Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

Dear family and friends in Christ, I have just returned from Queensland and I have been following the news very closely while I was in the aircraft. I’m sure you all are aware that many communities in Victoria, Queensland and NSW have been facing major flooding.  Can we all take some time to pray for […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, 1) A few weeks ago a minister from the Presbyterian church came to visit Pr Daniel at CTFM office. At this meeting he told him that he had spent time with the Queen in Scotland and that the Queen was truly born again. This was during the time she […]

Saturday, January 15, 2011 By Alan Metcalfe Special to ASSIST News Service IRVINE, CA (ANS) — If you have been looking for Jesus this past week, He has been busy in Australia. For sure He has also been in Brazil, Peru, Germany, and wherever there has been need, but for sure, He has been in […]

by Aimee Herd : Jan 14, 2011 : Bryony Jones – “I can only imagine what was going on inside to give up his life to save his brother, even though he was petrified of water. He is our little hero.” A report notes the courageous actions by some of those trapped by […]

Dear family & friends in Christ across this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, 1) I am sure many of you would have hardly slept last night as you would have been praying and storming heaven on behalf of our nation, in particular for Queensland. Personally, I hardly slept myself as I kept getting […]

It is very sad that this dark chapter in Australia’s history is led by an atheist Prime Minister in Julia Gillard and an openly homosexual Greens leader who seems to be the Deputy Prime Minister by default, both who have no regard for God nor Prayer. Catch the Fire Ministries president Dr Daniel Nalliah said […]

Christian Breaking News – Teresa Neumann (January 27, 2011) “We fell on our knees and we cried out to the Lord and we said ‘Lord, please forgive us and heal the land.” (Melbourne, Australia) — CBN reports that a group of Christian intercessors recently gathered on the steps of the Victorian Parliament building in Melbourne […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   We trust you all had a wonderful and blessed Australia Day!   We thank our faithful Heavenly Father for the many Christians across our nation who choose to spend some time in prayerfully seeking the Lord God Almighty for Australia’s transformation on this very special day, particularly with […]

Dear friends and family in Christ in Australia and around the World, 1) Do not miss this opportunity to join us at the Australia Day National Prayer gathering at the Springvale Town Hall tomorrow 26th January at 10.30am to unite as the Body of Christ with Christians from many denominations and cultures to pray for […]

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World, 1) All praise and thanksgiving to our forever faithful Heavenly Father, as we have seen the mighty hand of our Lord God at work every time His children earnestly prayed and asked Him to avert further disaster right throughout the flood crisis in […]

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