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Kangaroo Island Catches the Fire of Holy Spirit!Dear family & friends in Christ,

So much has happened right across our nation over the last weekend, but amongst it all, we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His powerful hand at work in our nation of Australia!

Although we are experiencing only a little of God’s manifest presence right now in the Body of Christ and Nation of Australia, we are sure we will soon experience a mighty spiritual outpouring of His Holy Spirit throughout our Great South Land with a supernatural flood of Living Water from Heaven’s Throne Room, washing and cleansing our Nation, preparing her for the soon coming of our Bridegroom Saviour, Lord, Judge, and King!

Pr Daniel ministered on the weekend gone by on Kangaroo Island in South Australia in revival meetings which were organised by the Uniting Church leadership on the island. Many Churches and Pastors from the island united as one to seek the Father’s heart for our nation as the Spirit of God moved most powerfully touching many lives and healing many others. The people gathered were absolutely blessed and were set on fire for Jesus!

Pr Daniel stated, ‘I am so glad to see the body of Christ unite as one to seek the Father’s heart. Particularly, I was very excited to see the 2 Uniting Church Ministers, both ladies, so much on fire for Jesus. They even prophesied over me and challenged me to keep standing for Jesus. I was wondering to myself, is this really happening? Uniting Church Ministers praying in tongues and prophesying. Well, glory to God there are many Uniting Church Leaders who have refused to compromise their stand for Jesus. They are under constant attack, but praise God they are part of the remnant rising up to take a stand for Jesus. I believe that the Lord is rising up His remnant from every denomination as the Kingdom of God. I thank the Lord for the opportunity he has given me as I travel all over Australia to work with the body of Christ, and not just one particular denomination. They are a faceless and nameless people who I believe will rise up and lead an end-time revival move of God’s Holy Spirit!”

2) Please continue to pray for all affected by the floods in different parts of Australia and above all ask our loving Heavenly Father for many precious souls to come to Salvation through His Son Jesus.

Click the following link to read an article titled ‘Did Power of Prayer Stop the Waters’ that appeared in the Tasmania Advocate Newspaper on Saturday 15th, 2011.

3) Pr Jason just returned home to Australia from nearly one month of ministering in South Korea, Singapore, and India as the Revival Fire of the Holy Spirit spread from town to town, village to village, city to city, and nation to nation, in preparation of the glorious Bride of Christ for the soon return of the Bridegroom! He enjoyed 10 days of ministry with his family in freezing cold snowy South Korea where hundreds of lives were radically impacted and transformed by the Glory of God! On the 26th December in Singapore he ministered the prophetic Word of the Lord regarding the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem, Israel as the reigning King of Kings and LORD of lords!

His ministry schedule in India  (nearly 2 weeks) with three others from CTFM was non-stop from morning to very late evening as they travelled and ministered in 3-5 meetings daily, including several very remote villages in forest and hill areas where missionaries had never been! As they ministered the prophetic Word of the Lord to thousands of people across the Hyderabad and Pithipuram areas in Andrah Pradesh, hundreds and hundreds of Hindus (including so many children and youth) were born-again into the Kingdom of God, received the mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire, as countless others were healed, delivered, and set free from demonic spirits, curses, etc. Additionally, they ministered at several orphanages, including blessing around 35 children at one orphanage with beautiful new clothes on New Year’s Day. Thousands of Christians, including hundreds of Pastors, Ministers, and Christian Leaders were mightily impacted to Rise Up India to Catch the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

4) For those of you in the Melbourne area our regular Sunday services are at 9.30am and 6.30pm at Catch the Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam  (Melways Ref: 96 G2)
Also, our open weekly intercessory prayer meeting in Hallam for Australia’s revival and transformation is on every Friday night at 7:30pm.

The CTFM Youth Service is at 5pm every Saturday.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,
Elizabeth Ryan
Catch the Fire Ministries

10 Responses to “Kangaroo Island in SA Catches the Fire of the Holy Spirit!”

  1. 1 Angelina

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I just wanted to tell you that myself and another two ladies felt a burden from the Lord to go to the steps of the houses of Parliment here in Perth to pray in unity and in agreement with you for the Lord to undertake in the floods of Queensland. This was last Thursday.

