Catch the Fire Ministries has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries

02 March 2010 – Ken Walker – Featured News Charisma Online    The son of a Hamas founder whose Christian conversion made international headlines released the complete story of his faith journey Tuesday in a memoir brimming with spy-novel-like drama. Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef details a six-year-long conversion process that originated with […]

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia, The ‘Scrolls of the Nations’ prophetic word from the Lord was received by one of our CTFM intercessors at our weekly prayer meeting yesterday on Wednesday the 28th of April. The CTFM team was in deep intercession and prayer for more than 2 hours when sister Jill […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   Around 100,000 babies are aborted every year in Australia.   We at CTFM thank the Lord for every single person who has been working tirelessly to reduce this number and we continue to pray against the legalisation and practice of abortion.   No one thought that the slave […]

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World, 1) What an amazing weekend it has been with exciting reports coming in from 3 different locations across Australia of God’s mighty presence transforming lives over the ANZAC weekend! Pas Daniel ministered in Bellingen in NSW on Saturday night and at 3 services […]

by Greg Laurie – March 13, 2010 In my last column, I made a case for a biblical worldview, based on the watershed truth that there is a living God, and He has revealed Himself in Scripture. With this in mind, we can ready ourselves to discuss some of the more controversial, “hot-button” issues in our […]

John Jalsevac (Apr. 16, 2010) A little history: June 30, 1812: It being a duty peculiarly incumbent in a time of public calamity and war, humbly and devoutly to acknowledge our dependence on Almighty God, and to implore His aid and protection: Therefore, Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States […]

Friday, February 26, 2010 – By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service  Visit our web site at: — E-mail: WASHINGTON, D.C, (ANS) — The European Union (EU) has established a working group to protect persecuted Christians and prepare a manual for embassies of member states regarding the treatment of persecuted Christian minorities. […]

Dear family & friends in Christ, 1) We have great news for those of you in the Canberra area.  Once again the Holy Spirit revival meetings are continuing this weekend on Saturday 24th at 6.30pm & Sunday 25th at 10am & 6.30pm. The venue is Canberra High School, Bindubi Street, Macquarie. Pastor Kinyua from Kenya […]

Click the following link to listen to a sample Podcast.  Test Podcast only This is only a test Podcast.  Stay tuned as we will be hosting complete sermon Podcasts soon.  Thank you, CTFM Team

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,   Over the past several weeks the increasing outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit in Canberra, Australia has been experienced by many hundreds of people from all walks of life! On some nights at the revival crowds of up to 300 people packed the […]

Salt Shakers E-News – Helping Christians Make A Difference ‘Hate crimes’ are under review in Victoria. If what is being proposed in one of the review documents is introduced into legislation, it will mean even MORE RESTRICTIONS on the freedom of speech. In fact, if you OFFEND or INSULT a homosexual you could be hauled […]

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,   The Canberra revival meetings have been once again extended for another night, tonight Monday the 19th of April at 6.30pm at Canberra High School, Bindubi Street, Macquarie.  Do not miss this great opportunity you, your family, friends, and others to receive a […]

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski ADELAIDE, South Australia, March 4, 2010 ( – The South Australian Non-Government Schools Registration Board has published a new education policy that states it requires the ”teaching of science as an empirical discipline, focusing on inquiry, hypothesis, investigation, experimentation, observation and evidential analysis.” It then goes on to state that […]

By Bruno Waterfield – The Telegraph – 05 March 2010 Municipal results announced on Thursday put his party in first place in Almere, a region near Amsterdam and second in The Hague, one the country’s largest cities and the seat of the Dutch government.   If repeated in national elections on June 9, the Freedom Party could […]

Sydney Morning Herald – Paul Bibby – March 8, 2010   ELEMENTS of Islamic law – the sharia – should be legally recognised in Australia so that Muslims can live according their faith, a prominent Muslim leader says. Addressing an open day at Lakemba Mosque on Saturday, the president of the Australian Islamic Mission, Zachariah […]

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World, 1) All glory and honour to the reigning King of kings and the Lord of lords as He continues to increasingly pour out His Holy Spirit on all flesh! Revival meetings will be continuing this weekend in Australia’s capital city of Canberra on […]

By Richard Shears – 2nd March 2010 Residents of a small outback Australian town have been left speechless after fish began falling from the sky. Hundreds of spangled perch bombarded the 650 residents of Lajamanu, shocking local Christine Balmer, who was walking home when the strange ‘weather’ started. She said: ‘These fish fell in their […]

Charisma Magazine – 23 February 2010 – David Morris  God views praise and worship as high spiritual priorities. Praise, meaning “value” or “price,” is the proclamation of God’s importance or worth. Many of the praise and worship expressions in the Scriptures were exhibited around David’s tabernacle and are still culturally functional for today. As defined […]

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,   All glory and honour to Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords for the ongoing Revival in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! Pr Daniel is still ministering in an ongoing […]

Dear family & friends in Christ,   1) Are we in Australia currently living in the end time outpouring of the Holy Spirit before the 2nd Coming of Jesus, which Smith Wigglesworth prophesied nearly 100 years ago? Yes, we at CTFM and many others in the Body of Christ believe it is so, as our […]


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