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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Today I look back at the last 20 years.  on Friday 7th August 2020, marks 20 years since the Lord gave me a heart for Australia and the nations.

I was in Ethiopia with 2 other Australian Pastors when the Lord gave 2 dreams and said that in 2020, there will be a major change in Australia and the nations in preparation for a mighty harvest for the kingdom of God.

It has been a very exciting and challenging 20 years. I don’t regret one minute of those years gone by as I feel fired up by the Holy Spirit and ready for the next 10 years to reap the harvest.  We started a prayer movement called Rise Up Australia, a call to Prayer and Repentance. This movement was started in Melbourne VIC on the first Friday of August in the year 2000 and spread to TAS, NSW, ACT, WA, SA, QLD and NT. There were more than 100 prayer groups praying monthly for Australia.

I have, along with my wife and teams from RHFM visited every State and Territory across Australia and shed many tears for our nation in several cities in this ‘Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’ over the last 20 years.

In the past 20 years, I have preached the Word of God in hundreds of Churches across our country. I thank God for the many victories that we have won. Here are some highlights:

  1. The five year court case and the victory for freedom of speech against the Islamic Council of Victoria.
  2. Meeting with former PM John Howard who congratulated me on the victory of the Court case and said “Ps Daniel, thank you for standing up for freedom of speech for all Australians Your victory is for all nations because it sets a judicial precedent in our justice system. May I as PM thank you on behalf of Australia”.
  3. Challenging the Satanists at Mount Ainsley.
  4. Standing in front of a radical mosque in Sydney, and declaring that sharia law will not become part of Australian law. The hundreds of Muslims around me were not able to touch me as God protected me.
  5. Praying for a man who died at the Federal Parliament and seeing him come back to life.
  6. Praying for drought braking rain and seeing it come down
  7. Praying for a lady who died on a trip to Israel in 2010 and seeing her come back to life.
  8. We started a political party called Rise Up Australia Party and ran almost 100 candidates in our 1st Federal election. Being a Sri Lankan born Australian was nothing but God’s blessing.
  9. Hosting several government leaders to speak at our meeting in Melbourne on National Thanks giving Day and Australia Day. Such as former PM John Howard, former Deputy PMs John Anderson and Mark Vale, former federal treasurer Peter Costello, former Governor General Peter Hollingsworth etc.
  10. Having a prayer gathering in Festival Hall Melbourne with about 5000 people coming to pray.
  11. Speaking at many political rallies across Australia including Reclaim Australia rallies.
  12. During my Court case, I was invited to speak at the US Congress and the British Parliament. These countries were contemplating laws restricting the freedom of speech. I was able to inform them of the dangers of these laws and successfully stop this legislation from being passed.
  13. God blessed with our 3rd child after 15 years, on the day that the court case was won.
  14. Now we are also blessed with 2 grand sons and another daughter in the Lord (daughter in law) and another son in the lord (son in law).
  15. Taking teams of more than 60 people to Israel on three occasions was another big highlight.
  16. Experiencing a mini revival in Hallam VIC over a period of 13 months. We met 5 nights a week to wait on the Lord. Many were healed, delivered, set free and brought to salvation. The meetings started at 7pm and went on till 1am. Hundreds attended the meetings.
  17. Prophesying that we will have a Born Again PM by 2020 around 10 years ago.
  18. Birthing RHFM Church.
  19. In my lifetime, I have received several prophetic Words. Two of them are very important. The first was When Ps Norm Armstrong prayed, prophesied and released Smith Wigglesworth’s prophetic Word for Australia over me. The second was Apostle John Dawson’s Prophetic Word on my life.
  20. The second dream that I had while ministering in Ethiopia in the year 2000 was; I saw every international airport in Australia filled people of all colors leaving with Bibles in their own native language. When I asked God what this meant, He said that these are people who have come to Australia from all over the world and have received God’s Word . They are now leaving back to their own countries to spread the Word of God there.

From the bottom of my heart, I take this opportunity to thank my wife ( for the many sacrifices she has made) and children for releasing me to do what I was doing. Every week, for several hours a day, I was out of the house on Ministry work. I thank God that He gave me the wisdom to live by the following principle: Jesus first; family second and ministry third. I thank the Lord that our children and their families are walking with the Lord.

