Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

Published by Christian Concern – September 17th, 2012 A District Judge, sitting at Brighton Magistrates’ Court announced today that all charges were being dismissed against Christian pro-life campaigner Andy Stephenson. The case against his fellow campaigner, Kathryn Sloane, was dismissed on Thursday of last week (13 Sep) during the same trial. All charges against both […]

Charisma News 9/17/2012-  David Brody /CBN News Chief Political Correspondent GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan says the Obama administration’s actions toward Israel border on “contempt.” It was just one of several criticisms the Wisconsin representative had regarding President Obama’s foreign policy record. The minute Ryan came onto the scene, conservatives couldn’t get enough of him, […]

By Alex Murashko , Christian Post Reporter – September 8, 2012 Political analysts tracking the mood of minority groups such as African Americans and Latinos, especially those within the church community, say the Democrats did themselves no favor when it came to matters of faith during the national convention. Black and Latino Christians have been put […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, 1) On his return from ministering in Newcastle, Pr Daniel said ‘We thank and praise God for those Pastors who are genuinely going after the Holy Spirit. God has certainly preserved a   remnant of church leaders who are willing to still stand strong and trust in the Holy Spirit […]

Posted by Joseph Klein Bio ? on Aug 28th, 2012  United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon succumbed to pressure from Iran and its anti-American allies by deciding to attend a summit meeting in Tehran later this week of the 120-member “Non-Aligned Movement.” Iran is heralding Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Tehran as proof positive of its […] 04 Sep 2012  By Rob Crilly, Islamabad  Pakistan’s only Christian Cabinet member has urged a rethink of how the country deals with blasphemy cases to prevent a repeat of the scandal involving a young girl with learning difficulties. Paul Bhatti gave up a comfortable life as a surgeon in Italy to join the government earlier this year […]

 9/11/2012 Charisma News Staff  The U.S. is on heightened alert every Sept. 11. This time, the attacks are coming from atheists and the target is the cross. The American Atheists Foundation filed a lawsuit regarding the 17-foot, relic cross found amid the rubble at the World Trade Center. The lawsuit complains of unequal representation. The cross […]

Nine MSN News 20/09/12 One of the key organisers of an Islamic rally to be held in Melbourne on Sunday has cancelled the protest amid police concerns it will be overrun by violent activists. Swaybah Javed, who had helped invite more than 1800 people through social networking to a rally outside the city’s State Library, […]

General Immediate Media Release  – 21 September 2012 (14:00hrs) Julia Gillard sides with Coalition against gay marriage vote “I congratulate Prime Minister Gillard, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, Liberal  and National Party Members of the House of Representatives and a majority of Labor Party Representatives who overwhelmingly voted down a second bill to allow gay marriage,” […]

Dear family & friends in Christ across Australia in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit,  We’re very pleased to announce that the 2013 National Australia Day Prayer Gathering which brings together around 800 prayer warriors from many denominations and ethnicities in Australia, will held from 10am – 1pm on Sat 26th January 2013 […]

AAP • 17/09/2012 Liberal senator Connie Fierravanti-Wells says Muslim migrants who don’t wish to integrate into Australian society should consider leaving. Senator Fierravanti-Wells told the Senate on Monday Australia was a tolerant and compassionate society which respected social and religious difference. Thousands of migrants, like her parents, had come to Australia to build a better […]

Rosemary Young • 18/09/2012  Leaders of Islamic communities in Sydney and Melbourne this morning called for restraint. “A tiny excitable element within our movement has acted without our authority and it is unacceptable. Both sides including the Police should show restraint. We will instruct that no further demonstrations be carried out in the near future.” […]

Andrew Bolt – Herald Sun – 17th September 2012 THE problem isn’t us. It isn’t even some YouTube clip posted by a filmmaker no one has heard of. No, the problem is them. Islamists. Extremists desperate to take offence. Bigots who use violence to frighten us into giving up our free speech. I mean not […]

Rise Up Australia Party Media Release on 17th September 2012 Calling on beheading people who speak against Islam is un-Australian and should be stamped out from its roots Calling on beheading those who speak against Islam is un-Australian and should be stamped out from its roots, stated the National President, Daniel Nalliah of Rise Up Australia […]

by Alveda King Sep 06, 2012  September 6, 2012 ( – The First Lady of America took the grandstand this week in a rousing speech. As the emails flooded into my cache, with the pros and cons, I wrote back to one sincere young lady: “She looked beautiful and proves that she’s nearly as much a consummate […]

Dear friends and family in Christ, Please pray and watch (if possible) the live webcast this Sun 16th Sept as Pr Daniel shares his personal testimony and vision to take Australia for Jesus by 2020 at CTFM in Hallam (Melbourne) at both the 9.30am & 6.30pm services. Please note that both services will be broadcast […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, We thank and praise Almighty God for His supernatural anointing of the Holy Spirit! Over the last weekend Pr Daniel, with a team from CTFM, ministered in Portland Vic, which is a very interesting place, as it was the first town started in Victoria. Pr Daniel ministered on Saturday […]

Sapa-AFP | 02 September, 2012  A Pakistani cleric who submitted evidence against a Christian girl accused of blasphemy has been arrested on suspicion of evidence-tampering and desecrating the Koran, police say. Rimsha has been in custody since she was arrested in the poor Islamabad suburb of Mehrabad more than two weeks ago accused of burning […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, We thank and praise God for His mighty hand at work during our recent ministry tour of US & Canada! It was so great to have my wife Maryse and our youngest daughter Brianna with us. We’re so happy to be back home in Australia, as there is no place […]

By Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent – 31 Aug 2012  Israel’s vice prime minister has attacked the Obama administration for sending “mixed messages” to Iran in the wake of a report saying Tehran had more than doubled its capacity to enrich uranium. Moshe Yaalon made explicit the growing gulf between Israel and its closest ally, the […]


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