemplating the interpretation of these words and went to sleep. For a long time I did not understand. I just tried to interpret the word and I prayed about it in my heart. But I went to sleep again. While I was sleeping I had a wonderful vision about the same word of God, I will explain that dream.

I was sitting in my house and reading the Bible from the same word Luke 15:14, I heard a voice like some one speaking to me, the voice said, “Can you go and ask my son to come back to me?”

I woke up and searched to find the man who is talking to me. But I couldn’t find him, so again I started to read. Again I heard that voice, “I am the man for whom you are searching.”

Prophetic Vision Cont…


Prophetic Word from Lance – Australia’s Convergence

The following is a prophetic word that I received while in worship at church today on September 13th, 2009. I began to ponder upon the words of Isaiah.

Isaiah 66:7-9 Before the birth pains even begin, Jerusalem gives birth to a son. 8 Who has ever seen or heard of anything as strange as this? Has a nation ever been born in a single day? Has a country ever come forth in a mere moment? But by the time Jerusalem’s birth pains begin, the baby will be born; the nation will come forth. 9 Would I ever bring this nation to the point of birth and then not deliver it? asks the LORD. No! I would never keep this nation from being born, says your God. (NLT)

Then I received the following –

In My Word I asked the question, can a nation be born in a day? This was fulfilled in 1948 when Israel was born in a day. (On 14 May, 1948, the Jewish People’s Council met at the Tel Aviv Museum and publicly declared the establishment of the State of Israel) Now I say to you, can a nation be saved in a day? Do you have the faith to believe on this scale? For you this is impossible. But in heaven I have devised a plan for this to happen and the nation that will be saved in a day is Australia.

In 1917 Australia blessed Israel through a Supernatural Victory at Beersheba and unleashed a chain of events that I had planned. This fulfilled the words that My prophet Isaiah spoke on My behalf.

Now hear the Word of Your Lord Australia. The destinies of My people, in and from Australia, will all arrive at the same point in time that is upon heavens calendar. This day is not written in numbers but is written on My calendar by its purpose. It is a time that is named and stands alone. The time period on My calendar is called the MONTH OF CONVERGENCE.

The refiners fire is shaping destinies with exacting precision. What seems like a period of nothing happening is an extremely busy period for Me. You look on the outside to see what is happening but I am working a great and mighty work on the inside of My people.

The MONTH OF CONVERGENCE is a time frame when many will come out of the refiners fire rejoicing and walking in the fullness of the power of The Holy Ghost. They will be fearless and hungry with expectation for heaven to touch earth. Then I will pour out My Spirit simultaneously across the nation of Australia and for the first time in history salvation will come to a nation. The day that this happens is when Australia will surge into its prophetic destiny as part of The Great Southland of The Holy Spirit.

The levels of warfare are escalating but I have reserve troops that are unknown. I have plans and purposes that are unknown also. My strategies are perfectly incomprehensible. The enemy will become confused and scattered and diminish in influence as My Spirit hovers over this nation.

The destiny of a nation is directly related to how they treat Israel, it’s Covenant Land, and My Hebrew People. I will bless those who bless Israel and Australia I have chosen to bless you.


Prophetic Dream from Andrew of Christian Persecution

Hello, I don’t know if this means anything to you but I feel prompted to share it.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was taken into captivity by people who seemed to be Asian or Chinese. I assumed I was being taken to a prison camp where it seemed Christians were sent. Before we were led on foot, I saw a Christian friend was also taken into captivity. From looking at his body, he looked like he was malnourished and hardly fed anything. A group of us were then led, walking on foot in two lines. The one leading us to the place, held up a short letter and was mocking the person who wrote it, saying he was a fanatical. But God gave me the opportunity to read this letter. It was from a minister from Catch The Fire Ministries and had a phone number on it. The writer of the letter evidently was filled with the Holy Spirit. The content of the letter was encouraging to me in my situation and caused me to be more on fire for the Lord. I believe also, it was to be encouraging to Christians who were in captivity. The same night after this dream I had a vision of what looked like an electronic letter with the key word compassionate in its contents. I think the two revelations are linked. Perhaps this is something you may know more about or perhaps something of the future. God bless, Thanks for allowing me to share this.

