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Rise Up Australia – Journey by Pastor Danny

Dear family & friends in Christ,

It’s with great joy we wish to bring to your attention that Friday 1st August 2014 marks the 14th year of Rise Up Australia prayer meetings uniting the Body of Christ to prayerfully seek the Lord for our nation’s transformation. This interdenominational prayer movement that begun on the 1st Friday in August 2000 in Melbourne has now spread to 50+ locations throughout Australia, overseas to America, the UK, and many parts of Africa. Every month there are approximately 50 prayer meetings in 50 different towns and cities across our nation of Australia.

So, how did this journey start??

I was on a ministry trip in Ethiopia along with Pastor Graeme Jackel, his wife Sally, and Pastor Jon Newton (now a lecturer at Harvest Bible College) in April 2000. We had ministered at many crusades with thousands of people gathering at every meeting as the Spirit of God moved most powerfully in saving, healing, delivering and setting many people free.

On 8th April 2000 I had finished ministering at a meeting of around 10,000 people, then went to our hotel room very late at night, simply crashed into bed and fell asleep. The next morning at around 5am on the 9th of April 2000, I dreamed that I was reading an Australian newspaper with the headline caption stating, ˜Evangelism Banned Legislation Passed’. I jumped off my bed shouting, NO, NO this cannot happen! I knew at once that there was going to be some law implemented in Australia to stop Christian evangelism and mentioning the name of Jesus as the only way to heaven.

Just then the Lord clearly spoke to me and said, if my people be pro-active they shall stop the disaster. But if my people be re-active they will pay a heavy price to take back their nation. Then the Lord took my attention to 2 Chronicles 7:14, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn away from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Then the Lord said, call My people to repent and pray for their nation of Australia.

Just then the Spirit of God gave me a vision of a man coming out of a house which had a really messy garden. He then walked down the street to another house which had a really beautiful garden where there was apples, oranges and beautiful roses. The owner was working very hard in the garden. Then the man from the messy garden walked into the beautiful garden, took an apple and started eating it. I asked the Lord what this was. He said to me, you are the man from the messy garden. I asked the Lord what this meant. He said, when your backyard (Australia) is in a mess, why are you running all over the world to win the lost? Your nation (Australia) is materially rich but spiritually bankrupt. However, Ethiopia is spiritually very rich. You are here to eat of another man’s hard work. Who will break the soil and prepare the harvest in Australia? Call my people to repent and pray.

I said, Lord, how long do you want me to do this? He said, give me 20 years of your life for Australia and I will give you the nation as an inheritance. I said, Lord, how do I do this? Just then the Spirit of God downloaded the whole strategy from heaven for the Rise Up Australia prayer movement. He clearly told me call it ˜Rise Up Australia’. At this point in the dream I was so excited I woke up the other Pastors from their sleep and shared all what had happened.

Well, all glory to God we launched the RUA prayer movement in 2000 and the first prayer meeting was held on the 1st Friday of August 2000 in Melbourne, Australia. Just after this first meeting I was attacked very strongly by some Christian leaders because we prayed in tongues at the meeting, sang too much Hill Songs praise / worship, and prayed against homosexuality. I was also told that I should call it Rise Up Melbourne and not Rise Up Australia. After 3 hours of discussion I refused to bow down to this pressure. Thank God I did not, because if I called the prayer movement Rise Up Melbourne, it would have not spread throughout our nation of Australia.

One year later (2001) I was ministering at Pastor Margret Court’s church in Perth, WA, when a pastor walked up to me and said, do you know the meaning of Rise Up Australia? I responded, yes, of course. It means rise up Aussie’s and pray. He then said, my brother, there is a deeper meaning. I said, tell me what it is.

He said, ˜the Lord told me to write down the words RISE UP AUSTRALIA. Then take the first letter of each word and make a word. I did so. It then read as ˜RUA’. My brother, in Hebrew the word RUAH is the breath of God. This prayer movement is the breath of God. Every town and city will catch the fire of the Holy Ghost and God himself will breathe on it. I was in tears thanking the Lord that I called it RUA. Had I called it Rise Up Melbourne, it would have been RUM, completely the wrong spirit!

One of our main focuses when we started the prayer meetings was to pray against a bill which would take away freedom of speech and religion. However, we did not know anything about it other than the fact that the Lord had shown it to me through the dream. This was published in our Winter newsletter of 2000. Well, that same year everyone was shocked when the Victorian State Government introduced the Racial & Religious Vilification Bill in December 2000, which became law in January 2002. Daniel Scot and I were sued by the ICV in 2002 under these same laws. What the devil meant for disaster, the Lord turned it into victory for His children 5 years later when we won the case in Supreme Court in 2007. All Glory to God.

I thank the Lord for the many prayer ministries and movements across our nation of Australia and the nations of the world. The Rise Up Australia prayer meetings are attended by prayer warriors from hundreds of churches from almost every denomination across the Body of Christ in Australia. We refuse to compromise the Word of God to please people, nor do we put out the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

Our strategy is – PRAY “HEAR“ DELIVER (without compromise) “ Pay the price (be willing to be persecuted) “ Rejoice in the Breakthrough

We at Catch The Fire Ministries (The covering of RUA) are fully convinced that we are about to see a mighty harvest coming into the Kingdom of God in the next decade ahead of us, as we see an open heaven above our nation never ever as before! Let us get out of the boat and become fishers of men for the Bridegroom Lord of the harvest is coming soon!

Thank you so much for your Prayers, Love and Support. I want to specially thank the RUA coordinators and their teams across Australia for faithfully carrying out their assignment to stand in the gap and pray for Australia’s transformation.

Let’s thank God for the wonderful and exciting years he has given us and the many more years to come! Through prayer and action we will possess the land in the Name above all names, our LORD Jesus Christ!

May God bless you all mightily,

Your brother in Christ,
Pas Danny Nalliah


We welcome all Christian churches & denominations to unite as the Body of Christ in prayer for our nation.



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