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Dear friends & family in Christ,

Last week, I received an email requesting urgent prayer for a woman who was dying of cancer in an intensive care unit in a hospital in Australia.

She was unconscious, had nothing to eat or drink for a few days, and according to the doctors, she would possibly not live to see the morning.

Her husband desperately asked for prayer from Ps Daniel who called him at 10:30pm the same night and told him to put the phone on speaker and hold it next to his wife’s ear.

He then rebuked the spirit of death, called back life in Jesus name & prayed for her healing.

Praise God that we serve a God of miracles!

Following is a text message we received from the husband the next morning.

“Hi Danny, thanks heaps. Some great news! I stayed  with her last night, she only woke me twice. Both times I found her half way to the toilet on her own… amazing  this girl. Today she is talking, even asked for an apple when she first woke up. So this morning she has had 1/4 of an apple 1 prune a few spoons of yogurt and 2 cups of water. I’m so happy….. that all she has had in the last 5 days. Thanks again. Love x.”

24 hours after prayer, the woman started talking, eating, drinking & walking.

Ps Daniel called her and had a very good conversation, including praying with her to break all generational curses over her life and family, as led by the Holy Spirit.

Following are a few more text messages received from her husband over the last few days.

“Thanks for taking the time to care for us. My family is very grateful. I think and pray for you often.  Being an Aussie Christian, I so support what you and your party stands for. May Father bless and keep you Daniel.”

“Hey Daniel, she is still doing well today. Eating drinking and talking quite well. We are praising Father for His love, grace and healing. Thanks.”

Ps Daniel is asking for ongoing united prayer for this woman’s complete recovery.

11 Responses to “Woman dying of cancer has tremendous recovery through prayer”

  1. 1 Irwin

    Great testimony!

  2. 2 Margaret

    Dear Catch the Fire Ministries,
    Praise the wonderful Lord, the God of Miracles.
    Pray for Ps Danny, for health and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

  3. 3 Joan

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    Thank you, bless you for your prayer & concern for this lady. She is my daughter-in-law, a beautiful woman of God. We will continue to pray for her complete recovery and for strength for her husband & sons as they keep this vigil over the woman they love so dearly.
    Blessings are yours. Rejoice!!!!
    Greetings Joan

  4. 4 Joy

    He who has done a good work in her will perfect it. Bless you Danny.

  5. 5 Ku

    We pray for full recovery by Jesus! Ku

  6. 6 Annette

    Will pray for her healing. Annette

  7. 7 Jenny

    Praise the Lord. Jenny

  8. 8 Don

    G’day Jason,

    Danny prayed for me last week when I was in hospital after being diagnosed with multiple cancers (fast spreading). They are still doing testing but instead of getting worse, I got better. They said I would be in hospital at least three weeks but I got stronger every day and now I’m at home.

    Not out of the woods yet and I have an appointment with the Oncologist next Monday. They reckon the primary cancer is liver cancer and they are not confident they can treat it well but my hope is in the Lord

    I am praising God that I have some of the strength back that I lost when I first got sick two weeks ago.

    Praise God!


  9. 9 Sharon

    Again – Hallelujah for God’s wonderful work through Ps Danny. And where is the media attention?
    Where is the medical professionals comments?

    Dear God,
    Thank you again Lord for your mighty hand of deliverance for this woman from I.C.U. to moving about and eating & drinking. Please Lord let there be a release of this miracle in the wider media, via the family and backed up by the hospital and doctors. May it not be overlooked but greatly looked at. For YOUR GLORY.



  10. 10 Julie

    A wonderful testimony. Thank you for sending it. blessings, Julie

  11. 11 Ruth

    Dear Danny,
    Thank you so much for ringing up and praying for my dear friend, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. She was very pleased and impressed that you discerned and asked her to confess before praying for her.
    Thank you,

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