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IMG_69701Dear family & friends in Christ,

On Easter Sunday morning when Ps Daniel arrived at church, two of his pastoral team met him at the door and told him that the son of one of the members in church was critical on life support in hospital.

The 15 year old young man had fallen some 6-8 meters onto his back onto the concrete floor. When the mother was informed she rushed to the hospital and was shocked to see her son in coma.

The Doctors told her to expect the worst, but being a believer she did not give up, but instead believed God for a miracle from Jesus.

On Sunday morning around 11am Ps Daniel got the whole congregation to unite in prayer for a miracle healing. He then prayed casting out the spirit of death and called out,

“Ivor come back in Jesus name”  while the mother stood beside the bedside of the young man.

Just at that moment (at around 11am) she suddenly noticed her son opening his eyes and looking at her.

When she asked him a couple of questions he responded by nodding his head. She was so excited.  Just then the nurse asked her to leave the room, as the doctors wanted to check him out.

Twenty minutes later she was called in and she could not believe it, her son was sitting on the chair without any life support or tubes!

The doctors told her that they are surprised, and that the boy is very lucky. The mother told them Jesus healed him and that they were blessed.

On Monday (yesterday) the mother told Ps Daniel that she was waiting to take the boy home as they were going to discharge him.

What a mighty God we serve!  See photos from before and after prayer.

This morning Ps Daniel had the opportunity of talking to this young man on the phone, and was so excited to hear how well he is, and Ps Daniel led him to the lord and prayed for him.

Love in Christ,


Elizabeth Ryan

Catch the Fire Ministries

9 Responses to “Young AFL player healed from near death in ICU after prayer”

  1. 1 dots merchandise

    Praise The Lord :)

  2. 2 Bob

    Thank you for the update for this young mans life Praise GOD. Bob

  3. 3 Richard

    Hallelluih!!Glory to God.

  4. 4 June

    Awesome thank you. Praise the Lord. Amen

  5. 5 Ian, Canberra

    What a wonderful outcome! Is God good or what?
    Love in Jesus

  6. 6 Michael

    Fantastic! God is GOOD!!!

  7. 7 Sharon

    Praise God almighty. Salvation from a miracle healing. Awesome. Thank you so much. God be the glory.

  8. 8 Maria

    What an incredible miracle this is!! We thank the Lord for God’s miraculous touch through prayers and deliverance through Ps Daniel. I remember the church just had a mighty and incredible Wed meeting with Dr Robert Mawire and the impartation of God’s powerful anointing through prayer by Dr Mawire over Ps Daniel and Maryse and over all of us present there was something to truly remember and to live by. Praise the Lord and blessed be His name for bringing back this very precious young church man. Thank you Jesus!! xxx Maria

  9. 9 Helen

    How wonderful!

    The power of corporate prayer and the faith of a loving mother!

    Thank you Jesus!

    Kind regards,

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