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Dear friends and family in Christ in Australia and around the World,

1) Do not miss this opportunity to join us at the Australia Day National Prayer gathering at the Springvale Town Hall tomorrow 26th January at 10.30am to unite as the Body of Christ with Christians from many denominations and cultures to pray for our nation during this current flood crisis and New Year 2011!

Please bring your Australian flag and extras to share with others!

Click the following to download brochure of Australia Day United Prayer and CTFM Revival Meetings with Pr Donnie Swaggart in Melbourne.

2) Following is the link to the extraordinary miracle of 16 flood victims raised from the dead in Brazil.     

3) Following is the link to an interesting article about Radical Muslims in Australia, Freedom of Speech and Religion, and the CTFM Court Case with the Islamic Council of Victoria in 2002 that recently appeared in the Geelong Advertiser.

4) Following is the link to a short video and article from Christian Broadcasting World News (Pat Robertson’s ministry) titled ‘Australians Petition God amid Historic Floods’.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,
Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

10 Responses to “Australia Day Prayer / Resurrections in Brazil / CTFM in Geelong Advertiser / Australian Floods on CBN World News”

  1. 1 Rick

    Dear Danny,

    That was a very good article, it balanced love and righteous judgements. You are wise to mention the devil, he is left out of the discussion most of the time. In Jer 25 the Lord called Nebuchadnezzar “My servant” and concerning the same issue about David being incited to take a census I Chron 21:1 says satan did it and II Sam 24:1 say the anger of the Lord did it. Point is satan and evil men are used by the Lord, or allowed by the Lord to bring judgment on His people. As you know in I Cor 5 Paul turns a man over to satan for sexual sin. We have a false gospel of soooooooo much love God just can’t be involved in any judgment at all. Again, you did a good job to balance out love and judgement. The Lord has and is doing a deep work in you. Remember Jer 4:19 how he saw their sin and spoke of judgement but also was so broken and tender about the suffering that would surely come. Lord, help us with tears warn you people of the sins and the gates of hell our sins open by giving place to the devil. … Blessings Rick

  2. 2 Shirani






  3. 3 Rudy

    Hi Ps. Danny,

    We are joining you in prayer.

    We have also experience a flood in our city in Butuan last week, and are also praying because rain still pouring at this week and the river is starting to overflow.

    from Butuan City
    Mindanao, Philippines.

  4. 4 Pastor Paul

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    For this wonderful ministry of prayer as it can move the hand of God and His mercy as we seek Him through prayers. We shall continue to pray for you and your nation Australia.

    Thank you and blessings!

    Pastor Paul

  5. 5 Robert

    Dear Danny, Why would we pray against the floods when this is the answer to our prayers for the nation to be brought to repentance? These events have to be challenging the idolatry of stuff – possessions – so rife in the nation and the body. The prosperity of the Kingdom is not so we can live – high on the hog – self gratifyingly, but that the Kingdom would be expanded. Perhaps you ought to be considering these matters in your prophetic emphasis rather than the poor people who have lost everything. Perhaps they have lost everything so they may gain Christ. While it is good to be sympathetic to those who are in strife let’s understand the WILL of the LORD – that ALL men be saved. Their eternal salvation is far more important to Him Than their material stuff. I believe the LORD is showing that He is in charge. When the hydrologists tell us that 200cm of rain per hour fell in the catchment above Toowoomba and this is unprecedented. Could this be supernatural? I think so, since our God is supernatural. Either it is His hand or the hand of the adversary, which means, His hand of protection was lifted. Interesting that the first couple killed were a Pastor and His wife? I wonder what He was preaching? REPENTANCE? May this cause you to re-examine your thinking. I remain His servant and emissary.

    Bro Rob’t.
    Tanunda S.A.

  6. 6 Pastors David & Dawn

    Pastor Danny and Pastor Jason,

    We would like to express our support for you and all who are involved in the Australia Day meeting tomorrow.

