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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,
On 12 th April 2020 (Resurrection Sunday), at 2.20 am, I had a Prophetic dream. In the dream I saw the number 33. I also heard the words ‘This year, 2020, Decree and Declare the end of Freemasonry/Illuminati / Lucifer worship”. I started praying in tongues and the Holy Spirit reminded me of a few things that happened in 1997:

  1. Meeting with Jesus face to face in Saudi Arabia
  2. My house was raided by the Saudi Secret Service (saved from execution)
  3. I petitioned the King of Saudi for the freedom of Christians to worship in
    their homes
  4. The Lord called me to Australia
  5. I left Saudi Arabia and moved to Australia
  6. I started living by faith and serving the Lord full time
  7. For the first time, the Lord led me to bring together 500 plus Christian leaders to worship 40 minutes from Mecca

Then, I realized all this took place when I was 33 years old. Just then, I realized, that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, was 33 years old when He was crucified. Then the Lord spoke to me and said: “in the year 2000, I gave you a heart for Australia and told you that there will be a great shaking starting 2020, and that many will turn to Me from 2020 – 2030”.

I was wondering why the Lord was reminding me of this now. I asked the Lord ‘show me what I should do next”. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that on 28th March 2020, my wife and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. It was a bit different this year, because of the COVID 19 crisis, we could not have a celebration. The Holy Spirit said to me: “you and your wife have walked in agreement for 33 years, now I am empowering you to pull down the 33rd degree/chapter of Freemasonry, which is the highest form of Lucifer worship. This is the principality and power which is dominating the UN / One World government agenda”.

I was very excited and thanked the Lord for the revelation that He gave me. Would you please join me and pray this prayer with me:

In the name of Jesus Christ, who conquered death, hell and the grave,  I Decree and Declare the death of the spirit of Freemasonry / Illuminati / Lucifer worship in its highest form, the 33rd degree. I dismantle all organizational structures of the UN and the One World government agenda. I also Decree and Declare the death of the spirit of Inter-Faith worship. I Decree and Declare the name of Jesus above every other name, and that every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Dear family in Christ, this is an exciting time to be alive. Get ready, for the next 10 years is going to be very challenging, but very exciting.

There will be a webcast of the RHFM special ANZAC Service on Sunday, 26th April, starting at 10.30 am. Please join us in Worship and Praise on

Your brother in Christ,
Pr Daniel Nalliah

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