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Please read Isaiah 26:20-21
I woke up this morning, and felt the awesome presence of God around me. I started weeping for our nation and the nations. I was worried, and asked the Lord what is going to happen to the Church and His people. I was battling about the temporary closure of the Church, as requested by the PM Scott Morrison (who is a born again Christian) and the government. I was weeping and asking the Lord what is going to happen. All of a sudden, I saw a vision of a huge eagle with its feathers stretched out, covering our nation and the nations. It was flying over our nation and the nations of the world. The Lord said to me “I will protect the flock. No one will be able touch them. They are my precious sheep”.

Then the Holy Spirit led me to Isaiah chapter 26. I noticed that I had put a foot note next to chapter 26. The footnote read as follows (this word was given to me on a plane to Perth on 11/03/2006 – shall see its fulfilment no later than 2020).

isaiah 26 img 1

isaiah 26 img 2

isaiah 26 img 3

The Holy Spirit said “today, the people have forgotten me and have gone after their heart’s desires. They have seen how fast they can lose everything. I am calling them back to Me right now. I want My Church to depend on Me and learn to hear My voice. When a father calls out to his children, they know his voice. Likewise, I am calling out to my children and want them to understand and obey My voice.

Just then the Holy Spirit asked the same question 3 times: “are you afraid of Coronavirus or God?” All three time I responded that I fear God. At this point I realized that God was teaching the nations how to Fear Him.
I think it is important in this hour that we the children of God spend much time in His presence, worshiping, praying and reading the Word. As a mother hen gathers her chicks under her feathers to protect them, those who fear and love God will be protected, just as in Psalm 91. I believe that God has given us this window of opportunity to come back to Jesus. This maybe that last chance that we get.

May I ask that you spend time with the Lord and also with your family. Socializing and entertainment has been curtailed, therefore, you may feel lonely and isolated. I encourage you to look to Jesus as He is the answer – Psalm 23.

I realized that I had put a footnote next to Isaiah chapter 25 dated 06/10/2000 – God’s hand over Australia.

isaiah 26 img 4

My dear Church family, even though I may not see your beautiful faces for the next few weeks, I want you to know that I am praying for you every day. May I also ask you to spend less time on the TV and internet, and spend more time in the presence of the Lord.

If you need to contact us urgently, please phone the Church on (03) 9703 1620, or email us on:

All Services will be suspended until further notice. There will be a webcast on Sundays at 10.30 am. You can tune in on

God Bless you all, Love you very much, stay safe,
With much love
Pr Daniel and Maryse Nalliah

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