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Other part of 750 Crowd at Australia Day Prayer in MelbournePart of the 750 Crowd at Australia Day Prayer Gathering in MelbourneDear family & friends in Christ,
We trust you all had a wonderful and blessed Australia Day!
We thank our faithful Heavenly Father for the many Christians across our nation who choose to spend some time in prayerfully seeking the Lord God Almighty for Australia’s transformation on this very special day, particularly with the present flood crisis!
In Melbourne, around 750 Christians united as the Body of Christ at the Springvale Town Hall to corporately worship, pray and sing praises to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords on behalf of our nation of Australia. Worship was led by the CTFM worship team and Pr Daniel was the MC as passionate Christians packed the venue waving their Australian flags with shouts of “Australia For Jesus” buzzing right throughout the Holy Spirit led prayer meeting.Pastor Donnie ministering at Australia Day Prayer in Melbourne
Around a dozen atheists gathered outside the venue to protest against the Australia Day Prayer Meeting. Before the meeting, Pr Daniel walked up to them, shook hands and told them, “It is so nice to see you. Thanks for coming. I thought I will come out and greet you. Hope you have a great day.” The atheists seemed absolutely shocked and said to him, “Wish you the same, nice to meet you too.”
On stage were Christian Ministers of the Gospel from many denominations, including Anglican, Baptist, Salvation Army, Uniting, AOG, CRC, as Mainline, Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charasmatic Leaders in the Body of Christ united for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Pastors and Ministry Leaders from Indigenous, African, Asian, and other ethnicities joined hands and hearts in unity as Australians to lead the multi-ethnic people of God at the interdenominational prayer meeting as everyone joined together to pray for the Government, Nation, Military, Marketplace, Regarding the Floods, Harvest of Souls, Families, Youth, Unity in the Church, Revival, Israel ,etc. Also there were several Scripture readings, including Psalm 91 and the Lord’s Prayer.

The congregation comprised of people from many churches, denominations & cultures who joined hands and hearts in unity to pray for Australia. Many people travelled from interstate and country Victoria for the meeting. There were Christians from NSW, QLD, WA, SA, ACT, Tasmania and of course VIC.
The presence of God was so powerful and amazing that the meeting went on for almost 3 1/2 hours as the people of God were so amazingly blessed. The place was certainly buzzing with great excitement and God’s awesome presence.
Rev Donnie Swaggart brought a timely and very anointed word from the Lord regarding king Ahab & queen Jezebel from the Bible. He really challenged the people of God to get rid of the false teachings and to embrace the Cross, the Blood of Jesus and the entire Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He also challenged the people to get back to the true Word of God and not to run after a seeker friendly gospel, preachers, churches, and ministries.
On many occasions as the people received the word of God they were so challenged that they stood up and started shouting for joy in agreement. The Spirit of God used Rev Donnie to really bring the Word of the Lord in season for the Body of Christ in Australia.
There was even a few salvations at the end of the meeting, including one girl who additionally experienced deliverance. from demonic spirits as the power of God was so very strong.
Pr Daniel stated, “I am so very thankful to God for a glorious morning in His presence and I want to thank every one who took time off to pray on Australia day. It is only prayer which is going to bring our nation back to Jesus.
I believe with all my heart that this decade ahead of us will see our nation come back to Jesus. Time is running out, as Jesus will be coming back very soon. I pray that Australia will fulfil her destiny in Christ.”

Please email or call (03) 9794 8211 to order the Australia Day DVD.

The Holy Spirit miracle healing revival meetings with Rev Donnie start today the 27th  to 30th  January 2011 at CTFM Apostolic Centre at 23 Melverton Dr in Hallam (Melbourne). 

Revival meetings on the 27th at 7.30pm, 28th at 7.30pm, 29th at 6.30pm, 30th at 9.30am & 6.30pm.
Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,
Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

14 Responses to “750 Christians Unite as Body of Christ at Australia Day Prayer in Melbourne”

  1. 1 John

    Shalom / Greetings Jason,

    We were also blessed by Caroline who gave us a rendition of two songs from her new CD album, “He’s Coming Back, The Lords Return”. This spoke to the hearts of many and her voice was of a nightingale. The lyrics were to prepare the “Bride”, (church), for the second coming of Christ. “Awake My Bride” spoke that Our Lord’s return it is closer than we think!

    Praise the Lord for Caroline’s awakening performance for our redemption draws nighe!

    All Glory to God,

    All Praise to Jesus,

    In Christ,

    Jehovah Jireh/Phillip Island

  2. 2 Glenda

    Hallelujah! Praise Jesus for all that He is doing in and through Pastor Daniel and CTF ministries!

