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Dear friends & family in Christ,

1) Glory to our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ for His divine intervention in the release of the woman sentenced to death in Sudan for her Christian faith!

This wonderful miracle was definitely in response to the prayers of millions of Christians around the world, in addition to the direct political pressure put on the Sudanese government by the US and other international government bodies.

2) For your ongoing prayerful awareness, we’re forwarding the following email below from Salt Shakers with many very interesting articles regarding Islam in Australia.

Update on Islam… child marriage in Australia, Aussie jihadis in Iraq, Bendigo mosque, Andrew Bolt …

Around the world the religion of Islam is under the spotlight – this Update includes an insightful article on child marriage in Australia and a response by Mark Durie.
Plus other news items about Australians fighting with Islamic group ISIS in Iraq and Syria, articles by Andrew Bolt, the proposed mosque in Bendigo being approved by the Bendigo Council, and a donation to the Islamic Museum in Melbourne by ‘Australia Post’.

 1. Islam and child brides – in Australia…

An article in The Australian lastweek, ‘It is the young flesh they want’, highlights the marriage of young girls within Islam – and what is occurring in Australia. The article covers marriage of children, forced and ‘arranged’ marriages, as well as shame, duty and ‘honour killings’. It makes compelling reading.

Just one paragraph: “On best estimates, the number of girls in Australia being forced into marriage here or overseas is in the hundreds every year. Girls as young as 12 or 13 are disappearing from schoolyards, packed off to the countries of their parents’ birth to wed men they have never met, while others are taken from their homes in southern Asia and the Middle East and brought into Australia to marry. The National Children’s and Youth Law Centre has identified 250 cases of under-age marriage over the past 24 months, while ­Sharobeem, who was herself married to a cousin at the age of 14, says there are at least 60 child wives living in south-western Sydney alone.”

Mark Durie responded, noting that it contains very good information – however, he picks up one statement from Jennifer Burn of Anti-Slavery Australia who stated, “The Koran does not support child marriage…”
Mark has written an excellent article showing how the Koran DOES support child marriage.

Article: ‘It is the young flesh they want’, The Australian, 14/6/2014.

Mark Durie’s response: The Koran and Child Marriage, ME Forum, 14/6/2014.

2. Australian Muslims fighting in Iraq

We’re previously reported that Australian Muslims have joined Islamic groups, including ISIS, that are fighting in Syria. The Australian reports that at least one of these men, “convicted terrorist Khaled Sharrouf” from Australia, who “who served three years and 11 months over his role in the 2005 Pendennis terror plot”, left Australia illegally last year and is believed to be fighting with ISIS in Iraq.

The latest report reveals that some of the Australians, including Sharrouf, are believed to be participating in gruesome massacres of captured Iraqis – photos have been posted on social media.
Some other Australian Muslim men have been shown on video urging Australian Muslims to join them to fight in Iraq…

There are proposals for increased power for the government and police to deal with Australians travelling to fight in these conflicts: “The federal government’s Independent National Security Legislation Monitor, Bret Walker SC, yesterday urged the government to consider revoking the citizenships of dual-nationals fighting in Syria and Iraq. Mr Walker also used his latest report, tabled in federal parliament yesterday, to push for ASIO to have the power to temporarily suspend passports at short notice, and for evidence laws to be loosened. . .”

Simon Benson writes in the Daily Telegraph that Australia is the “largest per capita source country for for jihadists going to fight in Syria and now Iraq.”

Article: Aussie jihadi in Iraq conflict, The Australian, 19/6/2014.

Article:Aussie jihadi in Iraqi executions, The Australian, 21/6/2014.

Article:‘Australian jihadist’ calls for Muslims to join fight in chilling video, The Australian, 21/6/2014.

Article: The vipers are poised to strike, Daily Telegraph, 20/6/2014

3. Andrew Bolt on Islam…

Andrew has a column today on the ‘holy war’ in Iraq… and a blog piece listing the events around the world connected to Islamic ideology…

Column: This holy war cry is a wake-up call 


Australian Khaled Sharrouf is believed to have joined the jihadists in Iraq.

WHO let these jihadists into our country? Must we run this danger, just to boast our immigration system isn’t racist?

“We will always have, a non-discriminatory immigration policy,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared three years ago.

Admirable in principle. But how wise in this Age of Terror?

