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CBN News Staff : Oct 6, 2016 : Charisma News

[Charisma News] Zacharia lived comfortably as a government employee in Southern India.

He was born into a Catholic family that ranked high in India’s notorious caste system.

But one day his comfortable life took a turn, some might say for the worse, when God told him to be a missionary in one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian in India.

God told Zacharia to minister to the people in Bihar, a place known for being violent against anything Christian. Bihar is so antagonistic toward Christianity, it is nicknamed “the graveyard of missionaries.”

“That was really, really hard for me,” Zacharia told Christian Aid. “I prayed for a few weeks, ‘Lord, send someone to Bihar. But the Lord said, ‘Not someone else—you must go.'”

Zacharia obeyed and nearly lost his life.

For most of his life, Zacharia enjoyed his Christian family’s high status in the Indian caste system. But immediately became a target once he entered Bihar.

One day he knocked on someone’s door to ask for a glass of water. The man who opened the door looked him over and asked what caste he was.

“I said, ‘I’m a Christian’—and my goodness, by hearing ‘Christian’ he was so upset,” Zachariah recalls. “‘He said, ‘If you speak more, I will kill you.'”

Despite the opposition he faced, Zacharia built a school and led 30 people to Christ in…

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