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Dear family & friends in Christ,

After the amazing time in Israel, the whole CTFM group arrived in Sri Lanka and was blessed with 5 star hotel accommodation by the travel agent. This amazing hotel, overlooking the beach, old Parliament House, the Twin Towers and many other 5 star hotels, was just breath taking. It also gave us a view of the helicopter landing pad of the President of Sri Lanka.

After the 24 hour stay, half the group prepared to depart on route back to Australia. Just then, Pr Daniel’s daughter Shannen got on the piano at the 5 star hotel lobby, packed with guests and started singing and playing “He is Lord”. Within seconds the whole CTFM team was around the piano singing and worshipping the Lord!

This hotel, which is owned by an Arab Muslim man attracted many Muslims as their guests. It was most interesting to see many guests stop and watch us worship. Some of us were able to witness to them. Then half the team departed in a bus to the airport, while the rest of us stood at the entrance of the hotel and shouted, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Ooi, ooi , ooi!”  Many had tears and their was a lot of hugging and kissing as we said goodbye. It was amazing how the team had bonded together. It was truly an amazing trip.

The next day early in the morning we left on our tour of Sri Lanka. Our first stop was the Elephant orphanage. Driving throught the streets of Sri Lanka was very interesting. There were many horns blowing, vehicles coming from every direction, but some how all got through. No road rage, no abusing, but they all just smiled, as one got through at the intersection.

The Sri Lankan people were always smiling, very warm and welcoming. I would love to go and live there for some time. The Elephant orphanage was very exciting. As we came within 2 metres of a herd of 56 elephants, we watched them eat and some of us fed them, and also watched them bathe.

Then we headed up to the hill country of Kandy, the place where the former kings in Sri Lanka ruled from. We visited a tea factory and then stayed the night at a hotel overlooking the lake. Here we had a buffet dinner and were entertained by a clipso band.

The next day we were off to Baticolo, in the east of Sri Lanka, to visit the Children’s Home run by Catch The Fire Ministries. On the way we were in for a big surprise. The travel agent along with Pr Daniel had planned out lunch at an army camp, some what in the middle of a jungle. This was amazing, as we could not take the bus, but had to track over a water dam, and then track down a hill right into a jungle, fully escorted by army soldiers, most in civilian clothing.

This was formerly a place where their was pitched battles, now turned into a tourist attraction. The soldiers cooked up a fantastic Sri Lankan buffet lunch and entertained us with music. Many of the soldiers had injuries from the war, but thank God the war is now over and everyone in Sri Lanka is now enjoying the peace. Pr Daniel called all the soldiers out and prayed over all of them. Since he spoke their language, it was easy for him to communicate. Almost all the soldiers were Buddhists.

The highlight of the tour was meeting the children at the Girl’s Home run by CTFM. They were just fantastic. They sang, danced and gave us an amazing welcome. We had dinner with more than 40 girls who live there. We gave them gifts and joined together with them in dancing, singing and praising God. Everyone on the team was in love with the children and many of us were in tears as we saw these children, who are orphans, praising God with such joy!

Many of the girls shared their testimony as to how the Girl’s Home has changed their lives and given them new hope through Jesus. Most of them were formerly from Hindu families. Now they are born again Christians. What a mighty God we serve! Please feel free to financially support the ‘Rescue Sri Lanka’ project run by CTFM. Please email for more details. Your small change can make a big difference.

We then returned to Colombo the capital. Driving through the hill country of Sri Lanka was just so beautiful. Then we had some what a surprise as we were all invited to Pr Daniel’s mother’s 80th birthday party. It was so nice to meet some of Pr Daniel and his wife Maryse’s family. We had a wonderful time of fun and fellowship at their house.

Then the CTFM group went down south to spend time on the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka and then returned home to Australia. Right throughout the trip we had the opportunity to lead many people to Jesus. The people in Sri Lanka are very open to hear the Word of God. Praise God for this.

Pr Daniel and his family were miraculously blessed by one of their friends in Sri Lanka for their 3 week holiday with a Presidential Suite at a 5 Star Hotel, all paid for. When we visited them before we left, Pr Daniel stated, “I cannot believe the blessing God has given us. This is too good for us. We really thank God for His blessing.”

