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The Lord spoke to me about the US elections. I am very concerned about what is happening in America. Three times, I went to Israel. When I went there, I went to the tomb of Lazarus, he was not there. I went to the tomb of Jesus, He was also not there. It is interesting that both tombs are empty. Then the Lord spoke to me and said. ‘Lazarus was a very close friend of mine. Then the message came that Lazarus was not well, come immediately, your best friend is sick. Even though he was My best friend, I wanted to see what My Father’s Will was. That was not My time to go. So I stayed back. Lazarus died, was buried and put in the tomb’.

3 days later Jesus came there. Martha came up running to Him and said, ‘if you had been there Lazarus would be alive’. Jesus said to her ‘where is the tomb’, and went to the tomb. You know the story of how Jesus went to the tomb and said Lazarus come forth.  Lazarus came out alive.

The Lord said to me ‘what is easier to do? Is it easier to come when he was sick and heal him, or raise him up from the dead’?  After he was dead and put into the tomb, it is a hard thing to raise him up. ‘My Father wanted Me to do this so that the people will know that there is resurrection power’.

The Lord spoke to me 3 months ago about Donald Trump and said that ‘there will be resurrection power. Donald Trump will conquer death hell and the grave’. Then I asked what the meaning of this? He said: ‘Son, in this hour, be strong, focus on Me. See what I can do. Even though the ceremony might be held, even though Joe Biden is elected as President and brought in and the ceremony is done, yet we will win. Trump will still win’.

I asked how that is possible. He said that ‘Joe Biden is not legitimate. The election will be overturned. The ceremony can be held. Lazarus, when he died the ceremony was held, he was buried and it was finished, it was over. No one thought that he was going to come back alive’. Jesus came back that way.

What we need is Jesus right now. Jesus needs to come by us. Cry out to Him. We need to reach out and touch Him.


Reach out and touch the Lord as He passes by;

You will find Him not too busy to hear your heart’s cry;

He is passing by this moment, your needs He’ll supply;

Reach out and touch the Lord as He’s passing by.

There was a woman, with the issue of blood. 12 years, she had waited. She had no healing. No doctor could heal her and she had spent all her money. The crowd was coming with Jesus. He was surrounded by people. This woman pushed through the crowd…… the presence of the Lord is here right now…. I am getting goosebumps. … it is awesome… awesome.  This woman pushed through the crowd and touched Jesus; saying I know He can heal me. She touched Jesus’ garment saying, I will receive what I want.

Crowds follow Jesus, but you need to push through the crowd. Push through the crowd. As she pushed through the crowd and touched Jesus’ garment, she was healed.

Bartimaeus shouted ‘Son of David have mercy on me’. The people around said ‘shut up’. But he shouted even louder. I am going to shout louder. When I see everything is going wrong and things around you getting harder, you have to shout louder. Don’t take your eyes off Jesus. Donald Trump will be President again, I know that. The Lord is right now cleaning up the swamp.

Amazing, amazing things are happening right now. The Lord said to me: ‘even as Lazarus rose from the dead; the funeral was over and he was put in a tomb. Trump is going to feel like it’s over, but he will rise up and the swamp is going to be exposed. Praise God. Amen. Let’s give the Lord a clap offering.

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