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Recently we had a Pastor from Indonesia who ministered at CTFM on Sunday. He also happened to be the Pastor of the Bali 9, who were executed in Bali for carrying drugs.

This Pastor shared the testimony of Andrew Chan, the leader of the group, how he accepted Jesus and completely changed in prison, even becoming the prison Pastor to hundreds of prisoners and prisons guards.

He was called Pastor Andrew Chan and led hundred to Jesus until the day he was executed. He even encouraged the others who were executed to pray a blessing on the President of Indonesia and on the day of their execution prayed a blessing on those who executed them.

And then they refused to be blind folded and sang “Amazing Grace” as they were being shot at. The whole church was in tears hearing this amazing testimony.

Click the audio link above to listen to this amazing testimony.


2 Responses to “Powerful Testimony of Andrew Chang (1 of the Bali 9 who was executed on a cross)”

  1. 1 Savi Ruviqavi


    Please understand that the cross used is to hold the person upright and keep their arms from instinctively withdrawing around the chest. This presents the heart as an unobstructed target for the executioner to address and does not mutilate the body.

    All convicts being executed by firing squad in Bali are prepared in this way regardless of their religious beliefs.

    Photographs of the judgement site can be seen here:

    Drug dealing is a terrible crime that destroys the lives of many vulnerable people.

    I am glad that Andrew CHAN (not – CHANG) became a believer in the Lord Jesus before his death, he is in Glory now.



  2. 2 Ku

    Hallelujah shalom!
    I have many early Christmas presents – liberal party victory in Australia in July,
    Trump’s victory in USA in Nov, and now these amazing news of Andrew Chan & 2 bills defeated at. Victorian parliament.
    last yr, I asked colleagues to sign petition against executing the Bali 9 – the best we could do.
    Pray for miraculous healing for those who are sick (physically & mentally).


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