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Dear friends & family in Christ,

Please keep praying for the protection of Donald Trump, his family, and his cabinet, as many anti-Trump forces are calling for his assassination.

Anti-Trump message takes darker turn with calls for assassination –

The online vitriol directed at President-elect Donald Trump is getting worse, and critics say social media companies should do more to rein it in.

Since Trump’s stunning Election Day victory last week, social media hashtags like #AssassinateTrump and #Killtrump have proliferated. Over the weekend, a protester near Trump Tower held aloft a sign calling for future first lady Melania Trump to be violated, echoing a trending hashtag #RapeMelania.

5 Responses to “Keep praying as many anti-Trump forces are calling for his assassination”

  1. 1 O. Rinoko

    This is very important and I know because I have had the dreams too a few times now

    If Mr Donald Trump is assassinated or killed in any way before 18th Jan 2017 then President Obama can declare martial law and there will be no new president. I know that many holy people have been believing that President Obama will be the last president of the US and that he may be the antichrist as well.

    We need to be constantly praying all the time without ceasing making intercession and repentance rising up like burning incense before the Lord and acceptable sacrifice to the Lord with dancing shouting declarations fasting and solemn assemblies so there will be a wedge of protection all around the Trump family. There needs to be many angels everywhere they go and so we have to assign them to be there for the great job of protection for the devil is wrath as Hillary was his Jezebel of Jezreel but I am seeing in the visions that she may well have a stroke. I saw half her face drooping from palsy in the dream but this does not mean that she is over, no I saw like a resurrection as the devil does not give up easily in these last days.

    I saw four black birds flying around the Trump Towers and I asked what are these? I am knowing that this means there will be four times that they will try to assassinate Mr Trump. They will not win but it is up to us because we need to be giving prayer covering. I now have a picture of Mr Trump on my prayer wall and I point at it prophetically and declare at him – you will fulfil your destiny – you will be God’s man in the earth – you will be a friend of Israel. I say this all the time.

  2. 2 Betty

    Thank you so much for getting me on your email list. We are praying constantly for Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their families. The press in Am is really coming against trump now. The powers that be are not happy. George Soros has dozens on buses to move his priotestors around the country. We have a battle to Make America Great again. Thank you for your emails. Give our Love to Pastor Danny. Betty

  3. 3 Andrew

    Hello, Please pass on to Danny. Urgent Intercession/Prayer Required to Stop Martial law.

    Is Don, is good, Is President, is good, is protected is good, now need to pray against Martial Law as no good.

    Two top level cops in US are suing Obama and the Gov for not doing enough over these riots. Obama does nothing, says nothing against them, except to say that it is their right to protest.

    As there have been prophecies about Martial Law being instituted I am very concerned that the riots and civil unrest are a strategy of Hell to attempt to bring this about.

    Time set aside to intercede and pray specifically for this new development by scattering and shutting down the protesters and riots is I feel well warranted.

    It may well be there right to protest but it is not their right to oppose the United States Constitution and the right of a democratically elected President to assume office. Nor is vandalism, threats to murder and kill and rape.

    We need to pray the storm and chaos of God in to their midst and see them blown away and scattered as chaff before the wind.

    They should all be rounded up, arrested, charged, prosecuted, sentenced and punished and locked up … end of story.

    Blessing and Kind regards to all,


  4. 4 Michelle

    Hi Daniel & staff,

    Thank you for your email that my mum forward to me, my family is praying for Donald Trump.

    Is it possible for the email to be forward to a famous preacher in America ie Joyce Meyers or Joel Osteen or Kenneth & Gloria Copeland etc who may have some contact for this to be passed onto Donald Trump.

    God Bless,


  5. 5 Andrew

    Hello Danny,

    I saw this message today in our church from Jonathon Cahn the messianic Jew. It is titled : “The writing is on the wall” It is extremely relevant to what is happening in the USA now. I really hope you have the opportunity to view it. I actually think that Donald Trump could also benefit from it and be inspired and encouraged. Maybe with your contacts in the US Congress you could pass it on to Donald Trump.

    Another thought I had was of the importance of praying through and anointing the Whitehouse when Donald Trump moves in to cleans it and sanctify it for living in and runnning the affairs of state from. Spiritually when you think about it there must be a lot of history and baggage of sorts to be cleaned out. I am sure there would be whole bunch of “Evangelicals” over there eager to do so if given half a chance. Maybe with your contacts you could suggest that.

    Bless You,

    We continue to pray for you and your ministry regularly,


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