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Dear friends & family in Christ, Ps Daniel, with a team, spoke and ministered in Mildura over the last weekend. His inspiring messages focused on his political journey thus far and what he believes will be the inevitable for Australia if Aussies will not recognize the developing multicultural trend of Islam in this country. Sighting […]

Bob Smietana/For Lifeway : Jul 27, 2015 : Charisma News Slightly more than half of men (51 percent) say they support Israeli statehood, compared to a third (33 percent) of women. A recent LifeWay Research study shows that American evangelicals remain among the strongest supporters of the nation of Israel. (Photo via YouTube) Most believe […]

July 29, 2015 – By Robert Spencer Indeed. Dark days ahead. “Six Strikes against the Nuclear Deal with Iran,” by Prof. Efraim Inbar, The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, July 15, 2015: There are (at least) six significant and immediate bad results from the agreement reached yesterday between the Western powers and Iran. *America the […]

September 19, 2015- Posted on World Net Daily The grand finale of the rare blood-moon tetrad will be a spectacular “supermoon” eclipse, the first in more than three decades. And the scholar who discovered the correlation between a sequence of four blood moons and events in the history of the Jewish people thinks the extremely […]

A cold, inconvenient fact

July 29 2015 – by Keith Bryer The Arctic ice shield is not melting as the Greens’ predictions want us all to believe, writes Keith Bryer. Nature has bowled a googly at the scientific “consensus” that says catastrophic climate change is inevitable, unless we all wear hair shirts. The Arctic ice sheet is not melting […]

Isaiah Narciso : Jul 28, 2015 : Gospel Herald “Unfortunately, we are living in a world where these things have now become quite acceptable but for the fact that they are acceptable doesn’t mean that they are right.” -Cardinal John Onaiyekan, the Archbishop of Abuja Diocese in Nigeria. (Kenya)—In his historic visit to East Africa […]

 7/21/2015 Leading the Way As the world responds to the latest series of Islamic extremist attacks, including a Tunisia attack that killed 30 people, one story that isn’t being covered in the media is that Muslims are turning to Christ. Twenty-one-year-old Hafid* from Morocco believed in jihad and killing anyone who did not follow the […]

July 24, 2015 – Christian Post Churchgoer Romain Oke poses for a picture inside an evangelical church that was destroyed in riots demonstrating against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, in Niamey, Niger, January 23, 2015. At least five people were killed last Saturday in protests in Niger against Charlie […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – TUESDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER 2015 The National President of Rise Up Australia Party, Daniel Nalliah, will be addressing the residents of Mildura this Saturday the 26th & Sunday the 27th of September. The Saturday night meeting is open to the public and will be held at 7:00pm at Sandors Motor Inn, 179 […]

July 23, 2015 – By Robert Spencer “The writer said that the controversy that surrounded the PEN prize to Charlie Hebdo this year convinced him that, if the attacks against ‘The Satanic Verses’ had occurred today, ‘these people would not come to my defence and would use the same arguments against me by accusing me […]

by Burak Bekdil – July 27, 2015 “Turkey says it fights IS. Maybe it does. But just randomly and reluctantly.” — EU ambassador, Ankara. Meanwhile, Turkey keeps on telling the world how it fights the Islamic State terrorists in Syria. Even more ridiculous than this claim is that some people apparently buy the Turkish fairy […]

Written by Lillian Penner – 28th July 2015 “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” (2 Timothy 1:5) If Timothy’s grandmother Lois had not been faithful in passing on her faith to her […]

Dear family and friends in Christ, On Monday night when the news broke that Tony Abbott was no longer the PM and that Malcolm Turnbull has taken over the top job of PM, I was very sad and disappointed. The Liberal party had just done what Labor did to Kevin Rudd. My night was quite […]

Dear friends & family in Christ, You may click the following video link to watch a special message from Pastor Daniel regarding how the Church should respond to Australia’s PM leadership change from Abbott to Turnbull.

FOR URGENT RELEASE – MONDAY 14th SEPTEMBER 2015 Last week, the National President of Rise Up Australia Party sent out an email to his church and political party network asking for churches and Aussie homes to open up and accommodate refugees from Iraq & Syria; under PM Tony Abbott’s plan of taking 12,000 refugees from […]

Christopher Booker – ©The Daily Telegraph | 27 July, 2015 Two events last week brought yet further twists to one of the longest-running controversies of our modern world. One was the revelation by the European Space Agency that in 2013 and last year, after years when the volume of Arctic ice had been diminishing, it […]

CTFM LiveStream

Please Comment on this live stream Feed provided by CTFM This Live Stream Requires HTML 5 Compatible Browser Such As Google Chrome Or Mozilla FireFox If the Stream says waiting for broadcast and has been like that for a few minutes please refresh the page. Iphone can only play audio currently. Thank You For Watching […]

July 25, 2015 – Beatrice Gitau – Christian Science Monitor While the United States may have started the trend of megachuches, a new study shows that the future of super-size congregations lies abroad. A survey by the Leadership Network, a Christian nonprofit organization, reveals that the world’s biggest churches are not in the United States, […]

Among the Major Signs, the most anticipated and central sign that Muslims are awaiting is the coming of a man known as, “The Mahdi.”  In Arabic, al-Mahdi means, “The Guided One” 1 He is also sometimes referred to by Shi’a Muslims as Sahib Al-Zaman or  Al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar which translated mean “The Lord of the Age” […]

You may click the link above to watch Rise Up Australia Party National President Daniel Nalliah discussing how to possibly stop the current refugee crisis from the Middle East. You may click the following link to read an interesting media article about this issue titled, ‘Sydney-based Syrian refugee urges caution in admitting migrants’.


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