    After our time of prayer, we felt such a sweet peace and presence of the Lord as we sat in the grounds of the houses of Parliment and overlooked the city of Perth.

    The next day we received your news that the waters were abating and the damage expected did not come.

    Truly our God is an awesome God how he hears and answers the prayers of His humble children.

    Yours in Christ


  2. 2 Pastor Victor

    Greetings in the name of Lord,

    Hello to you!

    How are you doing in Christ Jesus our Saviour?

    We are fine here.

    Eventhough things are not going well, we believe God to answer our prayer.

    Pastor Victor

  3. 3 Phil - Sydney

    Dear catch the fire
    we are very encouraged to hear about the uniting church
    on kangaroo island. Praise God for these 2 courageous
    women of God.
    So much about the Uniting church is really depressing.
    Great to hear there are somes courageous souls left

    Praise God

    much love
    Philip and Gillian

  4. 4 John & Joekie

    Blessed Cheryl and all the other intercessors, and Danny, & Jason. How are things with you? Just a quick word I do not know if this will go through! Joekie is doing fine, remember she had cancer, Praise the Lord she is free from that. Recently on the 4th January Joekie had the operation to remove the growth but keeps her kidney, but adrenal gland died, because of growth, but the other adrenal gland is functioning, and the operation was a miracle. Just a swollen stomach, but the rest has diminish, this is from her legs and arms.

    Again Bless you for your prayers,

    Love from John & Joekie

  5. 5 Kathy

    Dear Danny

    Thank you for this email, could you please pray for my son Daniel? Who is in bondage to the drug ice. I myself am praying daily but after reading this email, I realise that I have to spend less time watching tv and more time with the living God, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask for or think. I will keep you posted on his progress, I believe what the devil intended for evil, God intended for good and that Daniel will soon be ministering to people like himself who are held captive to drugs. Daniel is 18.

    Your sister in Christ,


  6. 6 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Elizabeth,

    Thanks for the email of 18th January, We rejoiced to hear that Jason ministered in Andrah Pradesh as we used to be missionaries about 50 years ago in a little village called Penukonda. I have only managed to catch up with this email.

    Love and prayers, Audrey & Maurice.

  7. 7 Pastor Samuel

    Dear Evangelist Jason Golden and CTFM team,

    End-time Revival in Hyderabad, India and Nations.

    Greetings to you in the Most precious name of Jesus Christ.



    Richest blessings,

    Pastor Samuel

  8. 8 Pastor Samuel

    To Dear Champion Pastor Jason Golden, Pastor Zeena, Missionray Gabriel, Missionary Geraldine and and dear precious saints of God at Catch the Fire Ministries Australia team,

    We at Shalom Ministries conducted evangelistic work in India from 30th December2010 to 2nd Jan 2011 in addition to Pastors and Leaders Meetings, Revival Healing Meetings and Crusades. The Pastors and Leaders meetings was held during the day to strengthen the faith of the Pastors and to renew their strength and energy.

    During night meetings, many people were healed and many lost souls were saved. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus is the same yeterday today and forever.

    We have seen hundreds of miracles and healings as the gospell was preached to 2500 souls.

    Your Catch the Fire team is truly an Inspiration and you are an Awesome Man of God. You carry an anointing unsurpassed by any other Evangelist I have personally witnessed thus far. God is wonderful, but He is able to do “Exceedingly abundantly beyond anything we can ask or imagine.”

    Many great healings included blindness, parlysis, in addtiion to other sicknesses and diseases healed by the moving of the Power of God. Many have made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

    Deaf healed – 25 members- village names- Vommangi, Rachapalli, Pithapuram, Uppada, Nellipudi, Rachapalli, Velangi, Chitrada,

    Pastor P. Suhasini healed of swollen legs due to witchcraft curse

    Headache – 35 people healed

    Joint pains healed – 17 people from Rachapalli village, Chitrada and Uppada Village

    Dayamani healed from jaundice

    Ludiamma healed from asthama

    5 people healed from blindness healed

    3 people healed from kidney stones

    35 people healed from fevers in Pithapuram and neighbouring vilalges

    Pregnant women healed while your team prayed. Now she had easy delivery.