Your brother in Christ, Andrew


Prophetic Vision Regarding Bushfires from Debra

I live in the bushfire affected area and I have to agree with Pastor Danny regarding the fires. The church was complacent regarding the abortion laws. Maybe they didn’t want to be seen not being politically correct. There weren’t many Christians that came to protest outside of the parliament house. I was very disappointed as very few leaders even spoke to their congregation about the issue. Imagine if every church in Victoria had even a small representation from their church attend, you would not be able to get into the city. People would really have had to take notice. But it wasn’t that way. I hope and pray in future we can make a stand together against unrighteousness and for Godliness in this country as one body.

Prophetic Vision Cont…


Vision of Pastor Danny and Rise Up Australia from Colac

Hi Pastor Danny,

As you requested I am sending you a written documentation of a vision I had last night while Colin was praying for you and your team at the Gateway Church here in Colac. I saw a large sailing ship, an old ship, not a modern one, with many sails raised and being powered through the water by a strong wind. The sea was not calm but fairly rough, the waves leaving white caps as the ship moved through them. At the helm of this ship I saw you, steering the vessel through the water and you were smiling.

Prophetic Vision Cont…


Dream – Dismantling Of The Old

A dream I had in March, 2006.

In this dream I was in the downtown area of a large city and there was a lot of activity going on around me. The next thing I knew, I was on the top of a tall structure that was being dismantled. It was not being torn down, but dismantled and carried away on flatbed trucks. I was directing heavy equipment, like big cranes and such, that were being used to dismantle the many structures of the city. These structures were made of stone, or cast concrete facades, with steel beams used as supports for the structures. Again, I was having the cranes and other heavy equipment lower large pieces of these structures and facades to the ground so they could be moved and taken away on heavy trucks.

Prophetic Dream Cont…


Shavuot (Pentecost) Of Fire

You’ve called us to your presence,
Be still and know your Lord,
we tried to organise events
But felt the hand of God,
You would not let us fill the time
Or plug the gaps with names,
It’s not the norm in conferences
For none to fill the void.

My people, I am longing
To meet with you alone,
Your busyness is keeping you
From growing close to me,
A holiday with God, you say
“How novel an idea,
We only come for business trips
To certify our plans,
And get from Heav’n a signature
To legalise our works”.

Prophetic Word Cont…


Dear Pastor Danny,

Praise the name of Jesus, my name is Pastor BONFACE KINYUA, you actually don’t know me, because you never seen me, but I am the pastor who prayed for in your 7-7-7 prayer service over the phone from Kenya.
I must say that have known you for some months now since when JENNY JACK brought me some DVDs form your ministry, last November, every time I was discouraged have been taking some time to watch them and the have been a great blessing to my self plus my family. From that time we agreed to be praying for you in Australia and your ministry & have been praying and fasting for 40 days and God spoke to me very many things including you and the ministry plus, the nation at large.
On 3/02/08 morning God visited me and I had a conversation with him for over 30 minutes in the closet where I was & the following are some of the things he spoke to me.

Prophetic Word Cont…


Prophetic Word (2)

Prophechy From Jill,

Prayer meeting Wednesday Feb 28/08

Opened with Psalm 1. We need to meditate on the word day and night and draw our strength from having our roots planted by the water.

The major focus of the meeting was praying about the Parliament of World religions meeting in Melbourne in late 2009. We need God’s strategy to counter this major move of the One World Religion in our city. We need to exalt Jesus as the ONLY WAY. 1 Kg 17 “ confrontation with Baal. Judges 6. Gideon had to first pull down the altar that his father had built and then build the altar to God in the same place. The false altars in the church (interfaith) need to be confronted first before the true altars can be built in their place (Jesus as the only way). The challenge must go out which will bring the true ministers of the gospel to light in the church. They will be strengthened and move together. Others will fall away.

Picture of a bullfight. There was a crowd gathered for a bullfight, which was about to start. The angry wild bull was let into the ring and the Toreador was taking on the bull. It was very clear that the bull represented Baal, who was worshipped in the form of a bull. The One Way Jesus’ event would be the red rag to the bull, but in the ring the bull was closed in and his end was near. It had taken the bait. There was one (Danny) who was willing to take on the bull. Toreadors do not take on a bull unless they think they can win and they understand bulls. Some of the crowd were barracking for the bull and some for the toreador. The fight will attract much media attention (probably world-wide).