    I am deeply encouraged by all that you have reported here and all that you have accomplished in the spiritual for this nation – thank you so much.

    Love and blessings,


  3. 3 Timothy

    Hello, Jason — Your National Day of Prayer reminds me our annual one here in the United States.

    Tell me please, is there gospel outreach to the athletes and fans attending the current Australian Tennis Open and other major athletic events during the year?



    Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

  4. 4 Gwenda

    Dear Pastor Daniel and all at C.T.Fire. What a wonderful prayer meeting, I loved every minute of it. Bless you all for organizing the event so that we could come and praise Jesus. Several people commented on the beautiful voice of the praise leader, Ps Danny’s daughter we thought, and also wonderful praise. May God bless you all and advance His cause through you, Gwenda PPN

  5. 5 Andrea and Children

    Thanks for the update. Let the fire fall let the fire from Heaven fall; we will fulfill the great commission lovely report everyone….have a very good conference. Andrea and Children.

  6. 6 Bessie

    I was blessed to attend the unity prayer, for the second time, I pray for Pastor Dannny, he is a man of God, he is so powerful, the whole services, I was shaking, I did bring a friend, to experience, she could not believe. Thankyou for God to send a man with so much wisdom and power. God Bless Pastor Danny his family and Catch Fire Ministries.

  7. 7 Sophia

    Dear Jason and team,
    I have been following your emails closely,and have felt empowered by them!!! It is so wonderful to hear what the Lord is doing for His people,and very powerful joining together in prayer for this Nation! Australia Day,will never feel the same again,the Lord is so good! I have some prayer requests for two family members and a friend,these are urgeant,do you have a prayer team for these requests? I will continue to uphold you all in prayer,blessings to you through Christ Jesus!

  8. 8 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, It was wonderful to hear of unity amongst the body of Christ as you met together on Australia Day. We certainly need to meet together as one in the body of Christ. Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice.

  9. 9 Phil

    Dear Danny and others,

    Can you pray for the South west of Australia and Perth to Albany bunbury and Busselton. we have a cyclone heading for us.

    The last one we had was 30 years ago.

    My daughter had a warning think from God about Flooding , I had a vision of fire coming down from Perth and The cyclone warning also has a severe fire warning. I was trying to think of what sin we have done, Maybe it is legalisation of Prostitution. they passed awhile back.

    Any way could you pray.

    thanks a lot,


  10. 10 Kay

    Praise God for his moving of the Holy Spirit for our nation!!



  11. 11 Pastor Samuel


    Dear Evangelist Jason Golden
    Catch the Fire Ministries

    Greetings and blessings from Shalom Ministries India!

    The favor of God be upon you and your Catch the Fire ministries,

    Dear sir, we are standing with you in prayer. National Australia day united prayer and we are standing with you in Intercessory prayer dated on 27th to 30th. Thank you faithful servant of the Most High God.

    Psalms 122:9

    2011 promise

    Genesis 12:2 Thou shalt be a blessing


    Pastor Samuel
    Shalom Ministries

  12. 12 Geraldine

    Hi Danny and Jason,

    Thank you so much for your prayers, cyclone has been down-graded significantly (Catorgory 3).

    Very unusual to see a tropical cyclone this far south, this time of year. Severe weather danger issued, abnormally high tides and dangerously high seas in coastal areas around Perth. Also increased fire risks for Perth hills area.

    More prayers needed, winds at 100km and 30,000 homes still with out power.

    Thank you for having us, from Caroline, Melita and Lizzie,

    Triumphant in Jesus,


  13. 13 Paul

    Ps. Danny

    This is just a quick note of thanks to you, and to our wonderfull God, for the recent prayer day and meetings. Margaret and I were totaly blessed and rejoiced all the way home, and are still rejoicing.

    It was so good to hear someone stick to the important issues, without trying to get complicated.

    Our thanks and blessings to all at Catch the Fire Ministries.

    PS. there is an article in the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper today, (1/2/2011) by Tory Shepherd. It is about church leaders looking for answers to the floods but not being helpful.


  14. 14 pirfa kumbin

    help me pray to God to release His judgemental anointing against the
    enemies of my destiny..
    actually my biological father is into witchcrafting,i have been seeing
    him fighting my star in the dream.
    I believe in the word of God that says that suffer not the witch to
    live. i also believe the scripture that says that any tree that does not
    bear good fruit shall be cut down to pieces..
    please pray that the enemies of my destiny be removed in Jesus

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