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A Prophetic word given by Ps Daniel Nalliah, on Sunday 4 th August 2019; who was called in Saudi Arabia by the Lord, in a face to face encounter. He was sentnto Australia and the nations as an Apostle and Prophet:

On 24/7/19 at 2am, I woke up and literally jumped out of bed, as I heard a voice call out ‘Daniel’. I woke and knew at once that this was the Lord. I responded ‘yes Lord’. Then I had a prompting to read 1 Samuel chapter 1 onwards. I was under such an amazing anointing, and the presence of God was awesome. Then He said “be My voice to the people, for they are nor discerning the true voice from the fake voice. I called you and sent you to Australia and the nations as an Apostle/Prophet, fear not, speak out against what is fake. For a lack of discernment/ knowledge My people perish”.

Hosea 4:6-19, Job 36:12, Prov 10:21, 5:23

Then the voice of the Lord spoke again said “multitudes, multitudes and multitudes are being led astray (Joel 2:1, 2:11, 3:14) by shepherds who are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (2 Peter 2:1)
“Many sons and daughters have walked out of their father’s Godly covering and have come under the mega Church syndrome and come under a false covering. Repent, repent, repent, and turn back to Me and seek Me with all your heart. Do not look for anything else but My presence. Don’t compromise /accommodate or tolerate sin, but speak the truth in love. The truth will set the sinner free”.

Second Dream – 31/7/19 at 3am

In this dream, I was taken back to the time the Hobart Bridge collapsed in 1975, due to an accident in the waterways. There was thick fog covering the bridge. In the dream, I remembered what I was told by people, when I visited Hobart. Because of the thick fog, people did not realize that the Bridge had collapsed. Several motorists were driving at high speed across the bridge, and plunged to their deaths. One man managed to stop his car, stood by the side of the road and tried to stop vehicles from going across. People thought that he was crazy. Many just drove on to their deaths. The thick fog and darkness affected the vision of the drivers.

I woke up from the dream and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said; “many people have lost their vision and direction as there is a fake fog (anointing) blinding My people from receiving the truth”.

I then fell asleep. Within minute, I had another dream.

I saw many corner shops across Australia. I was looking for Coles and Woolworths outlets, but could not find them. It seemed that people were dressed as if were the 1950s. They looked happy and healthy. Then the scene changed. I saw mega supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths starting up. The
corner shops were closing down. The people preferred to go to the supermarkets because they got their goods well packaged. I woke up with the sign cancer appearing three times in the dream.

I realized what the dream meant. When the people bought their produce from the corner store it was fresh. They cooked their food at home and ate. When they went to the supermarket for a quick fix, many products were artificial. They used many chemicals in them to prop up the crops. This has been the cause for cancer. Cancer was hardly heard of in the 1950s. Today it is everywhere like a curse upon the nations. What do cancer cell do? They eat up the good cells of the body and many have faced death as a result of this.

Let me share with you: when the Church was small. Pastors spent much time in the presence of the Lord and the people were nourished. Services went on 2-3 hours, miracles, deliverance, healings and praying in tongues were everyday things. Unfortunately, the mega Church syndrome, which is a very well packaged product, has started attracting many people from the small Churches. 45 minute Services, with fake anointing, mirror balls and smoke machines etc. multitudes are looking to the mega Church and the small church is getting empty.

A recent survey indicates that more people are leaving the Church than coming into it. Something has gone really wrong somewhere. We are not winning souls into the Kingdom, but losing them, because the mega Church has packed its product to suit the world and not the presence of God. The seeker friendly,
love/grace has become a recipe for disaster. Many sons and daughters have left their fathers house, where there was true anointing and are chasing after the mega Church, since it makes you feel good.

May I challenge the Church, particularly in the West, to repent, repent, and repent. When did you last hear a message of repentance in any of the Churches? In the New Testament the word repentance appears over and over again. The Biblical definition of repentance is: a summons to a personal, absolute and ultimate unconditional surrender to God as Sovereign. Though it includes sorrow and regret, it is more than that. … In repenting, one makes a complete change of direction (180° turn) toward God.

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