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RUAP WA Candidates & SupportersDear family & friends in Christ,Speaking at RUAP breakfast in Perth

Over the last weekend Pr Daniel ministered in Perth at 5 different meetings in 3 churches and 2 other venues. We thank and praise God for His mighty anointing at every single meeting as the people gathered were greatly blessed.

On Saturday morning around 40 to 50 people gathered at a Rise Up Australia Party Breakfast, where Jane Foreman (RUAP lead Senate Candidate and WA State President) opened the meeting and then National President Daniel Nalliah addressed the meeting.

This breakfast was held to organise a plan in order to get ready for a possible re-election for Senate in WA sometime in March or April 2014.  Many who stood as candidates for RUAP and others who supported the last Federal Election campaign were at the meeting.

Speaking in PerthAt the combined churches meetings, people from many churches came to hear the Word of God to receive prayer ministry.  Many responded to the altar call and were tremendously touched by the power of GoAltar call in Perthd.

2) Last week on Tuesday, Pr Daniel received a very urgent telephone call regarding a 6 months old baby who was dying at the Monash Hospital in Clayton, Victoria.

He rushed to the hospital and as he entered the ICU the young mum & dad were holding the baby and crying as the doctors had told them that the baby would not make it through the night due to lung failure. They took the baby off of life support and gave the mum and dad the opportunity to carry her before she died.

Pr Daniel walked into the room as the dad was carrying the baby with the mum by his side and around 10 others in the room. Everyone was crying, it seemed like a funeral.

So he anointed the baby and the parents with oil,  then laid hands on the baby, started praying and rebuked the spirit of death in that room, and breaking all word curses.  Suddenly, there was a complete change in the place as all in the room gave their hearts to Jesus.

Then he told them to stop thinking or talking about death but to speak life in Jesus name and then left the place.

He visited the hospital yesterday, a week later. Glory to God, the baby is doing very well and the room was full of celebration and praise to God.   The doctors are baffled and cannot understand as to how the baby is alive. They have had several meetings but cannot find an answer.

Well, glory to God that Jesus is the answer. What a mighty God we serve.  Please continue to uphold this baby in prayer as she still has a journey to make for complete healing.

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  1. 1 Ray

    Hey, just read the email!

    What a fantastic story/testimony about the baby…do u have it on your website, I’m hoping to share it on facebook for some of my ‘yet 2 believe’ friends!

    Thanks heaps…love it! :-) God is good…it (the story) reminded me of a similar one in the NT where Jesus ministered to a young girl dying and the family all around! He rebuked the spirit and took hold of her hand and the young girl lived! (paraphrased, lol)

    Blessings :-)


  2. 2 Anne

    Praise God!


  3. 3 Sharon

    WOW! I just love reading and hearing these mighty true miracles that God does in our world and especially through Ps Danny Nalliah & the faithful spirit filled prayer warriors at CTFM. All glory to God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.

    I am seeing my Surgeon on Monday 2/12/13 & for each visit over the past year, I tell him about how God is real & share a mighty story of healing. I now have a current miracle at a hospital in Victoria to share with my atheist doctor. God is so awesome.
    Love Him.


  4. 4 Mary

    Alleluia, Praise God for His wonderful mercies, love, deliverance and for His wonderful healing. Praise God for Pastor Daniel and you Jason.


  5. 5 Jenny

    What an awesome testimony!! Thank you so much; it’s so encouraging!

    All glory be to God!

    Blessings, Jenny

  6. 6 Suzette

    WOWOW Praise our Lord Jesus Christ. You have just lifted my faith even more. Thank you for keeping me informed. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.


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