Consider. More than 150 Australians, many of Lebanese descent, have joined jihadists fighting in Iraq and Syria, and will pose a danger to us on their return.

One, Khaled Sharrouf, lived on a disability pension in Sydney but was last week pictured apparently in Iraq, waving the flag of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, whose Sunni jihadists are shooting and beheading countless unarmed Shia Iraqis.

In another Facebook photo, believed posted by fellow Australian jihadist Mohamed Elomar, Sharrouf poses with a gun next to slaughtered Iraqi civilians. …”

BLOG POST:  Just one week in the world of Islam. What is wrong with this faith?

4. Bendigo Council APPROVES MOSQUE proposal

Last weekBendigo Council in Victoria approved plans for the building of a mosque by a 7-2 vote. The meeting was attended by around 200 people, with some people vocally objecting.
The Council received 432 objections to the mosque. Someresidents objected to the building of any mosque because of concerns about Islam;some neighbours objected to traffic flow.

Zaky Mallah, “a Sydney activist once jailed under Australia’s anti-terrorism laws”, made a You Tube video, saying ‘‘The system is on our side. ‘And the funny thing is, you can’t do anything about it.’’ He said he hoped the Muslim ‘Call to Prayer’ would be broadcast “full blast” at 4 am!

The group opposing the building of the mosque posted at ‘Notice of Demand’ on their Facebook page and is expected to appeal against the decision to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

The Age has now run an article claiming the Q Society was involved in the protest against the mosque in Bendigo… Q Society responded saying they provided information to local residents at their request…

Article: Legal challenge looms over Bendigo mosque plan, The Age, 19/6/2014.
Bendigo mosque: Council approves construction despite fiery public meeting, ABC, 19/6/2014.

Article:Q Society spreading anti-mosque message in Bendigo, The Age, 21/6/2014.

5. Donating to Islamic charity – Australia Post

A controversy erupted this week over a $2 million donation by Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour to the Islamic Museum in Australia, which has been set up by members of his family and where he is a patron.

The issue wasn’t over whether he gave a donation… anyone can make a donation!

It is alleged that he asked Australia Post to make the donation DIRECTLY to the Museum from his bonus – so instead of paying it to him (and him making the donation) the money was paid to the Museum by Australia Post. This action implicates Australia Post as being a financial supporter of the Museum.

The question was raised about tax liabilities and whether Mr Fahour paid the tax on the $2 million – Australia Post and Mr Fahour need to be transparent about how the donation was paid and how the tax situation was affected…

Article: Australia Post donates boss Ahmed Fahour’s $2m bonus to Islamic Museum of Australia, Herald Sun, 18/6/2014.


Jenny Stokes
Research Director
Salt Shakers

3 Responses to “Breaking News: Sudan Orders Release of Woman Sentenced to Death for Faith / Salt Shakers E-News: Update on Islam… child marriage in Australia, Aussie jihadis in Iraq, Bendigo mosque, Andrew Bolt …”

  1. 1 Geoff & Daphne

    Hello Ps Danny & Team,

    I wrote a note to you a few weeks ago about a book I had become aware of. Now I have read (or in the middle of reading) and I wondered if you have had an opportunity to read it yet.

    This book is called ‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus – A devout Muslim encounters Christianity’, and is written by Nabeel Qureshi and published by Zondervan. I have found it very enlightening and illuminating on the mind of Muslims, both devout and nominal, and those, who could be described as, ‘in between’. In the appropriate and God-given circumstance, it could be a book we might give as a love gift to friends or acquaintances of the Muslim faith. I said it is an eye-opener to us, I suspect it would be mind blowing for those who are fair-dinkum in their love and worship of their God who they do not really know, but Who knows, loves and cares for them very much.

    Quite apart from giving us a greater understanding of those deceived by God’s enemy, it is so thrilling and uplifting to see the marvels of the Lord’s love, care and activity in the lives of friends and brothers we haven’t met yet.

    Power and blessings on you all, today and always.

    Geoff & Daphne

  2. 2 His Carlo & Paula

    Shalom dearly beloveds in the Lord,

    We love you and continue to have you in our daily prayers.

    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

    With all our love in Christ,

    His Carlo & Paula
    Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

  3. 3 Steve

    Thank you for the newsletter Salt Shakers, it was a real eye opener!!!!!! Thank you Pastor Danny for allowing freedom of speech in our newspapers :-)


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