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We wish to thank all of you who responded promptly to the call to help those who were effected by the recent civil war in Sri Lanka.
2 members from the CTFM team visited Sri Lanka in order to help people who were in need of urgent supplies such as clothing, food, dry rations, etc. Carlyle & Kenny returned to Australia after a very successful mission to Sri Lanka a few days ago.

This is what they had to say, “It was a very successful trip with the hand of the Lord being with us throughout the journey around the country. We were blessed in many ways during our travel and stay.

We were happy to visit many orphanages where children of all communities are being fed, clothed, and accomodated. It was a very sad sight to see large numbers of innocent children who have lost their parents both through the tsunami and the communal wars that’s going on. I must say the happy looks on these children’s faces as we arrived and especially when we handed out the food, clothing, toys and books, etc. were a pleasing sight, yet the knowledge of not having their parents around was very visible on their faces.

The situation is quite grave in the country, the war not quite over yet, fear still remains a major factor in their lives. We visited many parts of the country such as Baddula, Moneragella, Denniya, Dambulla, Batticoloa, Trincomalee, Muttur, Kantalai, Habbarana, and many parts and towns in Colombo.

The need for more aid is exceptionally great. Many of the buildings and the facilities available are quite shocking. Education facilities are very poor and inadequate. Most buildings were damaged during the war. Food, water, clothing, and educational materials are all in huge shortage. Hygiene is poor, medical assistance is a major shortage, and basic personal needs are not available to these poor suffering children of all ages from 1 year old to 14-15 years old.

Some of the orphanages have no permanent structural buildings, sleeping facilites very, very poor with children sleeping on mats made out of straw or blankets all torn. Their clothing stored in bags laid by their sides as there is no storage available. It is heart-breaking to see them sleep in rows on the floor in the coconut palm walls and roofed buildings. A majority of the buildings are of brick (clay) and cement floor with doors and windows, while the rest are all built with timber logs and coconut palms (dry) and cement floors.

The children at the 3 orphanages, with around 100 children and the feeding program for 150 children run by Catch The Fire Ministries was really a blessing as these children were well looked after by the Pastors who are running these centres. Please pray for Sri Lanka.”

Pas Danny stated, “I wish to personally thank all my dear family in Christ for helping our Rescue Sri Lanka project. Thank you so much. You have certainly put a smile on their faces and given hope to these children.”

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  1. 1 Nixon

    May God keep on blessing your ministry for what you are doing for His Kingdom in Sri Lanka – Australia and in the rest of the World.

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