Something exciting happening at the hotel. There were many Aussies on holiday in Sri Lanka. Pr Daniel and his wife Maryse met a couple from Australia, who told them that they were Hindu devotees, and that they voted Greens Party in Australia. After spending time with them, the couple accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour! Receiving a brochure of Rise Up Australia Party, the couple responded, “Well, now we need to vote for RUA Party. We very much like most of your policies.”

Another Saudi Arabian Muslim man who met Pr Daniel and his wife at the hotel, spent more than a hour talking to them and 3 other members of CTFM. After many questions, this man gave his life to Jesus! He also wanted us to pray for his family. He now wants to bring his wife and visit Australia, so that we can pray for him. We were able to give him a Bible.

One afternoon, Pr Daniel baptised his nephew in the hotel swimming pool. The General Manager of the hotel who is a Buddhist, witnessed this baptism and wanted to know more about Jesus. So the GM, along with his wife and daughter, hosted Pr Daniel and his family for lunch. After lunch the GM’s whole family gave their lives to Jesus and Pr Daniel baptised them in the bathtub in their apartment, as they were very keen to get baptised, after accepting Jesus! Glory to God.

Pr Daniel also has the wonderful opportunity to address the owners and executive staff of Dilmah Tea Company, where around 14 people accepted  Jesus as Lord and Saviour, including Hindus and Buddhists!

There is so much more that I could go on and on, but shall stop now. We thank God for an amazing tour!

Pr Daniel stated, “I thank God for His mighty hand at work right throughout the tour. I thank God for the many openings He gave me to speak at several Anglican churches, even though I was not planning to do so. Some of the Anglican ministers fell on their knees and cried out to God for more of Him.

We as a family had a wonderful holiday. It was so nice to catch up with our families living in Sri Lanka, but now we are back and ready to continue the fight against the principalities and powers of darkness to take back Australia for Jesus. Thank you so much for your love and prayer support.”

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Pr Geraldine Roelink

Catch the Fire Ministries

5 Responses to “Amazing Report on CTFM tour of Sri Lanka / Muslims, Hindus & Bhuddists come to Jesus”

  1. 1 Jeyaraj and Anne

    Dear Danny & Maryse.

    Hope you had a relaxed extended holiday and arrived safely back home. Love to Nigel, Shannen and sweet Brianna. We miss being with you all and having fun. Hope we will meet again soon. The time with your family was precious and special to both of us. God Bless you all. Will talk to you soon.

    Hope we are not late with our testimony :

    The trip to Holy Land was an amazing experience. The Word of God came alive. We were in an unique land chosen by God, where Jesus was born, lived His life, crucified, risen, ascended to heaven and is coming again to this land! Imagine – We were here!!! The entire team of seventy two people from different corners of Australia, were blessed by God, pressed down and flowing over. We made new friendships who were united as believers to have fun, accommodate and care for each other. On a personal note, our prayers were answered when we asked God to make it possible for us to travel. It was miracle journey for us. It was a Spiritual Blessing with the Lord blessing us throughout this trip. The memories are so precious that we will remember forever and keep re-living the moments in our minds and hearts.

    Ps Danny led the entire group to another Spiritual level. Praise God! Thank you to Tamara from Go Travel and Chris & his team from Global Communication for their professional, generous and excellent planning which surpassed all expectations.

    We thank our Lord for this encounter.

    Jeyaraj and Anne

  2. 2 Allen & Lori

    Hi Daniel,

    I was laughing with joy as I read this email from Catch the Fire

    God bless you, your family & team.

    Allen & Lori

  3. 3 Gerry & Angel

    Blessing Pr Geraldine, Pr Danny & all the CTFM Team. I just wanted to say WOW, words just cannot begin to explain how awesome God is working in Sri Lanka, If only God could bless us to someday be able to join such a blessed trip with you all. Praise God in how he continues to work though all of us and our prayers, Rise Up Australia party is so blessed and growing strongly.

    Blessings in our almighty Jesus,

    Gerry & Angel

  4. 4 Kay

    Dear folks,

    It was wonderful to hear of all the people coming to know and follow our Lord Jesus Christ as you journeyed.



  5. 5 Jan

    What a wonderful email. Praise God for the witnessing and all the blessings. Praise God. Love, Jan

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