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Dear Family and Friends,

This morning 25th may 2019; I was spending time with the Lord around 4am, when I was taken into Heaven’s court Room. I witnessed that the Nations of Great Britain and Canada were on trial. The devil had piled up accusations against these two nations. I was wondering what I was doing there. I asked the angel standing next to me, “What am I doing here”? At once the Angel said “son of man, you are here to prophecy in the Court Room of Heaven”. At once the Holy Spirit fell on me, and I said “I decree and declare, in the name of Jesus, Boris Johnson will be the PM of Great Britain. In the name of Jesus I declare, that Breixt will be achieved soon and there will be no more delay under this leader”. I believe that Brexit is the only hope for Great Britain’s survival. Later in the morning, I saw on the news that PM Theresa May had resigned. When I finished praying the books were closed and the Court was adjourned.

I was then taken back into the Court Room again, and another book was opened. The Angel standing next to me said “son of man, prophecy over Canada”. The Holy Spirit fell on me, and I said “I decree and declare in the name of Jesus; PM Justin Trudeau will lose the election this year and will not be re-elected. In the name of Jesus I decree and declare that Andrew Scheer, the opposition leader will be elected as the next PM of Canada later this year.

Please pray for Great Britain and Canada. These two nations that were built up on Judeo-Christian values have lost their way, and are on the verge o being destroyed from within. I thank God for the remnant of the true children of God in these nations. Their prayers are being answered.

Ps Daniel Nalliah.

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  1. 1 Reformation

    Dear Pastor Daniel
    Keep up your great work.
    Kind regards Peter

  2. 2 Reformation

    Commendations to Ps Danny for his courageous and accurate prophetic declarations.The days are exciting and challenging!

    Richard F. Warner B.Min. M.Th.
    Lighthouse Christian Church and College
    927 Springvale Road
    Keysborough, Vic. 3173.

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