    We will be involved in an Outreach into the community in Glenbrook tomorrow, so will not be able to come down, and we tender our apologies.

    Jesus is alive and coming soon!

    God bless you,

    Pastors David & Dawn
    Living Hope Christian Fellowship, Blaxland, Australia

  7. 7 Tony

    Greetings All in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,

    Following on from my report about the Queensland Floods in which we had a look at praying James 1:2-4,
    here is a great follow-up message from the wonderful publication, “The Word for Today” (link & message below).
    While GOD is very extremely interested in miracles, HE is far more interested in perfecting you and I for our Heavenly Eternity Stay.
    That is one of the prime reason that GOD allows trials to come our way.

    So, don’t be so quick to pray away your trials and tests, first find out why and for what reason those trials and tests exist
    — what is GOD wanting to perfect in you & I?

    1 Peter 5:10 (NKJV); But may the GOD of all grace, who called us to HIS eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.

    tony chan ;
    Monday 24/1/11;

    Your Trial Is Producing Maturity

    ‘After you have suffered…God…will…establish you.’ 1 Peter 5:10 NAS
    Stephanie Voiland writes: ‘My friend…spent months job-hunting, and as leads failed to pan into pay-cheques she became discouraged. Yet…she refused to anaesthetise the waiting ache…She fasted from TV, believing God had given her this time to reflect on where she was headed. Through those agonising months God showed up in ways more profound than a job offer. She looked for a way to support herself; He taught her a new level of dependence on Him. As she waited for a potential employer’s call, God spoke into her soul… She searched for a ‘genie-god’ to instantly meet her needs; God blew her away by revealing He’s bigger than she ever dreamed. Eventually she landed a job and was grateful…but she was even more grateful to learn how God meets us through waiting in ways beyond those we can ask or imagine… Sometimes in the bleakest moments, His intervention manifests itself…we receive the perfect job, the physical healing, the necessary funds, and the wait is over. Other times He does the miracle in us.’

    Gold only becomes valuable when the impurities have been removed in the fire, and God uses tough times like a refining process to bring out the best in us. He controls the heat, because His goal isn’t to destroy you but to develop you. He tailors the trial to the area in your life that needs work, and as you mature He ups the intensity. Athletes start out training with light weights, and as they grow stronger they progress to heavier ones. As you grow in Christ, obstacles that once seemed overwhelming will be par for the course.

  8. 8 Helen

    Hi Danny and pray-ers,

    Could you please pray for those who help people caught in the flood disaster and in the follow up recovery work -what an amazing job the emergency services workers and community service people do! Please also pray for Christians who are helping and working in the flood recovery.

    Thank God for His wonderful goodness to the sons of men!

    Thank you for faithfully praying.

    God bless.


  9. 9 Paul and Janet

    Dear Danny,

    Thank you for your leadership in co-ordinating the prayer meeting in Melbourne and encouraging prayer around the nation. At short notice 16 brethren gathered with us at SHILOH Centre in Toowoomba, and we had a wonderful time of prayer and praise. We were led to lay a map of Australia in the middle of the room and place a Bible, a cross and the Lord’s Supper and a timbrel on the map, and we all laid hands on the map and prayed for the nation.

    Another small group of related brethren from SHILOH gathered in a house church in Withcott at the same time. Our prayer meetings began at 10.30am QLD time.

    We have a few brethren at Dorrigo, and have advised them of your visit to Bellingen.

    God bless you as you continue to give Godly leadership to the church in Australia.

    Love in Christ,

    Paul and Janet

  10. 10 kim

    Dear Brothers and Sisters

    I bring to your attention of urgent needs of curbing antisemitic and anti christ spirits throughout the world. Israel is facing a big challenge in her statehood exist. Please donate some money for the Jerusalem Prayer Teams to screen the movie of Hiding Place
    in a number languages in Israeli Day in various countries. Check on Jerusalem Prayer Teams by Mike Evans very very soon so the
    set date the works will not be canceled or stopped. God bless, Kim

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