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Dear friends and family in Christ,

We’re posting the following report from Kirsten Jack in regard to the great success of the recent ‘Undeniable’ event at Federation Square in Melbourne on Sun 15th April.

Truly, Jesus is Lord over Melbourne, all of Australia and the Nations of the World!

Dear Friend,

We’re so excited to report about the ‘Undeniable’ event!

Praise God it was perfect weather, for a 7:30pm start at Fed Square. Around 2-3000 people turned up, with over 100 atheists from the Global Atheist Convention. A number of churches cancelled their Sunday night services to be there, and heaps of other churches, denominations and ministries were represented.

Our message to the city of Melbourne was that “we know God is real because He has changed our lives”. We had around 80 helpers in white t-shirts with the words “ask me my story”, who talked and prayed with people in the crowd. There were healings, deliverance, repentance and HEAPS of conversations and prayer with atheists and others.

Ben Price, Compliments of Gus, Kris Vallotton, Peter McHugh and Anthony Fernando were fantastic on stage at glorifying God through their talent and stories. Special thanks to them for their support and passion for the event and for speaking and performing without any payment.

Use the following links to view some of the action from the event:

God gets all the glory! He gave the idea, he provided grace upon grace to make it happen, and all in only 24 days.

We’re also thrilled to acknowledge some of the individuals and churches who freely and sacrificially gave their time and talent to make it happen:

Undeniable Committee: Kirsten Jack, Ben Price, Dennis and Nolene Prince, Gary and Maureen Lisbon, Andrew and Mariana Jack, Anthony Fernando (Southern Lights church rep), David and Jenny von Blanckensee (Stairway Church reps)

Official Photographers: Mark Rosseto (Enhance Studios), Luke Munro (Luke Munro Photography), Chris Sprott (Chris Sprott Photography)

Official Video: Andy Gorrie

Video stories: Jackson Strafford

A very special thank you must go to Southern Lights Church and Stairway Church for cancelling their Sunday night services (at the end of their conferences) to significantly assist us on this special night!

Kingston City Church also provided invaluable foundational support in crucial areas and a big thank you must go to them!

Finally a huge thank you to the many churches and individuals who sacrificially gave of their finances – we received over $17,000 in the space of only 3 1/2 weeks to help cover the large costs of running this event. How amazing is our God!!!

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Bless you,

Kirsten Jack



4 Responses to “Melbourne’s Fed Square “Undeniable” Celebration”

  1. 1 Kay

    Dear folks,

    It was truly great to see how our wonderful Lord works when we give HIM our lives! Bless you all – for the happenings at ‘Undeniable’ event!


  2. 2 Rudy

    Greetings to all the Brethren in Catch the Fire Ministry

    PS. Danny and Jason..

    Thanks for the news its a wonderful things happen Jesus is coming soon.

    Many signs are already happen so we double our time to share the word preach the word of God..

    God Bless you hope someday they can extend their conference to us in Philippines especially in Mindanao which is many Muslim over here.who already serving Christ.

    Co Laborer in Christ

  3. 3 Jocelyn

    All glory to God.
    How fantastic

  4. 4 Phil - Sydney

    Fantastic to Hear,

    On Ya Melbourne you put Christians in Sydney to shame.
    Apart from some very committed Chinese and Korean Christians in the Sydney City who marched at Christimas we really don’t seem to work very well as a Core Group.
    There seems to be too much denominational boundaries in Sydney and the Uniting Church is so left it’s scary.

    Keep up the Good Work

    Much Love Phil

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