    Several people healed of back bone pains

    We received hundreds of healing testimonies.

    Thank you for your team coming and sharing the love, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere.

    Please pray for us.

    We daily pray for you and your CTFM team.

    Yours in His vineyard,

    Pastor Samuel
    Shalom Ministries

  9. 9 Shalom Ministries

    Dear Evangelist Jason Golden Catch the Fire ministries Australia,


    Following is a letter from a group of Pastors in Pithapuram, Vommangi, Uppada and Rachapalli villages in India.

    We as a group of Pastors enthusiastically attended your Pastors Conference and learned many good things from Evangelist Jason Golden and CTFM team.

    Especially a new way of Holy Spirit moving in our Revival Healing meetings in Vommangi and surrounding places.

    Following the method and example of Pastor Jason and Catch the Fire Ministries team we are able to do greater things for God as the Body of Christ.

    Moving by the Holy Ghost, the Rains came to prepare the ground and now the Harvest is Ready.

    Group of Pastors

    Pastor J. d. Moses
    Pastor v. Surya Rao
    Pastor Vasantha Rao
    Pastor . s. d. prasanna kumar
    Pastor joyprakash
    Pastor yesuratnam
    Pastor p. Nanibabu
    Pastor D. Paul
    Pastor k. Lazarus
    Pastor D. samuel
    Pastor V. satyanandam
    Pastor V. david.
    Pastor Prasad.
    Pastor M. david Raju
    Pastor Syam

  10. 10 Pastor Samuel

    Dear Pastors and Evangelists,

    We have included a selected number of testimonies from people who have felt the touch of God in their daily lives at Holy Spirit Miracle Healing Revival Meetings from 29 December – 2nd January 2011.

    Thank you very much for your valuable time spending in India for souls.

    Thank you for your ministry and CTFM team.

    God bless you abundantly.

    Yours in His Vineyard,

    Pastor P. Samuel
    Shalom Ministries

    Testimony 1
    Found Much Needed Work

    My name is T. Sangeetha and I am a 35 years old heathen, but I have some good friends from the Christian community. After taking diploma as electrician I applied for a job in 7 places and have been waiting for a call. I have spent months waiting for a job and in December 2010, I was advised by my friend to attend the meetings with Evangelist Jason Golden. Although I did not believe his words, the Holy Spirit convinced me to attend the meetings. 15 udays after crusades were over I got a letter stating I was appointed to join work. This is a wonderful experience in my life.

    T. Sangeetha

    Testimony 2
    Evil spirits cast out
    30 December 2010

    My name is Nadakurthi. Arjamma and I are 45 years old. I live in a village named Vommangi. I suffered 5 months with evil spirit possession, usually midnights and middays. I became abnormal, shouting with big noise and beating people around me. I felt very weak after it left me and I used to ask people as to what happened. I never knew how I behaved when in evil spirit possession as I kicked all the family members. However, from the day you prayed for me at your crusades and gave me challenge, and I have learned to pray daily and while you prayed for me the evil spirit went away. I am thankful to Jesus, Pastor Jason Golden, and CTFM team.


    Testimony 3
    Paralysis Healed
    31 December 2010

    My name is Saibaba and I am 52 years old. I used to work as a Lorry driver and suddenly I found it impossible to move my right hand and leg. I was taken to the doctor who said due to severe hypertension the right side is paralysed and it will take long time to get normal. This happened in January 2010. I heard my neighbours talking about the crusades with Evangelist Jason Golden and CTFM team having healing powers, so I attended all the prayer meetings. You prayed for me and I too have learned to pray while you prayed for me, the beautiful hand Jesus touched me. Now I am totally healed. I thank God, Evangelist Jason Golden, and CTFM team for coming to share the word of God and pray for sick people.

