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October 6, 2016 – Daniel Greenfield

The Islamic notion of peace is somewhat different than the one we are generally familiar with. We think of peace as the end of violence. Islam thinks of peace as the triumph of violence.

This tragic misunderstanding has sabotaged the peaceful visit of a Muslim cleric to Australia.

A Pakistani scholar visiting Australia for a speaking tour has been ordered home after a video sermon surfaced of him saying the world will be purified when every Jew is wiped out.

Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai, who has a Facebook fan base of almost a million people, spoke at the Ghausia Masjid in Blacktown and the Al-Madinah Masjid in Liverpool over the long weekend.

Ghausia Masjid’s imam Hafiz Raza, who organised the tour, didn’t respond to questions about the visit or the 2012 video titled “Jews are the enemies of Islam and the real peace”.

What does the “real peace” consist of? Killing all the Jews. Also destroying Christianity.

“And a time is about to come when Allah would bestow such a success on Islam that there would not be a single Jew left on the face of the earth… and the symbol of cross would be broken.”

“And when the last Jew will be killed from this world, then peace would be established in the world…  As long as there are Jews in this world, peace cannot be established in the whole world… Muslims are being called terrorists… Muslims are not terrorists; they are the lovers of peace and preachers of peace.”

And this is what Muslim peace looks like.

But remember the real problem is Islamophobia. And it’s all a misunderstanding.

“Association president Abbas Khan said Pakistani Australians are deeply committed to harmony in Australia and he was shocked by the video.

He said he met Mr Mustafai on Wednesday and the scholar said the video didn’t reflect his opinions and was a quote from a book.

He said Mr Mustafai has given hundreds of sermons about peace and following the laws of the land but his tour would be cancelled to prevent any misunderstanding.”

There’s no rejection of the comments. No condemnation of the man who made them. Just a cancelation to prevent the infidels from “misunderstanding” or perhaps understanding.

And remember, this fellow has a million fans. But it’s just a “tiny minority of extremists”.

And Mustafai can just go back to Germany.

Pakistani Islamic preacher Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai, who has called for genocide against the Jewish people, delivered a sermon Friday night at the Al-Madina Mosque in Stuttgart, Germany, according to the Stuttgarter Nachtrichten daily newspaper.

“When the Jews are wiped out,” Mustafai was quoted as saying in a 2012 video posted on YouTube, “the sun of peace [will] begin to rise on the entire world.”

Mustafai’s visit to Germany was sponsored by the Pakistan Welfare Society Stuttgart E.V. In addition to controlling the Al-Madina Mosque, the organization receives tax breaks from Stuttgart due to its non-profit status.

Those who fail to learn from history fail to realize that #RefugeesWelcome is #NazisWelcome

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