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September 02, 2015 – CBN News

As Iran hardliners continue to chant “death to America,” President Barack Obama is on the verge of getting congressional approval for his controversial Iranian nuclear agreement.

Support from Sens. Chris Coons, D-Del., and Bob Case, D-Pa., means the president is one vote away from clinching victory in the Senate.

Despite furious opposition, 33 senators have now backed the deal. The president needs 34 to uphold his veto of a Republican measure disproving the agreement. Congress has till September 17 to vote for or against it.

At the State Department, officials continued to stress Obama’s statement that the U.S. would impose further sanctions should Iran change its behavior toward the deal — and that it prevents Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

“We’ve been very clear about what this agreement is about. It’s about stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

But opponents of the deal, including retired Gen. Jerry Boykin, say it will actually have the opposite effect.

“This is, in fact, a pathway to Iran having a nuclear weapon,” Boykin, who now serves as executive vice president of the Family Research Council, warned.

In a letter last week, Boykin and nearly 200 other retired U.S. generals and admirals appealed to Congress to reject the deal.

Boykin says the agreement also gives Iran access to more money to fund terror groups around the world.

“There’s going to be a large amount of money — $150 billion [and] I’ve heard estimates that over a five-year period, that run as much as $700 billion, that is going to go into the coffers of a very rogue Islamic regime who is the biggest sponsor of terrorism,” Boykin said.

“That means that Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations are going to get a lot of money, which they can use against their two primary enemies, which is Israel and America,” he explained.

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