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United Intercessory PrayerDear family & friends in Christ,

Thank you so much for promptly responding to our prayer alerts as we have definitely seen the merciful hand of God protect many places from further major disaster as a result of His people Repenting and Crying unto him in Corporate Intercessory Prayer to heal our land! (2 Chron 7:13-14)

Now, would you please storm the heavenly throne of grace and mercy in prayerfully petitioning the Lord to stop the rising water levels of the Wimmera river in Victoria?

According to news this morning, the Wimmera river is expected to reach its predicted peak today as disaster is expected in many towns across Victoria.

Lets stand in the gap once again and ask our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ to protect our land by stopping the flood waters from rising any further.

Thanks once again for your commitment to prayer and love for our nation!

Blessings / Pr Daniel

3 Responses to “URGENT Prayer call for floods in Victoria”

  1. 1 Valencia and Matthew

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

    Yesterday, 16/1/2011, as I was waiting on the Lord, the Lord spoke into my heart and one two of them is very important for general circulation.

    1) I had a dream, where I saw flood waters covering 2/3 rd’s of my front lawn. When I got up, this scene was still very clear. I prayed and later went to church. At church, while the pastor was preaching, again God showed me this vision. So, at the end of the service, I felt so strongly to share this vision with the pastor, and we prayed against flooding in Melbourne.

    Please pray against floods in Melbourne, esp in the suburbs of Wantirna South and surrounding suburbs. I am also praying that the Blind Creek near City Life Church will not flood. Just a few days ago, my family saw that its was very swollen. City Life Church and Waverly School and many homes are very close to this creek.

    We must interceed – pls.

    2) The Lord also gave me 2 messages for some close friends.When I asked the Lord, Why He was giving me these mesasges, He impressed to me – ‘I AM COMING BACK FOR A CHURCH WITHOUT SPOT OR BLEMISH’

    The message – was for His people to put in order all relationships and to reconcile and be right with one another. Infact, the Lord ‘worked’ this thru Mathew and myself, to reconcile differences we had with some of our family members. It was a tough step but we chose to eat humble pie and did it. I praise and thank God that now, we are all on talking terms and calling one another. We have so much love for them. And most importantly, THEY HAVE BEEN SET FREE TOO. Only Jesus could work this for us.

    I am sharing this, even though it is personal, but this is the message I am getting from the Lord – TO SET OUR AFFAIRS RIGHT – NOW!

    Pls share with others to pray and encourage them to set affairs right .

    God is good!

    With our love and prayers
    Valencia and Mathew

  2. 2 Pr Paul

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thanks for your commitments and your endeavors in the works of God. I pray that the Lord answers the prayers that we praying here for the desaster in your nation.

    Thanks and may give His strength as you exchange your with His!

    Love you and blessings.
    Pr. Paul from Uganda East Africa.

  3. 3 Sharon

    Prayed that God would cause all flooding rivers to reduce across all affected eastern states (QLD, NSW, VIC & Tasmania) and that those recording levels would show at exactly the same time, the rivers reducing equally. Only God could do that.

    These are our “last days” of preparing people for the final disaster – the destruction of the earth (in the very near future). God’s shaking the world to cause people to turn to Him before it’s too late. If only people knew about Him.


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