    Shalom Church

    Testimony 4
    Family Harmony Restored, Rice Mill Business Growing
    2nd January 2011

    My name is Durga. I am 31 years old. After 5 years of family life, my husband made it a habit of coming home in a drunken condition which I hate the most, and shouting loudly at me and sometimes beating me. He himself left home, but was convinced by the Holy Spirit to attend the meeting. Evangelist Jason Golden in his prayer mentioned about our family situation and business, and asked for children while he prayed for me and my husband in our room. Our living God touched us by his prayer and there is now peace and harmony in our marriage.

    Right now I am a pregnant women and my husband has stopped drinking alcohol and our rice mill business is growing. Thank you very much for coming to our home and praying for us.


    Testimony 5
    Leprosy Healed
    31st December 2010

    I am Laxmi and am a 37 years old woman who was married 10 years ago. I have five children and exactly 5 years ago I noticed irregular shaped white scars on both arms and on both sides of my abdomen. My village doctor Raju suspected it might be leprosy and gave me some medicines, but the scars remained as usual. Our pastor and church leaders advised me attend the church meetings with Evangelist Jason Golden, Pastor Zeena, Missionary Gabriel, and Missionary Geraldine of CTFM. After they prayed for me, I stopped taking medicines and the white scars gradually disappeared. I thank God and the CTFM team for your prayers.


    Testimony 6
    Healed of Cancer

    We give glory to Our King

    My name is Subramanyam and I am 50 years old with 4 children. I felt a swelling on my throat later that was diagnosed as cancer. I was regularly visiting my doctor for treatment hoping that I would be healed. I was advised by pastor Satyanandam and my neighbours to attend the crusades with Evangelist Jason Golden, Pastor Zeena, Missionary Gabriel, and Missionary Geraldine.

    I attended on 31st December 2010 and I remember the moment that I experienced God’s presence that night. While Pastor Jason Golden and the team prayed for me, God’s hand touched me and the healing began. I am totally alright now. We give God glory, honor and praise.


    Testimony 7

    Kidney Disease Healed
    30 December 2010

    My name is Prabhakar and I work as a farmer in Velangi. A kidney disease and inproper urination developed in my body 5 years ago. I received a little relief with the medicines I used. My neighbours asked me to attend the meetings with Evangelist Jason Golden and CTFM team. When they prayed, they said my kidney disease will certainly be healed. Right now my health is well. I am grateful to God, Pastor Jason Golden and CTFM team.


    Testimony 8
    Financial Problems Solved in Family

    My name is Viswasrao (male) and I am 34 years old. I could not get married till the age of 34 years since my parents could not afford to bear marriage expenses. My family and I attend your meetings in Nellipudi village. After Pastor Jason Golden and the CTFM team prayed for me, I got married on January 22nd 2011. Thank you pastor Jason Golden and the CTFM team. Thank you for your time and your ministry in India. It was a special time for all. WE believe in God. Now I am living with my wife happily.

    Thank you,


    Testimony 9
    Depression taken away

    My name is Esther and I am 31 years old working as a servant. I attempted to commit suicide 5 times due to fear and never even thought of my children during those times. Evangelist Jason Golden, Pastor Zeena, Missionary Gabriel, and Missionary Geraldine’s preaching and testimonies encouraged me and brought me out of fear. I am grateful to you for your anointing preaching which touched my heart. Now I am living happily. Thank you for coming to my village and ministering to our small flock. We are blessed.


    Testimony 10
    Shalom church- Pithapuram

    Hindu women and family, others accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.

    Then one of the women’s small boys went fell down from the concrete roof and was appeared to have died. We prayed with some prayer oil and our living God woke up the small boy who said hi to every one. This is a miracle healing testimony among Hindus.

    Testimony 11

    Raji healed from womb cancer
    Nagu healed from bone cancer
    Nageswarao healed from lung cancer

    Thank you for your ministry CTFM team and may God bless you abundantly.

    Yours in His vineyard,

    Pastor P. Samuel
    Shalom Ministries

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