God has chosen Melbourne for this conference because there is an Elijah here who is willing to confront the bull. Elijah overcame Baal when he built the altar of God to challenge the false gods. We must build the altar, put the sacrifice on it and God will send the fire. He will dramatically intervene to silence the gods. Man has his plan but God is ultimately in control (Prov 19:21). The Elijah spirit will confront Baal and when this is poured out it will lead to a revival. The Lord had been preparing us for this confrontation by training us to pray for the rain!! We must be the living sacrifices on the altar and be prepared to burn.

Joel 2:21-32

Prophetic Word Cont…

Prophetic Word (3)
Prayer meeting Wednesday April 23/08
Dear Danny,
As soon as Lois started praying for the pastors and the church this morning, I say a child’s playground with lots of little children (but not accompanied by parents) playing on the equipment! The children were self-absorbed and enjoying their play. They did not notice that the world was standing around watching them.
I felt that was the condition of the the church! They had no shepherds to guide them to maturity.
After that, I saw some young cadets training for the army. Moving in ranks and learning discipline. They were training their bodies and their minds to work together and cope with difficult situations.
That gave me hope!
I then saw some other young adolescent couples running off into the bushes, self -absorbed in their infatuation and obviously planning to engage in sexual sin.
I felt this was the sick state of the church engrossed in sin and self-fulfillment.
The last thing I saw was a group of intercessors full of love, surrounding the children and the crowd that was watching them, linking arms and on their knees. They were fervently praying and full of compassion crying out to God for the church and the world.
This was just before you called us to surround the map and pray. We became that last group as we prayed for the nation.
Prophetic Word (4)
Prophecy From Lance,
On 19-11-2003 I received this word from The Holy Spirit. I submit this to you as I feel it is relevant.
God’s Favour on Australia
Australia this is your hour of blessing. You are now entering a time of My favour on your nation. The youngest nation in the world (we were 16 years of age) blessed the oldest nation in the world and now I declare it is time for my blessing to come upon you. I am releasing My Spirit through your land in an unprecedented way. I am doing a new thing. You have been my hidden warriors and now I am bringing you forth to battle again. I am giving you a new authority in the heavenly realm. It is time to rise up and fight once more. I have reserved a special grace for you in this hour.

Prophetic Word Cont…


Prophetic Word (5)
Word to Australia (12th of June 2007)
(To Prime Minister, Alternative Government Leader, and Premiers in Qld, NSW, and Vict.)
The call upon this nation is to point the way to the Cross; to show and reveal that through the Cross of Calvary we all may come to the Our Lord, God of all. This is a high calling, revealing Christ to the nations.
The Lord would say to us that we have stumbled in our ways, forsaking our call. Falling through pride in our abilities, unbelief, worship of other gods, forsaking the poor and broken hearted, turning from His Word, honouring war not sacrifice.

Prophetic Word Cont…


Prophetic Word (6)
{This is My Church, the Way}.
[To the kings]
To the kings of this land; to those appointed to the
Rule of this place;
Know this, that the plumb line does hang,
Judgement has come,
And much has been found wanting.
I cry to you; Calling you to Me.
Repent and turn from your wicked ways.
May you do as Josiah did,
Seek to restore this land to the ways of the Lord.
Tearing down the High places,
Restoring true worship to God the Father, and His Son,
In His Spirit and truth.
Casting down the false prophet and places of
Worship to man and his creation.
Declaring the truth of My Word;
Not the lies of the enemy.

Prophetic Word Cont…


Prophetic Word (7)

Bless you all at Catch the Fire Ministries.

This vision was given to me several years before the drought was declared as the worst in our history. The Holy Spirit has revisited it in my worship time these past two weeks and I have a burden to release it to the prayer warriors and to the church in general as a call to each one in the body of Christ.

I humbly submit it to you.

Some 4 years ago, the Holy Spirit gave me an open vision for this nation of ours. I saw a mountain range, parched and dry with little vegetation on it. The sky above it was red, angry and patchy as the heat of the day impacted the land. There were deep cuts in a bleeding land in the land and dryness.

A white quill began to scribe across the dry land. It was not writing on top of the land but imparting across the nation as an engraving into the land. It was a destiny for her If MY PEOPLE who are called by MY NAME.. will HUMBLE themselves and PRAY.

Prophetic Word Cont…

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