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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

I am saddened and outraged at learning that Netflix has added to their selection of movies a film depicting Jesus Christ as Gay. The movie is commonly referred to as the ‘Gay Jesus’ Movie. Its actual title is “The First Temptation of Christ”.

This film has been released just before Christmas. It has nothing to do with Christmas, and is actually described as a comedy. This depiction of Jesus is degrading, inappropriate and offensive to Christianity. We urge you to contact Netflix to complain, and demand that they remove this movie from their selection. Please follow the link for more information: Netflix has just released a “gay Jesus” Christmas special called “The First Temptation of Christ.”

You must take action against this movie. Would they try the same sick joke on Mohamed??

Below is a sample letter you could use to write to Netflix. Naturally you can compose your own letter. Also included with this email are some other ways you can contact Netflix:

Netflix Help Centre Tel: 1800 875 462 | Contact Us – Netflix Media Center

Email Support & Live Chat | Get Back into Your Email Now?

God Bless you all,

Pr Daniel Nalliah.



Sample Letter:


From:  <Your Name>                                                    Date: __________

Suburb & State: __________

To: the Netflix Company – Complaints Department


I/ we are writing to complain about the inclusion of the above film in your movie selection, since December 3rd. 2019.

I/We strongly object to the Brazilian produced  ‘Gay Jesus’ movie. It is sacrilegious and offensive to me, many Christians of various denominations, and others who empathize with us on the audacity you have displayed, especially at making this movie available for Christmas, a time when we celebrate God coming to Earth to fulfil his ministry of salvation and love.

If you do not remove this film from your movie’s selection within the next three days,  my family and I will cancel our membership with Netflix.

You cannot mock God and not expect consequences!


<Sign your name>


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