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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

On the 4 th September 2019, around 4am, I had a dream in which, I was infront of a hospital with several other Christians, shouting “we will not let you microchip our new born babies”. There was a big comotion and a lot of confusion outside the hospital

In the dream, one group of Christians approved of putting microchips in their newborn babies. Myself and many other Christians were saying ‘no no, dont do it, as this is the beginning of the mark of the beast’. With that, I woke up and was very shaken. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “the ememy is planning through people in dark/secret rooms of Parliament to draw up legislation to make it compulsory to microchip every new born baby. Sound the alarm, My son and warn the people”.

I then realized that there was a plan by the goverments of the world (one world globalism agenda) to microchip every citizen, in the name of convenience and fast tracking of information.The microchiping process will be well packaged and sold to the people saying it will make life much easier. Many will fall into this trap, including millions of Christians. The microchip is now being tested in many countries. They insert it into the back of the palm. People can buy, sell and do many other activities using the microchip.

Eventhough this may not be the mark of the beast, it is a prelude to prepare the minds of people. What concerns me is the posibility that new born babies will be microchiped at birth. Their parents will have no say in the matter. It will be promoted as a convenient method to access the child’s medical records for emergency treatment. This is a great deception in order to program the human mind to receive the mark of the beast.

WARNING WARNING WARNING! Never accept the microchip. I strongly believe that we have only a short time for this to take place.

I am astrong beleiver that the rapture will take place before the tribulation. However, be it, whether the rapture before, midterm, or after the tribulation, let us get down on our knees read the Word in repentance, seek the Father’s face and ask Him to give us stregnth to stand up for Jesus and be counted.

Please click on the links below for articles on microchiping.

God Bless you all,
Pr Daniel Nalliah

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