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Pr Daniel Nalliah

Last Thursday evening, 29th July 2021, I came under intense attack. Around 2am, Jesus appeared in my room and said, ‘come to Me’.  I then went into His arms. The last time I saw Jesus was 23 years ago, in Saudi Arabia, 40 minutes from Mecca. This was much more than a dream or a vision, because I felt that I was personally present. It was more like an out of body experience.

Jesus led me to a table, where a large banquet was laid out. I didn’t notice what food was laid out on the table. At the table there were 12 chairs. Seated there were Abraham, Elijah, Noah and David. The remaining chairs were for 7 people representing the 7 chair was empty and I did not know for whom it was. I was representing Australia.

I then remembered what John Dawson prophesied over me years ago (2007). The Lord had told John Dawson that He had raised up 7 people to represent the 7 continents. John Dawson was wondering who was going to represent Australia.

When I met with John Dawson, he seemed quite busy, having his lunch. He pointed to a chair and gestured me to be seated. He told tell me your story, so I shared my testimony. He did not speak or say anything to me while he was having his lunch. When he finished eating, he suddenly grabbed me by the collar and said “the Lord has raised you   to represent Australia before the Lord”. Then I fell down weeping and praying in the Spirit for some time – I don’t for how long. When I came to my senses, John Dawson was gone and I was alone.

Just then Jesus then asked me “do you want to stay here or do you want to go back”?  I wanted to stay there with Jesus. But then I saw thousands and thousands of people in Australia and the nations going to hell. Jesus said, ‘the road is going to be very difficult, many people whom you know will die”. Then I told the Lord that I will go back.

Then Abraham came up to me and said “I am Abraham. I am a friend of God. You too must become a friend of God.

Noah came to me and said “you must have faith in the Lord”. Then I remembered that Noah was a faithful man who built the Ark for 120 years.

Elijah came up to me and said “chariots of fire are ready for you”.

Then David came and said ‘Worship Him, Worship Him Worship Him”.

Jesus then said, ‘I will grant your request, but remember that road will be very tough, many will die”. Jesus then told me, I am raising up six Josephs for you (My team). I then came back into my body.

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