Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

Col Stringer “The coming of Halloween is a good time for Christians to remember that evil spirits are real and that the devil will seize every opportunity to trumpet his own celebrity. Perhaps the best response to the devil at Halloween is that offered by Martin Luther, the great Reformer: “The best way to drive […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) Please listen to & share the following very interesting & controversial ABC radio interview with RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah about the Bendigo Mosque. 2) Ps Daniel will be ministering at CTFM in Hallam at the 10am service this Sunday 1st November. Please note that this service will be […]

Posted on 9/8/2015, by markomalley No matter how the media frames this – it is what it is, an Islamic invasion of Europe. Is there a modern day Charles Martel in Europe? Me thinks not. This is a cautionary tale for America. We must now allow these invaders into our country. This is a hijrah, […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) Please watch and share the video above of RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah discussing Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt’s exposure of a Hamas Charity linked to Bendigo Mosque. 2) We thank God that no one was killed or injured yesterday in a restaurant in the Melbourne CBD, by a radical […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, Please watch and share the following short video message from RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah in regard to Muslim primary students walking out during Australian anthem and more Reclaim Australia rallies on 22 November 2015. You may read more about this below.

RUAP social media article – 26th October “From this time forward, under God, I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beliefs I share. Whose rights and liberties I respect and whose laws I will uphold and obey”. Migrants’ oath before Australian citizenship. There is little doubt that the glory years of […]

Following is a recent post from RUAP facebook, including a Herald Sun article titled, ‘MPs may be given free vote on late-term abortion Bill’. Benjamin Franklin once said that, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In Victoria, that statement applies to many who DON’T even get to […]

Please watch and share the following video titled, ‘Islam is the root problem in the Middle East, says RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah.

Ps Daniel would like to personally thank everyone who sent kind birthday wishes and messages over the last 24 hours. He stated, “I so appreciate your love, kindness and prayers. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.”

As the CTFM team we would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication to helping Keep Australia Australian for generations to come. You are truly a very inspiring leader with great passion and we count it an honour to be working alongside you. Although you may not […]

Jeremy Reynalds : Sep 2, 2015 : ASSIST News A Christian member of Iraq’s parliament, Imad Youkhana, issued a statement on July 9 calling for greater protections for the country’s Christian population. (Baghdad, Iraq)—[ANS] Christian persecution in Iraq is being officially documented for the first time under orders of the country’s government. Prime Minister Haydar […]

September 4, 2015 – Daniel Greenfield The Syrian refugee crisis that the media bleats about is not a crisis. And the Syrian refugees it champions are often neither Syrians nor refugees. Fake Syrian passports are cheaper than an EU politician’s virtue and easier to come by. Just about anyone who speaks enough Arabic to pass […]

September 4, 2015 – Nonie Darwish Western media is reporting on the Muslim refugee crisis as a humanitarian problem that the West must deal with. But where are the media’s questions about the huge financial and land resources available to oil rich Arab and Muslim countries? Where are the Islamic solutions in this equation? The […]

By Kirsten Grieshaber September 5, 2015 BERLIN (AP) — Mohammed Ali Zonoobi bends his head as the priest pours holy water over his black hair. “Will you break away from Satan and his evil deeds?” pastor Gottfried Martens asks the the Iranian refugee. “Will you break away from Islam?” “Yes,” Zonoobi fervently replies.  Spreading his […]

By Cal Thomas – September 03, 2015 Migrants get back on a train in Bicske, Hungary, Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015. Over 150,000 migrants have reached Hungary this year, most coming through the southern border with Serbia. Many apply for asylum but quickly try to leave for richer EU countries. Back when I was in school, […]

Leah Marieann Klett : Aug 26, 2015 : Gospel Herald “There’s an assault on anything having to do with Christianity…” -Donald Trump Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump recently defended his Christian faith and condemned the “great assault on Christianity,” vowing to fight the “war on Christmas” if he is elected. “There’s an assault on anything […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, 1) Please watch and share the above video by Ps Daniel, titled ‘Journalism at its lowest’. It is sickening and sad to see the media lie and distort the truth to sell its own agenda. Journalism is supposed to be un-bias?? In this video Ps Daniel is calling on […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, The anti-Islam rally saw Gods amazing hand of protection, peace and prophetic significance. More than 1000 people attended the rally, with a group of around 150-200 protesting against us. I was asked by several people whether I was doing the right thing by speaking at this rally and I responded […]

11/6/2014 Ché Ahn – Charisma News Sin. When we habitually sin, we come under Satan’s authority, and he has legal rights over us until we repent. That is why Jesus said, “‘The ruler of this world is coming, and has nothing on Me’” (John 14:30, NKJV). Jesus was without sin, so the devil could not […]


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