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Great Hall 600 Gathered to PrayOn 22nd October 2007 around 650-700 Christians united to pray for our nation at Parliament House in Canberra. This interdenominational prayer gathering was coordinated by Catch The Fire Ministries and supported by many prayer ministries, churches, and Christian organizations from across the nation.

As I was leading the prayer service from the stage in the Great Hall of Parliament House, I suddenly noticed that something was very wrong near the back right side of the hall, as a group of people were running franticly to help someone.  Within a few minutes there were paramedics rushing to the emergency scene with a stretcher.  I wondered, ‘What on earth is going on?’  Just then someone walked up to me and said, ‘Pastor, a man has had a major cardiac arrest (Heart Attack) and the situation does not look good.’  Immediately I started praying within myself, while I noticed many others praying around the man.  Most people in the crowd did not know what was going on at the back end of the hall.

However within the next 15 minutes I had a second message come to me stating that the man is possibly dead as his heart stopped beating, he stopped breathing, and the paramedics could not get a pulse for almost 20 minutes. At this point I got up on stage with the thought, ‘How dare someone dies in the prayer meeting?’  Through the microphone I loudly proclaimed under a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit, ‘Let the blind see, the deaf hear and the dead arise in the name of Jesus!’ Then I bound and commanded the demonic spirit of death to leave as I continued to lead the prayer service.

A few minutes later I saw the man taken out by paramedics on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on his face.  At that point I said within myself, ‘Thank God that this man is alive!’ Some media did report this incident.

During the past few weeks I have been in touch with Bill (the man most miraculously snatched from death) while he was at the Royal Canberra Hospital and then at his home in Sydney. I was absolutely shocked and amazed to hear his personal testimony of what actually happened to him at the National Prayer Call in the Great Hall of Federal Parliament in Canberra on the 22nd October 2007.  He told me that as his body lay on the floor, his spirit left his body ascending through the sky as he journeyed out of this world to a heavenly encounter with Almighty God!

At the Australia Day United Prayer Meeting at Festival Hall in Melbourne from 10:30am – 1pm on Saturday 26th January 2008, Pastor Bill will be sharing his supernatural testimony, including a very solemn message for the corporate Church (Body of Christ) in Australia that he received directly from God.

Following are 2 medical testimonials from a Doctor and a Nurse who were personally present when Bill was most miraculously snatched from death to life at the National Prayer Call in the Great Hall of Federal Parliament in Canberra on the 22nd October 2007.

1)  ‘I am a reconstructive surgeon who also has an interest in emergency medicine and trauma, due not only to my immediate clinical duties in Melbourne, but also by way of my involvement in a medical service offered in Fiji where I treat acute injuries as well as the usual gamut of plastic/ reconstructive surgery cases. My family and I were present at the Parliament House prayer event in October, and during the meeting was called to assist with a resuscitation of a well built Fijian man who had collapsed. Because the ushers knew that I was a doctor they called me to help, but as it turned out the man, when he collapsed, was standing between a doctor and a fireman who was trained in EMT. By the time I had arrived on the scene these two had commenced cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (which is a 2 man job), so there was not much for me to do other than observe. There were also a number of people surrounding the patient who were praying fervently for him, and one in particular (who I knew to be a friend of Pastor Danny’s) was praying very actively against a spirit of death and commanding it to leave. Because there was quite a commotion and I was not needed, I returned to my seat, but then decided to go back to the resuscitation to pray, and see the whole event through.

The Parliament House Emergency Response Team had been called before I got there and had provided a very sophisticated monitor/ defibrillator which the doctor and paramedic had already connected to the patient.  The doctor and fireman had performed about 5 minutes of resuscitation but the patient was still without a pulse and so a DC version, using the equipment provided, was attempted to revive the man’s heart beat. This was repeated 4 times over a 20 minutes as the computerized monitor gauged the patient’s heart rate and recommended intervention. During this period the patient was completely unconscious and the doctor inserted an oral airway. From what I could tell he occasionally regained a pulse with ongoing CPR, but his cardiac activity was not sustained without support. As the surrounding people continued to pray, I could see that Pastor Danny had been made aware of the event, but was obviously not drawing attention to it as this would have disrupted the whole meeting, which was at a pivotal stage. However, after some time he was approached again and at this time he did make a very strong proclamation – obviously aimed at the unseen world in response to the situation at the back of the hall –  “the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the dead to arise”. Subsequently, with CPR continuing unchanged, the patient regained a sustained pulse and spat out his airway. The ambulance team arrived, inserted two IV lines, and by this time the patient was breathing spontaneously and had a heart beat but was semiconscious. The doctor tried to get the man’s name at this time, and the patient responded but was incoherent. He was subsequently taken to the Royal Canberra Hospital for ongoing treatment.