I also take this opportunity to thank my team for the tireless sacrifices they have made in supporting and standing by me to see the will of God come to pass in Australia and the nations. I also thank all the Pastors, Churches and people who were involved with us.

When the Lord spoke to me about the change to come in 2020, 20 years ago, I don’t think I fully understood what was going really to happen. All I could do was to be faithful and warn the Church to get ready. We are in for major change as God’s judgement is being released on us now. We can also be expecting a mighty harvest. I asked the Lord how long will this be for? He said from 2020 to 2030 there will be a mighty harvest of souls, but there will be many challenges as well.

We would really appreciate your prayer cover. We take this opportunity  to thank you for your love support and prayer.

With much love and God’s blessings,

10 Responses to “2020 vision given by the Lord in the year 2000 to Pr Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 Reformation

    Blessings Ps Daniel

    With all the Lord has accomplished through you and your precious wife Maryse over the last 20 years is totally astounding and to the glory of our God.

    We’re so very blessed to have you come to our beautiful nation Australia – God has been indeed very kind to us to have graced us with your passion, and obedience and ministry to this beautiful Southland of the Holy Spirit. Can’t imagine where we’d be without you ….

    God is so very good. Thank you for your obedient loving kindness in service to our Father’s Kingdom, our nation, and the people of Australia.

    May the Lord’s goodness, loving kindness, and mercy surround, uphold and sustain you and Maryse, and your precious loved ones from this day forth and forevermore.

    Thank you from the depths of my heart, God bless you.


  2. 2 Reformation

    Congratulations Ps Danny, an amazing 20 years of Gods favour over you and family, and seeing the rewarding miracles! What a testimony

    Much love Cate

  3. 3 Reformation

    An amazing list and great to see so much of it coming into being. Thank you. Betty
    A Great list of achievements Daniel.
    Thank you for your steadfast commitment to serve the Lord. – Sharon

  4. 4 Reformation

    Wonderful testimonial of God’s power and grace, and your passion to serve Him and the people of Australia pastor Daniel! Thank you for laying down your life for this nation and helping to save us from destruction! You and Maryse and your family are divinely sheltered and blessed under the shadow of the Most High!

  5. 5 Reformation

    Dear Pastor Danny and Maryse,
    THANK YOU for your Ministry and prayers and blessings for the next 20 years and beyond.

  6. 6 Reformation

    Hi Pastor Daniel,
    We stand with you and pray continually for you and the ministry. 2020 -20 years
    Yours in His exciting service,
    Joan and Ps. Keith

  7. 7 Reformation

    Hi PS! I may not have been a part of much of what God did through you however I am grateful to God and to you, Maryse and all the people who did obey God’s directives. Thank you for your obedience and the price you have paid for this nation of Australia and nations

  8. 8 Reformation

    Congratulations Danny – God has used you to touch Australia and awaken the Church!

  9. 9 Reformation

    A wonderful testimony of faith … with much more to come. Well done Daniel. You are a great gift to our nation.

  10. 10 Reformation

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I’m a fellow Ceylonese-born, and living in the United Kingdom.

    Thank you very much for sharing with these wonderful works of the LORD in and through you, your family and RHFM over the years – it is most encouraging! You do not call yourself a prophet, but I know that God speaks to you – His Word COMES to you as was the case with prophets of old. This is in contrast to “prophets” of our day who go seeking prophecies which mislead God’s people into a most unhealthy and harmful dependence on prophecy, words of knowledge, etc. while neglecting the Truth of His Eternal and Holy Word; they prevent His people from living out His Word in the present as they seek a tomorrow that never comes.

    Jesus said, “A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35) I believe that the key to release and manifestation of His Power by the Holy Spirit lies here. “How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in unity!
    For there the LORD bestows His blessing, even life for evermore.” (Psalm 133:1, 3b)

    May the LORD continue to bless and make you all a blessing to Australia and the nations, especially, I pray, for my beloved United Kingdom.

    “‘The LORD bless you and keep you;
    the LORD make His face shine on you and be gracious to you;
    the LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you Shalom’”
    So they will put My Name [Character] on the Israelites, and I will bless them.’” (Numbers 6:24 ff.)



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