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News Staff : Apr 5, 2016 :

“She said, while he was praying, she saw Jesus Christ and He touched her with His nailed hands. At once, something went away from her body and a light covered her…”

In their own words a Middle Eastern convert to Christianity shares the amazing and miraculous way that Jesus broke into their lives, bringing healing, deliverance and salvation.

As you read, please remember this family in your prayers, for their protection, as they will surely need it.

I am Fadila* (*name changed). I was born and brought up in an Arab family in the Middle East. I was one of the eight children of my father and mother. My father had one more wife. My stepmother also had four children as my brothers and sisters.

I am presently working in a government institution.

I was a strong devotee of my religion Islam. I always wearing Abaya, which is a large, black cloak wrapped around the body.  And I regularly followed “Namus” (ritual prayer of Islam five times a day), 30 days fasting at the month of Ramadan, and giving Zakat (giving to the poor).

My father also a strong Muslim. He is a farmer too. He is having some dates plantations and farms in the desert.

But one of my brothers got bad companions and he became alcoholic and drug addicted which were forbidden by our religion. He always becoming violent and making noises to get money from home for his unnecessary expenses. And also we afraid he would make other brothers too with bad habits.

So we lost our peace. We prayed and prayed for a change of my brother and peace at home. No answer we got.

Maybe because of all these my mother became sick.  Her condition became worse day by day. She was consulted with many doctors. Nobody diagnosed the cause of her illness. She was having a stroke too and became completely bedridden.

One day my other brother brought two men into my house. My brother introduced about them that they are the men of God and having gifts of healing. If they pray for our mother, she may be healed.

Other brothers and sisters of our house showed some interest on them. One man prayed. I felt uncomfortable, because it was different than Muslim du’a (prayer). He was using Jesus’ name on his prayers. In the Name of Jesus he prayed to heal my mother.  I understood they are Christian Pastors. I became angry with them. I shouted them to get lost from my house.

By this time we found that our mother was trying to get up from the bed. We helped her and she sat erect and then stood on the floor. She said, while he was praying, she saw Jesus Christ and He touched her with His nailed hands. At once, something went away from her body and a light covered her and felt total healing. She asked him pardon for me. And also asked him to pray for my brother who is alcoholic.

Pastor prayed over him. He sat on the floor at the feet of the pastor and cried. He promised that he is leaving all of his bad habits. He confessed his sins. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. And we saw an unspeakable joy and peace in his face.

Those pastors came from “Bibles4mideast”. The man who prayed told that he is a Christian convert from Islam. He shared his testimony and conveyed the message of Gospel. He thoroughly said that Jesus Christ was crucified, died and risen from the dead for all of our sins to give us eternal life. Jesus did ransom for us.

My mother said she believes. I too declared my faith in Jesus. My other brothers and sisters also believed.

Pastor took a Bible from his bag and gave it to me.

All these things provoked my step mother and her children. Sometimes they are threatening us that they would inform this to the religion. If so, certainly we will have to face persecutions.

Though my father believes in Jesus Christ, he keeps quiet by the influence of my step mother. We pray for all of them to be saved.

We read and meditate the Bible every day. And very secretly we are attending prayer and worship services held by Bibles4mideast.

We request prayers.

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