It was very clear to me as a expert witness that various divine interventions had taken place, from the positioning of the people within the hall, the prompt and ready availability of the resuscitation equipment to the ability of the team to coordinate and carry out CPR. However, I have seen many instances where all these variables have failed to produce the required outcome, and I believe that the intervention in prayer and proclamation was the key which turned this situation around and saved this man’s life. I remember very clearly wondering what this patient was experiencing, and was hoping that one day I would find out. This is my best recollection of events.‘  Sincerely, Dr. John Crock

2) ‘Rob and I were sitting a few rows away with Karen, Rob Hindle, Kathryn Bogle, Ramona Hendry. We had driven up that morning specifically for prayer at the Parliament House. I am a registered Nurse (almost 30 years) My husband and Rob Hindle are assistants in Nursing. We were all worshipping when I heard a noise to my left and noted a number of people clearing a space, I moved slightly to get a better view and noted a man doing CPR (resuscitating the man on the ground) He was very competent so I did not offer my services. I knew that the man on the ground had had a cardiac arrest by the noise he made as he went down. We kept worshipping and praying (for the man as well as what was being prayed for out the front). Soon after the medics arrived and obviously attached a monitor. Karen alerted me to the alarm on the machine by asking me if the man was dead, I automatically assumed no but after listening for a moment to the prolonged beep realised that he was (dead) we began to pray earnestly for his revival. Pastor Danny at around the same time came onto the podium and began to pray and rebuked the spirit of death, soon after this the beep began to sound much more ‘normal’ and they put the man onto the trolley with oxygen and took him out. I would presume all this took around twenty to twenty five minutes. I was very pleased to hear that the man had survived as had enquired after the meeting but no one knew any more than I had observed myself (most less). I am more than happy to discuss my observations with anyone that needs them.’  Yours Sincerely, Robyn And Rob Nelson (Pastors Gospel Fellowship Merimbula NSW)

Please pass on this exciting information throughout your respected congregation, denomination, ministry, movement, and spheres of Kingdom influence as Australia is on the verge of a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s supernatural miracles, signs and wonders!

Rising Up Australia as His Kingdom Comes,

Ps. Danny Nalliah

5 Responses to “Snatched from Death to Life during the National Prayer Call at Federal Parliament in Canberra on 22nd October 2007”

  1. 1 John & Brenda

    Praise God for the miracle of life at the National Prayer Call in Canberra. Hallelujah.

    We continue to pray for your ministry Pastor Danny. Thank you for the continued

    e.mails. We also pass your news onto my mother, Margaret, and she also remembers you before the Throne.

    We just retired from our Pastorate in Stoke on Trent this last week and now feel free

    to be available to whatever God wants for our future. We pray you will have a very

    blessed 2008.

    Yours in Him

    John & Brenda


  2. 2 Office 2

    Hi Catchthefire family,thanks for all the info,keep them coming.

    Wish you all a Blessed new Year,and all the Lords strength to keep going this year too.

    God Bless you all and your families.

    Blessing from Christo and family from QLD.

  3. 3 Bro Jesuspadam

    Dear beloved in Christ
    Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    We are praying for many years by Faith and waiting for His compassion.
    Kindly Request you =
    Please pray and help for our church building in PONNUR
    To preach the Gospel in India.
    We want your kind Fellowship and your fervent valuable prayers
    Yours Brother in His Service
    Bro Jesuspadam kancharla
    New Jerusalem Church
    Cell No 9701047991

  4. 4 Jeanette

    Pray for Larry who had 2 strokes. He needs to improve in his memory, and has to learn how to walk again. He has caretaker who keeps the phone out of his reach, listens to his phone conversations and screens his telephones and opens his mail. He is being served pre-cooked food from the local supermarket. He has confessed the Lord as his savior, but has not progressed in the Word. He is a scientist. Pray for his total healing , deliverance and a release from the situation that he finds himself in.

    Jeanette Mayo

  5. 5 Len

    Greetings in Jesus’ Name! I posted an article about this pastor with links to his original video testimony, which has now been made private for some unknown reason.

    If you know this pastor and can help me get access to his video testimony I would appreciate it very much. Also, may I link to your article and/or quote excerpts?


    In Him,

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