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Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following links for media coverage on yesterday’s ‘Public Assurance of Cooperation’ co-signing agreement (attached) between Australian Christians (AC), Democratic Labor Party (DLP), and Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) for the 2014 Victorian State Election.

TV 1 – Medium  (Channel Nine News)  (Vision FM audio recording)  (Warrnambol Standard)

9 Responses to “Media coverage and Public Assurance Cooperation for Australia Christians, Democratic Labor Party & Rise Up Australia Party”

  1. 1 Jocelyn

    Praise the Lord for this initiative!

  2. 2 Lee

    Great news.

    Congratulations to all concerned. Wonderful……. GOD’S CHURCH (people) WORKING TOGETHER.

    Praise God.


  3. 3 Peter

    Thank you.



  4. 4 Celia

    Great! Looks like a good move. Celia

  5. 5 John and Josephine

    Dear RUAP,

    We were very excited about the signing of the three parties. We ourselves have thought for a long time to just concentrate on Victoria for the Rise Up Australia Party to be effective. First we were disappointed about the lag of engagement here in NSW. Hindsight this has still be effective.

    Keep up the good work.

    All our love, John and Josephine

  6. 6 Bienne

    Dear Jason
    Please spread the word to all supporters and other parties you are connected with.
    This is truly alarming to see the evidence of Islamic invasion (home grown terrorists and their claims and activities) in our land today.
    Islam- A religion of peace or war?

    Islam in Australia


  7. 7 Ku

    Well done! Matt 6:33


  8. 8 Murray


    wonderful news folks, just wonderful!

    Praise The Lord!!!


  9. 9 Sally

    Wonderful news Jason, I wished we could all unite as ONE PARTY rather than 3 – I’m gl;ad to have joined RUAP. May God continue to lead, guide and direct Ps Danny in all His Ways for this great nation of Australia.

    God bless,


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