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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

From 11pm last night to 6am, this morning, I have been having an awsome time in the presence of the Lord. In the natural, it is hard when you break rest; but when you watch and pray, in the presence of the supernatural, you reap a mighty harvest.

Around 2am this morning, my spirit left my body and I was trvelling at a very fast speed. First, I went to Israel. The Lord took me to several places of importance that are recorded in the Bible. The First place was the garden of Gethsemene, where Judas betrayed Jesus. the second place was where Pilate questioned Jesus. The third place was where Peter denied Jesus. The fourth place was Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified. Then the Holy Spirit asked me to tell the Church of Australia to get ready, for your time has come, but I warn you:

1) That first, you will be betrayed by your very own and closest to you,

2) You will be falsely accused for speaking the truth,

3) You will be pushed to deny me, just as Peter denied me

4) Get ready to die to self and take up my cross and follow me.

The Holy Spirit then said to me: “I am about to do a work in the land of Australia, a work such as the land has never seen before. There will be millions of souls who will turn to me in the next decade. My children, because you earnestly prayed and sought my face and stood in the gap, you have averted a major dissaster. Today, I have blessed you with my son (Scott Morrison) as your Prime Minister. He will lead Australia for multiple terms, as PM John Howard did”. It is interesting to note that during the whole election campaingn of Scott Morrison, John Howard was with him. Even after Scott Morrison won the election, John Howard was with him.

Just then, I left Israel and was taken to Sri Lanka. I was taken to many places where people were weeping for their loved ones who died in the bomb explossions. At once, I realized that it is one month since the the Islamic terror attacks in Sri Lanka. I asked the Lord why I was taken to Sri Lanka. The Holy Spirit told me one of the reasons why Scott Morrison was elected was because of the terror attacks in Sri Lanka. Then He told me to pray and bless Sri Lanka because that counrty has paid a price for Australia’s election victory. I then saw a bicycle cog wheel. I asked the Lord why I was shown this. I was told at once that Sri Lanka is the hub of the world, simillar to the cog wheel of a bicycle. Sri Lanka will also be used mightily in the end time out pouring.

The Lord told me, “I sent you out of Sri Lanka to Saudi Arabia, with your family to prepare you in a desert land and then take you to the Great South Land of The Holy Spirit. Tell the church to get ready for the words spoken by Smith Wigglessworth, pertaining to Australia which will be fulfillef in this generation”. I then remembered when Ps Norm Armstrong prophesied over me 10 years ago and released the mantle of Smith Wigglesworth over my life. Attached is a link of the prophecy of Ps Norm Armstrong:

Smith Wigglesworth’s Prophetic Word of Australia’s Mighty Revival

Then, I left Sri Lanka and was back in Australia. At once at lightning speed, I was taken around Australia. The Lord asked me what I think of the Church. I responded saying she is dead. Then the Holy Spirit rebuked me severely and told me to repent and pray for the Church in Australia. I was then prompted to read the Book of Ezekiel and turn to chapter 37 (I encourage you to read it too). The Holy Spirit said, “speak life to these dry bones and breath on them”. Then I was reminded of Acts chapter 1- 5. The Holy Spirit told me “your PM as the leader of the nation has declared that he believes in miracles. I am about to release my power and fire as in the Book of Acts, into Australia. There will be mighty miracles all across the land, as my people seek Me in prayer. Seeing these miracles many will come to me. The fear of God will be brought back into the Church and the nation. There will be no room for sin as My glory falls on the land. What happened to Ananias and Sephora will be nothing compared to what will happen in Australia”. (Acts chapter 5).

Then the Lord told me to ask the Church to pray for PM Morrison, PM Netanyahu and President Trump and their families. Even as I used Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, these three leaders will be confronted by fire, but in the fire they will see My glory. I believe the fire of the Holy Spirit will fall on Australia as never before. It is interesting to note that our Ministry is called Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries(formerly known as Catch The Fire Ministries). The abbreviation for Rise up Australia political party is RUA. In Hebrew RUA means breath of God / wind of the Holy Spirit. I believe as the fire falls the breath of God(RUA) will fan the flame to take the nations for Jesus.

As Smith Wigglesworth said the end time out pouring will start in Australia and will be taken to the nations in preparation for the 2nd coming of Jesus.

May God bless you all and use mightily in the end time out pouring.

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